Normality Takes The Weekend Off (The Lost Weekend)

No wonder Austin Wonaeamirri celebrates like a crazy man…check out his dad! And what on earth is Jimmy Stynes doing to him?

What the hell is going on? After Hawthorn’s regulation win on Friday night, you got the feeling that every other game in this first weekend of the split round would be equally uneventful and boring! That the players were just going to go through the motions and play out the match before pissing off to their favourite beach, bar or back paddock for the mid-season break…

The interchange ump got his head on TV this weekend – not once but twice!

Instead, we had one of the most eventful, amazing, bizarre and sad weekends that you could possibly imagine! Gutsy upsets, unusual occurrences, interchange penalties, Daniel Kerr stung by a stingray on a Melbourne beach and, in the ultimate WTF incident, Richmond player Graham Polak placed in an induced coma after being hit by a tram on Saturday night! While there are some positive signs today, it is too early to determine the full extent of his injuries or whether he will be able to return to football. Our thoughts go out to him and his family…here’s hoping he can make a full recovery…


Ahhh, Brad Miller…where have you been?


Look – the Aker handstand is back! Whoop-de-frickin’-doo!

The Roos are spitting chips at letting another game slip…clearly they need more spitting practice!


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