Bumping Uglies (Media Street)

It is one of those commonly used phrases in football that the head is sacrosanct…but it seems that some of the players must think that ‘sacrosanct’ is actually Latin for ‘smack his head in’! It was the weekend of brain-wobbling bumps in the AFL – now the match review panel have acted and come up with the following

Burton: Two weeks

Waters: Two weeks

Murphy: One week

For reasons that escape most sane people, the Eagles attempted to fight the charge on Waters but failed dismally.But it is interesting that just because there are three incidents of a similar nature in one weekend of football, which is pure coincidence, there is this perception of a huge crackdown on head-high contact.

It’s not like any of these guys would have escaped unpunished any other weekend…it’s simply a case of three players who went the man instead of the ball and hit them flush in the head. The Murphy case was a touch different due to it being a more split-second decision to bump but that was reflected in the final result.

Now the topic of ‘the bump’ has been the big focus in the football world since the weekend. First Matthew Lloyd was threatened with a ‘please explain’ after stating that footballers may as well just sit around in cafes and read French poetry if Robert Murphy is suspended.

But Lloyd’s comments flushed Andrew Demetriou out of his burrow to state that the bump is here to stay, the game is in great shape, Adrian Anderson is out to get you…all the usual stuff. While nothing happened in the end, it’s a wonder the League doesn’t issue Lloyd with a please explain over why he keeps falling to ground so easily…

In typical AFL fashion, Buddy-mania has finally moved from on-field to off-field with allegations that Lance Franklin misplaced his drink on some nightclub patrons last Saturday night. This has resulted in a whole series of articles about the incident that use the word ‘allegedly’ a lot, always a sign that actual facts are a little hard to come by.

The Hawks are saying all the standard things by fully backing the player and not resorting to locking their team inside at dusk but they probably don’t need these types of distractions as they build towards what could be a successful finals campaign. And Franklin is on target to kick 100 goals in a season…though we suspect he has probably already cracked the ton off the field, if you know what we mean! But is Buddy’s personality and lifestyle just asking for trouble somewhere along the line?

The only thing we can say for sure about the incident is that Essendon player Kyle Reimers was not involved in any way after early reports linked the young Bomber to ‘Buddy-Gate’. Word is that Reimers was denied entry to the nightclub on account of his inappropriate footwear…

Nah, mate…not in those shoes!

And who would argue with a nightclub bouncer these days…

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2 responses to “Bumping Uglies (Media Street)

  1. I actually thought Burton and Waters bump was more legal and at ball than Murphy’s. Murphy ran past ball to hit the Hawthorn player…

    Inconsistent imo

  2. Come on, HBF has called it perfectly and the only reason I can see that Waters challenged was that he couldn’t get any worse a punishment.


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