Round Thirteen – Ling For The Brownlow!

Cameron Ling winning the Brownlow Medal…how awesome would that be!!!

The Brownlow Medal has come under scrutiny this week after Lance Franklin was ruled ineligible to win the award when found guilty of a rough conduct charge. But because he accepted the guilty plea, he received a reprimand rather than a suspension, so he can still play on the weekend.

With a series of players already out of Brownlow contention this year; some of them who, like Buddy, were not actually suspended from playing; most of the footy media types with access to a keyboard or microphone has taken the predictable angle that changes need to be made:

While the media race against themselves to come up with solutions that will just be ignored by the League anyway, Half Back Flanker is happy enough to leave the current system alone. What the Brownlow Medal really needs more than anything is another unfashionable winner! A bolter from the blue.

For too many years now, the very elite players of the competition have totally dominated the Brownlow. Goodes, Judd, Cousins, Buckley, Bartel – all dominant, skillful and not entirely unattractive…depending on what you are into. What’s happened to the less skillful, more gutsy types such as Libba, Dipper or even Paul Kelly? Why can’t a battler ever get a look-in any more?

Would Dipper have won a Brownlow if he was playing today?

So that’s why we are officially kicking off the campaign for an unheralded battler to rise above the pack and once again claim football’s highest individual honour. Ling for the Brownlow round will encourage all those high-flying medal favourites to go on report for the most frivolous incidents and become ineligible for the prize…leaving Geelong’s Cameron Ling with a clear run to the finish line and become the most popular winner of the Brownlow in the history of football!



SAINTS by 2: We have zero confidence in the Saints…but less than zero in Freo!

HAWKS by 38: Dean Laidley will be cursing that Buddy Franklin reprimand after this game…

POWER by 18: Richo will probably make us pay but how often do the Tigers win two in a row?

CATS by 41: Worsfold can deny it all he likes but the Eagles don’t want to win this game…no chance!

LIONS by 18: I wouldn’t like to face Jono Brown after he had his sexuality questioned by wearing a pinkish tie the other day!

SWANS by 50: Sydney will enjoy a quick trip to Canberra, flog Melbourne, pick up some porn and fireworks and have an awesome bus trip home!

BLUES by 28: Carlton’s push for the finals will get another boost here…but can they really finish in the eight?

DOGS by 31: Remember the 2006 elimination final? Hopefully, the Doggies can repeat that effort…

Tonight’s action:

Matthew Pavlich: GUILTY of wrestling…with his own emotions whilst playing for a basket-case. REPRIMAND – OUT OF BROWNLOW CONTENTION!

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 7:40pm (local): St Kilda v Fremantle (SEVEN)


2 responses to “Round Thirteen – Ling For The Brownlow!

  1. Why does the AFL have to keep changing everything?

    The Brownlow has always been the fairest and the best so keep it that way. I would like to also see a non midfielder win the midfield/ brownlow medal!

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