Big Day For Buddy (The Lost Weekend)

Bye Bye Brownlow?

While each of the top-four teams passed significant tests over the weekend during Pass Or Fail round, the fate of one of the competition’s brightest stars will be on the agenda today as we await the findings of the match review panel on Lance Franklin’s rough contact report.

It will be interesting to see how this incident will be classified…Jono Brown thinks that the level of impact should be graded as ‘fly’! But with a number of high contact incidents in recent weeks, many people will attempt to make comparisons to the findings of other cases, including that of Adam Goodes…who still played on the weekend but was found guilty and is now ineligible for the Brownlow.

While a suspension would end Franklin’s Brownlow medal hopes, he is still comfortably leading the Coleman Medal race…and the ladies will still love him! But if he does miss one week, another huge game in front of goal from Carlton’s Brendan Fevola could make the goal kicking race very interesting! Fev kicked a bag of eight in yesterday’s big win by the Blues and could close the gap even more if Buddy is sidelined….particularly as the Blues face a leaky Essendon on Sunday!

Fev stated that midfielders make full forwards look good after the win yesterday…but will he remember this come contract time?

What a day for Carlton! They kicked fourteen goals in the second half to blitz a blockbuster-fatigued Collingwood and storm into the eight. Now the Blues are talking finals, the fans are going mental and old Jack Elliot is hanging around the joint again…pretending like he still has some influence in what goes on down there.

So, could Carlton really challenge for a finals spot? On yesterday’s evidence, it doesn’t seem that crazy…the only one who is kidding themselves is old Jack!

Here’s a wrap of all the events of Pass Or Fail Round:



Port may have played a physical game yesterday but the umps obviously think they are soft if Steve Johnson was reported for THAT!

If new prez Jim Stynes was crying before he found out the size of Melbourne’s debt, imagine what he’s doing now!



Put that racquet away, Aker…Australia already has a blond-haired tennis bogan that we all love to hate!

Matthew Pavlich and Chris Tarrant share a special cuddle…

Something great must have happened at Hawthorn…Clarko is smiling!

Brett Kirks busts out some Buddhist chants to keep Barry Hall nice and relaxed so he didn’t belt anyone in his comeback game.



One response to “Big Day For Buddy (The Lost Weekend)

  1. If Goodes can get off for a more reckless hit, then Buddy will have no worries at all.

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