The Power Of Eight! (The Lost Weekend)

Eight was definitely Buddy’s magic number on Friday night…though it could have been higher had he kicked straight.

Tears, tension and no spontaneous choral singing…that was the outcome of So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye round! But another theme became apparent during round eighteen and that revolved around the number eight. Lance Franklin kicked things off when he nailed eight goals on Friday night to help sink Collingwood, leaving the Pies in danger of missing out on the top eight. Which might hamper their chances of winning it all, don’t you think?

This was quickly followed by Essendon skipper Matthew Lloyd, matching Buddy’s haul with eight goals of his own and a contender dead-set certainty for mark of the year! The win gives the rebuilding Bombers eight wins for the year and a slim chance of making the eight…though a percentage that is still in the eighties won’t help their cause…

LLOYD!!! The magic power of eight drove the Essendon captain to great heights!

The Saints were pretty much down all day against Port but won by eight – lucky! The Pies only kicked eight goals against Hawthorn – great! Cult hero and personal favourite Damien Peverill may have the good fortune of extending his eight-year stint in the AFL – fine with us! What is with the number eight?

Well, ‘eight’ is considered to be the most fortuitous of all numbers in Chinese culture; as it sounds similar to the word which means “prosper” or “wealth”. And with the Beijing Olympics starting this Friday, August 8th (08.08.08 ), it might spark a series of fortuitous events in the AFL next weekend. Though Melbourne actually play Geelong on that Friday night to open round 19…ah, a upset win to the Demons might be too much to ask for the mystical powers of number eight!


Hmmm…tasty! The Cats rub Richmond’s nose in it…

Hello kitty! Looks like the Roos might be regretting that move away from the Gold Coast after all…

Ever seen a porpoise sleeping? Jason Porplyzia down for the count after a chance meeting with Carlton’s Steven Browne…


Having been banned from performing the handstand, Aker has found a new post-game celebration…a nice little ass-grab!

Gutsy effort from Luke Ball…surely that can’t be good for you!

Well, there’s no doubt that those kids are his…farewell Shaun McManus!


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