Un-Frickin-Believable! (The Lost Weekend)

Um, Barry…what the f&@# do you think you’re doing??

Any chance we all had of easing our way back into the crazy world of AFL after the split round was snuffed out by the sharp, pointy bits of Sydney’s Barry Hall. Having recently returned from a lengthy suspension for his sucker punch on West Coasts’s Brent Staker, Hall inexplicably threw out an elbow at Collingwood old bloke Shane Wakelin. Sure, his team were playing some shitty football at the time…but why on earth would he do something like that?

At best, the contact was slight and Wakelin appeared to milk it for all it was worth…but whether he made significant contact or not, the guy must be a freakin’ moron to throw his elbows around like that. The incident will definitely be looked at and if found guilty of any charge, he will go for at least two weeksPaul Roos will be really pissed off!

While the Barry Hall media circus will wrap up on the next couple of days, the focus on the playing future of Brendan Fevola looks likely to kick on and on and on…

Fev, stop jerking around and just sign a frickin’ contract already!!!

The new contract for Fev saga has dragged on for months now but it took a new but highly unoriginal twist last Thursday night. Having already turned down more than reasonable contract offers from the Blues, his Footy Show mates tried to help him inflate his price even more by running with the story of a massive contract offer from the Sydney Swans. Well, that’s what friends are for…

Fev, who was conveniently appearing on the show that night, did not want to discuss his contract…even though it came out days later that he was running off at the mouth about it at the Jeff Fenech ‘fight’. Paul Roos quickly ridiculed the offer and suggested that Fev just get on with signing for Carlton…which we all know is going to happen anyway! So…how far away is the ‘Fev to West Coast’ bullshit rumour?

But when there were very few teams playing on the weekend, it’s probably no surprise that the focus switched to a few individuals. Let’s hope that we can enjoy some great team footy in the run to the finals and hear less about Hall’s elbows, Fev’s contract negotiations and absolutely anything to do with Jason Akermanis!

Alright…some football was played!

Yeah, feeling pretty relaxed…my job is a piece of piss at the moment!

Every weekend is like a split round break for Bomber Thompson these days! After eating his way through a 20-goal hiding over the West Coast Eagles a fortnight ago, the Geelong coach had little to stress about as his Cats totally outclassed the Crows in Adelaide on Friday night. The Cats have managed to win plenty of games without being totally dominant until now…but they might start crushing the pretenders now as they prepare for a serious run at back-to-back flags. Gulp!

On the other hand, Adelaide have lost three straight games and Neil Craig is probably aware that his side is a long way off the powerful Geelong. Graham Johncock may think his team will learn a lot from the comprehensive loss but unless they learn fast, they won’t get within eight goals of Geelong come September. But then again…who will?

Two weeks of planning and preparation…all gone to shit!!!

Dale Thomas kicked three goals for the Pies…and not once did he slide to his knees and shake his tits around!

What the hell is wrong with Collingwood…apart from the blatantly obvious? They look like an average footy side for weeks at a time but then faced with a major challenge like a Geelong or the Swans in Sydney, they come out and kick some major ass! Without Adam Goodes, the Swans looked plain awful for three quarters …only managing two goals in all that time. As they often do, Sydney tried to charge home in the last but the Pies had their measureagain!

The benefits from a week away from all those pesky blockbusters clearly helped Collingwood – who believe that their strong play against Sydney is based on holding great respect for their fierce rival. So, obviously, they have no respect for the likes of Carlton, the Western Bulldogs and those other teams that made them look silly not too long ago!


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  2. Hall what an idiot…

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