Round Eleven – God Save The Queen!

Three day weekend? Wow, Happy Birthday Queenie…you rock!!!

Winter is now upon us and we are about to embark on three long months of grey, cold and miserable weather. The first round of flu is hitting hard and Melburnians have not seen the sun in days. All we feel like doing is curling up on the couch for a few days and do absolutely nothing…but what about the constant demands of modern daily life?

But wait…it’s Queen Elizabeth’s birthday! And we all know what that means – LONG WEEKEND! Who said that the monarchy was outdated and irrelevant? Perfect timing, no work on Monday and no need to buy an old lady present…this is so awesome!

And to top it all off, we have eight matches over four days to take in as we signal the end of the first half of the season. We can sense some mid-season reviews on the horizon…unless we just sleep on the couch for three days!



CATS by 24: Chappy is back, Cam Mooney is back…while North have nothing but omissions. Geelong are looking ominous.

TIGERS by 3: Richmond might just pull out one of their bi-annual solid performances against interstate opposition for a rare win!

SWANS by 18: Couldn’t they just reschedule this game for a few weeks from now…when Barry Hall is ready to play again?

HAWKS by 41: How will Buddy react to all the carry-on during the week? With another bag of goals, no doubt…

LIONS by 30: Could Brisbane be headed back to the finals? Well, they have a greater chance than their opponents Fremantle…

DOGS by 20: The Bulldogs to stay in the hunt for top spot and more ‘what’s going on down at St Kilda’ articles next week…gee, can’t wait!

POWER by 28: Will Chad really chop off his finger? And, if so, will he do it at halftime?

MAGPIES by 55: Unless you are a Magpies fan, might be better off finding something else to watch on your Monday off.

Tonight’s action:

Cameron Ling, the King of Geelong, shows off his Order of Australia medal – awarded by the Queen for becoming this country’s preeminent redhead.

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 7:40pm (local): North Melbourne v Geelong (SEVEN)


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