Your Drunken Idiotic Magpie Update (Media Street)

Heath Shaw bullshitting his way through yesterday’s press conference…

It’s another AFL footballer behaving badly story…with a wicked but not entirely unpredictable twist to add to the ‘surely, you can’t be serious’ file!

Firstly, Collingwood’s Heath Shaw got on the drink with a few teammates on Sunday night when it seems he felt the need to drive around in his ute and talk rubbish on his mobile phone at the same time. Yes – it all went pear-shaped! So the Magpies, who have been forced to deal with a number of dickhead-related issues in previous years, proved that old adage of the more you practice something, the better you get at it! They acted swiftly to hose this all down and really do have ‘strong apology’ down to an art form…

You think this guy almost blew an Ed gasket yesterday…his head might just go nuclear today!!!

It started with the coach and president fronting the media pack at training, McGuire virtually blowing his highly prominent top as he aggressively condemned Shaw’s actions. Then Shaw fronted a press conference to ‘face the music’ and deliver the stock standard apology spiel whilst surrounded by his disapproving leadership group. Captain Scott Burns was very vocal in his disdain for what his teammate had done but also backed him to play on the weekend and leapt to his defence when questioned about who may or may not have been riding in the vehicle with him.

Perhaps watching Scott Burns deliver a few home truths inspired Shaw to give that whole ‘telling the truth’ thing a try!

Of course, what Collingwood’s response did not include is a game suspension for Shaw. The Pies have at least been consistent with this over the years with offenders post-idiot act, so you can’t accuse then of making this decision with Saturday’s vital clash against St Kilda in mind. It seems obvious to us that the biggest punishment you can dish out to a footballer is not allow him to play football, right? But the Pies are free to apply any sanction like even though it doesn’t appear to be working for them and most other clubs stand players out of footy for their indiscretions.

Well, that was all until Heath Shaw finally admitted what most people had heard or suspected anyway – that Alan Didak was riding in the passenger seat when he crashed and the two boys had attempted a lame cover-up operation that was never going to work! Not surprisingly, the media have gone completely feral; from announcing that the players have now been suspended to highlighting the humiliation of McGuire and calling for Didak to pack his bags! There will be another press conference today that will be of massive interest to the football world…will the Pies be forced to stand either of both players out of this week’s game? Or will it be worse than that?

So, this is what it takes to get Stephanie Rice off the front pages

In non-alcoholic news:


4 responses to “Your Drunken Idiotic Magpie Update (Media Street)

  1. Mmmmmm so I am guessing that maybe the race to finish last will hot up with Didak getting sacked and Melbourne and other teams to try and pick him up in the pre-season draft.

    Would have to say that I doubt I would not be the only person to think that Didak was some how involved.

  2. Kick2Kick – you might be onto something – latest rumour doing the rounds is Didak was actually driving, as seen by a number of witnesses. What a story that would be if true.

    Personally I don’t think they’ll get the sack, but I can’t wait for the 3pm press conference

  3. halfbackflanker

    Well, it’s season over for both of them…the Pies really had no choice in the end! They will shop Didak around during trade time and see what comes their way but Heath will be safe.

    But the biggest problem I have is my Supercoach team…I’m in an elimination final this week and have both Heath Shaw and Didak! Those bloody mongrels!!!

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