Footy Fever In The Far North (The Lost Weekend)

Yep…everybody’s talking footy up here!

Well, Half Back Flanker tried valiantly to make it all the way to Beijing last week but it seems that buying tickets for the Olympics off the internet is fraught with danger. So instead of China, we found ourselves in Cairns! But we managed to enjoy all of the greatness of the Olympic Games in the warm conditions of Far North Queensland and with zero smog!

We also managed to enjoy a taste of round 19 action in the AFL…though the examples were far from inspiring. Only twice were we able to switch the TV to the footy; the first time was early Saturday morning for a replay of the Geelong v Melbourne game and the Dees were about to score their first point…the Cats were 61!!! The second time was a similar story (ie. sad…very sad) when the Tigers were being thumped by Adelaide at half time.

Given the choice of hanging at the beach or watching crap games of football, it was no contest. But Half Back Flanker will be back in unsunny Melbourne later this week to find out what the hell has been going on in the AFL! But for now,a quick glance at the other results from Hello China round:


4 responses to “Footy Fever In The Far North (The Lost Weekend)

  1. So are they interested in Football up there?
    A co-author on K2K has just got back from NSW and he said there is no way they could support a second team.

  2. If I was you I wouldn’t come back. The weather here is horrible! Stay there until finals.

  3. halfbackflanker


    Wish I was…got back yesterday and it is grey and miserable. Bummer! But if I waited until finals started before I came home, I wouldn’t see my team again until next year!

    Also, I will take you up on the Alphabetical Meme you posted last week but I have to wait a few more days first. One of the questions relates to a secret and if I answer all the questions honestly right now, I will incriminate myself. But I will do it once I am allowed to let the cat out of the bag!


    There is some interest in FNQ but the Cowboys and Broncos dominate the news. Any AFL is limited to Jono Brown and Michael Voss reading the sports news on Channel Ten. GC17 is a good idea as they really need games up there every week and the rivalry with the Lions would create more interest.

    I also visited West Sydney on the way back to Melbourne and it will be really tough for AFL out there…but there are a shitload of young families moving out there, my sister included, so the risk could pay off in the long term. But I did see a ‘play AFL’ banner dangling from a wire fence when I was out there…so the League are clearly taking giant strides to get them on board ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh you’re going to do the meme? Awesome, looking forward to reading it.
    P.S. It wouldn’t be that much of a tragedy to go without Essendon, would it? Its not like they perform or anything ๐Ÿ˜› hehe..

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