Splitting Headaches! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)

Not another one! Now Brock McLean’s Premium Dream Team campaign is over…when will it end?

Half Back Flanker should be enjoying the week break during this split round; basking in fantasy footy glory. We are assured of victory in the AFL Dream Team competition while we have handy leads in the Herald Sun Super Coach and Premium Dream Team leagues. But instead, there is a dark cloud hanging over us – a bit like Mick Malthouse in every post-match press conference…win, lose or draw, there’s always something to complain about!

It started on Friay night when ‘technical difficulties’ wouldn’t allow us to trade out an injured Chris Judd from our Premium Dream Team in the final hour, forcing us to take one less player into battle this round! And now we have concerns around the injury status of a few top players which could influence team selection for the next round and beyond. Andrew McLeod, Chad Cornes, Richo, Brock McLean, Judd…big names with big problems!

But nothing can be done until after the last game of the round on Saturday night…so with two matches to go in the split round, here is the situation for each of our fantasy footy squads:

Premium Dream Team: 6th placed Half Back Flanker v 4th placed CARLTON BLUES…leading 1,408 to 1,014. Handy lead but opponent has one extra player plus his captain to come this weekend.

Good: Brad Green’s sensational game on Sunday ended up with a massive 145 points! While many media commentators were critical of the high possession-low impact game of Matt Priddis (135) on Friday night, we just loved it! We also loved 248 points for our captain Dean Cox! Three more hundreds (Bruce, Hargrave and the recalled Dean Solomon) plus a pair of 90’s from Birchall and McMahon has set up a big chance of winning.

Bad: Two key players having lowered output due to injury. At least Matthew Richardson (48 ) has a week off to recover from his hamstring complaint but for Brock McLean (48 ), season 2008 is over!

Ugly: The language being released into the air when our late attempt to  trade a still-groggy Chris Judd out for North’s Daniel Harris was thwarted by an inability to log in!!! And if Harris is gone by the time we log in to trade McLean next week, the language could get even worse!

Final Verdict? Even with a no-score from Judd, we still have seven players to go this weekend; including Barry Hall, Alan Didak and Andrew Mackie. Our opponents have eight (including six Crows!) but will have no-scores from Salopek and McPharlin. Scott Thompson will need a massive game as their captain for them to have any hope of catching us…WIN! MAYBE…

Don’t listen to the critics, Matt Priddis – you keep handballing up a storm!

Super Coach: 8th placed Half Back Flanker v 16th placed Lebanese Gods….leading 1,694 to 1,265.

Good: Eight players over 100 points, including a pair of 140 scores from Jonathan Brown and Nick Stevens and 120’s from Brad Johnson and Dean Cox. Daniel Bradshaw (101) also delivered on his return from injury.

Bad: David Myers (37) is the only low scorer thus far and is only in the starting 22 due to the absence of Chad Cornes. Whether he stays there next week will depend on the status of Cornes or a decent game this week from Collingwood’s Nathan Brown, our other bench defender.

Ugly: Our reaction if Gary Ablett has another monster game this Friday night…yet again, he is the captain for the opposition and has made us pay in recent weeks!

Final Verdict? Even if Ablett goes off for a 200-plus game (which becomes 400-plus with double points) that brings the scores level, the opposition only have six remaining players to come and one of those (Matthew Scarlett) may not be ready to return either. We have seven players to go including Alan Didak, Steve Johnson, Heath Shaw, Darren Milburn and Joel Corey. WIN! UNLESS GARY ABLETT PRODUCES A MIRACLE…

No – he couldn’t do it to us again! Could he?

Dream Team: 2nd placed Half Back Flanker v 16th placed Me And You Kick Ass….leading 2,169 to 667. A win was always on the cards but we have racked up our biggest score of the year so far with two players yet to come!

Good: Try eleven players with 100-plus games! That includes Deledio (132), Kane Cornes (131), Nick Riewoldt (128), Dean Cox (124), Nick Stevens (121) and a 112 game from Bryce Gibbs. Double points for captain Pavlich saw his score rise to 206…but he was outscored by eight players!

Bad: Very little has gone wrong this week with David Myers the only player to score less than 50 points so far. We have got away with carrying injured stars Andrew McLeod and Chad Cornes this time…but will they return to the field after the break?

Ugly: Well, we almost dropped Kane Cornes for Trent Cotchin when we heard that the Power midfielder was staying home foe the birth of his child. But as Cotchin was our only fit emergency in the midfield, we didn’t bother…that would have been ugly if we benched a 131 game effort!

Final Verdict? Massive win will greatly boost our percentage in preparation for a 1st verses 2nd showdown in round 15. WIN!

Kane had a great week but will Chad be back next week…or at all?


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