Terrible Week For Australia’s Team (The Lost Weekend)

The Blues couldn’t get over the line in support of their embattled billionaire ex-president…so much for gratitude!

Every Australian should feel a tinge of sadness after another tumultuous week at the Carlton Football Club. Having recovered from a perilous financial situation, due in large part to the generosity of billionaire president Richard Pratt, the Blues were finally making some real progress on-field by climbing into the top eight for the first time in a long while.

That all went to shit last week. First, Pratt vacated the top job after being charged for misleading the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Then Brendan Fevola rejects a new contract offer of close to two million dollars over three seasons – well, he does have a family to feed. And then yesterday, despite another strong comeback that saw them hit the front in the final term, the Blues got rolled by Essendon and slumped to more familiar territory on the AFL ladder.

Kyle Reimers celebrates sinking the Blues by pointing to his ACCC tattoo…

But it is not just the die-hard Blues fan that should feel deflated today. Dick Pratt was partly responsible for ripping off a large majority of Australians and with his generous donations, it is like all of us box-purchasing Australians have indirectly helped prop up the finances at Princes Park. So we all have a monetary stake in Carlton…a dishonourary membership, if you will! And, as a bonefide stakeholder at Carlton, we want more talk of a top-eight finish…not less! We want a return on our investment…that’s all we ask.

In other results yesterday:

Some of the stories floating around over the weekend:


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