All Going To Script For Geelong! (The Lost Weekend)

The Bullies are still trying to figure out what just happened to them…

If that was just a dress rehearsal, how good is opening night going to be! Geelong showed the second-placed Western Bulldogs what the big stage is all about with a crushing second-half performance and, coupled with Hawthorn’s loss to St Kilda, appear to have top spot in the bag. Unless Paul Chapman and 10 to 12 teammates get suspended for a few weeks by calling the umpires ‘cheats‘…they don’t like that too much.

Scarily, the Cats still have a few top line players to come back into the line-up; including Gary Ablett, provided the star midfielder survives his life-threatening ankle injury. But despite the big win, coach Mark Thompson doesn’t believe his side is developing a superiority complex over the Dogs …but, honestly, they should be!

Dogs coach Rodney Eade seems to think that it was a closer contest than the scoreboard indicated. If this were actually true, it would make this match the tightest ten-goal loss in the history of football!

The Cats score a massive win…and don’t they look excited!

Here’s a look back at the weekend’s action on Dress Rehearsal round:


Paul Roos was pretty pumped after the win but has a few injury worries…welcome back Barry Hall? Maybe. Welcome back Nick Davis? F@!# no!!!

That victory was ass-grabbingly good for Port Adelaide!


After all these years, Joel Bowden and his backwards-sideways bullshit actually helped Richmond win a game!

St Nick is on fire!!!

Beat West Coast one-handed? ‘Piece of piss’ says Jamie Charman!


One response to “All Going To Script For Geelong! (The Lost Weekend)

  1. First three quarters of the Geelong match were pretty tight, but the cats kept the pressure on and in the end it was too much for the Dogs. Theres only so much tough football they can handle it would seem.. 😛

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