Split Round Brings Great Results! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)

Despite having a dozen or so niggling injuries, Chad Cornes will battle on to assist our fantasy teams for another week.

The split round proved to be very lucrative for all of our fantasy footy squads. Both our Herald Sun Super Coach and AFL Dream Team squads posted season-high scores while our Premium Dream Team played one short and almost topped 2,000 points for the round anyway! All three teams won handsomely and, apart from the eight-placed Super Coach outfit, finals footy is virtually assured.

But injury still threatens to halt our upward charge with Andrew McLeod and Chad Cornes no certainties to play major roles in the next month or two. Throw in a foot injury to rookie Bomber David Myers and the defence is again undermanned, forcing us to use some valuable trades we were hoping to save for the finals.

Premium Dream Team: 9,259 points, 346th place overall – another decent rise overall and interesting to see if this trend continues as we continue to tinker with the line-up.

League: 12 points (3-2), 111.84% – 4th place. Back in the four on percentage but with two guaranteed wins in the final month and a massive percentage booster to come this weekend, we should stay safely in the four for the finals.

Next opponent: 10th placed OPETH…a player who registered but failed to enter a pre-draft list of 50 players or show up at draft time. Therefore, they have no players and score zero points every week! With the huge boost in percentage coming our way, we should be third this time next week.

Potential changes/trades: Brock McLean’s season is over so we swapped him for Mark McVeigh…not only is he a Bomber but looks like he is firing again after his early season hamstring injury. We also jumped the gun a bit and dumped Swan Craig Bolton for Matthew Whelan…two great games in a row but has battled with injury this year. A calculated risk that might pay off! But now we have only one trade left for the round and more than one issue in the forward line – Barry Hall ‘missing’ and Richo’s hammie. So we might be one short again…lucky it won’t matter!

McVeigh could be more than handy replacement for the injured Brock McLean.

Super Coach: 28,073 points, 15,036th place overall – up around six thousand spots overall and finished as high as 1,128 in the weekly placings! Our biggest week since the start of the league.

League: 24 points (6-5), 103.10% – 8th place. Tight race for the finals with 9th spot just one win behind 4th…we have three teams currently in the bottom six coming up so provided we keep winning, we should be ok.

Next opponent: 11th placed Bryzieschamps (1,834 last week) – relying on a few rookies and missing Peter Burgoyne, Bachar Houli and Michael Gardiner. If all those three come back this week, it could be a close one…not what we need right now!

Potential changes/trades: Wait and see on the status of Chad Cornes…if he is out then either Cornes or Myers might need to go. Apart from that, the current team is good enough to win and we can keep our six remaining trades for the business end of the season.

Dream Team: 25,389 points, 14,691th place overall – up around five thousand in the overall and another season best score.

League: 40 points (10-1), 119.83% – 2nd place – less than one percentage point from reclaiming top spot on the ladder but with a three-game break on the fifth-placed team, we will finish in the four now and that’s all that really matters from here until the finals.

Next opponent: 1st placed Britt’s Guns (1,643 last week) – it’s one verses two on the ladder so plenty of pride is at stake. Peter Burgoyne and Andrew McLeod might both be missing from the defence but Chis Judd will be back and they have G. Ablett.

Potential changes/trades: With the possibility of Cornes, McLeod and Myers all missing from the backs, we will have to made at least one trade…possibly two. If it’s Myers, we can get Jake King or even Matthew Whelan (again!). If it’s McLeod, we can jump up to a Heath Shaw or Darren Milburn. But if it’s Cornes, we get the pick of all the backs…Nathan Bock? Paul Wheatley? Sam Fisher?


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