Maybe Next Week… (The Lost Weekend)

No century for Buddy or Fev this week…

The anticipation was massive. The footy fans had their hands wrapped around the railing, ready to spring over the fence at the first sign of a 100th goal sailing through the sticks. Security had their hands wrapped around shotguns ticket books, ready to issue warning and fines for trespassing. But with Lance Franklin having an off day and Fev only just cracking the nineties, there were no ground invasions this weekend.

But there were a few interesting results – the Tigers and Saints kept their chances of surviving an extra week (and no longer than that) alive while the Hawks and Dogs are playing like teams passing the time until their first final in three weeks. And Hackett…Schmackett! Who would want to watch that guy when you have Port Adelaide hosting Collingwood at a cold, slippery AAMI Stadium on a Friday night?


The gold medal in the pairs of the synchronised awkward boundary rider goes to…Australia!!!


Adelaide coach Neil Craig could barely contain his excitement at beating the Bombers in Melbourne…

This is what it feels like to win a game? Wow!!! We should try to do this more often…

The Cats are fully focused on practicing their post grand final celebration!

Jono Brown takes another courageous mark, the Dogs take another credibility hit!


To the winner goes the spoils…Richo receives a little man-love!

Fev shows Josh Gibson his footy brain. Wow – it’s soooo big!!!

You can breathe easy, Nick…the Saints are back in the eight!!


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