Round 14 – Welcome To Splitsville! (Part One)

While every other AFL player is escaping from their club for a week off, Ben Cousins is just trying to find a club somewhere, anywhere to join!

Woohoo!! Mid-season break! The split round is here and every footballer will be looking forward to a weekend away from the head-high bump and grind of a long AFL season. And the players cannot wait!

But what do they get up to? We know that Dean Cox will be heading for a deserted island far, far away the second the final siren sounds at the MCG tonight. Fremantle players are already in holiday mode…and they actually have to play this week!

But those players who were hoping to stay up late to watch Maria Sharapova win Winbledon next week will be shattered this morning…absolutely shattered! Don’t worry boys, Ana Ivanovic is still in the tournament

Maria is out…but Ana is still in! Well worth staying up late for…

So, what will our favourite footy players get up to when they have a week off during the split round? Well, it’s time to find out as we say Welcome to Splitsville!



HAWKS by 41: Hawthorn are in the top four and care a lot. West Coast are in the bottom four and don’t care a lot. If you were ever stupid enough to bet your house on a game of football…this would probably be the one!

TIGERS by 9: They may not get one hundred thousand people at the ‘G, but the four points should keep Richmond happy.

ROOS by 18: Could be a rough night for the Saints, particularly if the guys from GC17 catch up with Nick Riewoldt about his future plans…

DOGS by 35: If you were ever stupid enough to bet your house on two games of football…this game and the Hawthorn game would probably be the two!

LIONS by 21: Will Travis Johnstone feel a bit sentimental when he takes on his former club? No, we don’t think so either…

DOCKERS by 29: A third win and perhaps a permanent vacation for Jeff Farmer and Heath Black…is this a turning point for the Fremantle Dockers?

Tonight’s action:

Daniel Kerr will spend his week off ringing other clubs in the hope of getting traded to a contender at the end of the year!

MCG, Melbourne – 7:40pm (local): Hawthorn v West Coast (SEVEN)


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