No Suit For You…Come Back, One Year! (Media Street)

No point getting measured up for a suit to wear on Brownlow night, Buddy…you ain’t going!

To the disappointment of hundreds of prospective Brownlow dates, Lance Franklin won’t be receiving an invite to football’s night of nights this year. Buddy will be staying home on Brownlow night after the match review panel handed him a reprimand on his rough conduct charge. Just like Adam Goodes last week, he can still play this weekend…though it is too early to label Buddy as a protected species…just like Adam Goodes!

But by accepting the reprimand, he is ineligible to win the League’s best and fairest award and, having had such an eye-catching season to date, he would have been a contender. Buddy will just have to be content with a possible Coleman Medal, 100 goal season, All-Australian selection and Grand Final appearance. So we don’t think he will be too worried…

Besides, he is probably surrounded by glamorous ladies everywhere he goes…so every night is a kind of Brownlow night for him! But how much would Alastair Clarkson have freaked out if his Hawks were in the big one and Buddy won the Brownlow on the Monday of Grand Final week! Clarko would probably try to lock him up in a dark room until lunchtime Saturday…

Franklin now joins a rapidly growing list of top AFL players that wil not be in attendance on Brownlow Medal night…one that now also includes Travis Cloke, who was suspended for nailing Carlton’s Michael Jamison with an elbow last Sunday. Notice the complete lack of media interest…that’s quite unfair. Surely Brownlow night needs at least one Cloke in attendance! Come on Cameron…it’s all up to you now!

Travis Cloke won’t be at the Brownlow either…sorry, ladies!

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2 responses to “No Suit For You…Come Back, One Year! (Media Street)

  1. Not to be a gram snob (because goodness knows mine is deplorable) but I think you meant to say “no longer eligible”, he actually is now ineligible.

    I don’t know that either have been protected on this issue. If you looked at the MRP’s rulings they have been very consistent and it has been the histories and situations that have changed, I don’t know that and two of the reports over recent weeks have been exactly the same.

    I think where Goodes protected speciesness has come in handy is that having avoided weeks in the past, he avoided penalty points/percentages that would have seen him over the edge now!


  2. Yeah I guess they are consistent which is all that we ask seeing Goodes also got the same points etc.

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