The Curtain Closes (Round 16 – Dress Rehearsal)

It’s the final night of Dress Rehearsal round and here is a quick preview of the remaining three games. Full recap of the weekend action tomorrow but it will undoubtedly feature some in-depth analysis as to how Joel Bowden’s go-backwards clock-milking antics action may have won a game yesterday…but is more a reflection of Richmond’s chronic-suckiness!


Until Fev signs his new deal with Carlton, he will be cast as the villian…no matter what he does!

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 1:10pm (local): Carlton v Sydney (FOX)

The game is just the dress rehearsal…the real contest will take place here!

AAMi Stadium, Adelaide – 2:40pm (local): Port Adelaide v Adelaide (SEVEN)

If Naitanui goes to the game, there’s a good chance he will be meeting his new teammates…they will be on the losing team!

Subiaco, Perth – 2:40pm (local): Fremantle v Melbourne (FOX)


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