The Finals – Week Three (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)

There will be plenty of love for Richo if he helps get our fantasy teams over the line this week!

It’s preliminary final weekend in fantasy footy and for Half Back Flanker, it will be a nervous wait to see whether we have won our way into grand finals for our two remaining leagues. Both squads qualified for this weekend’s prelims courtesy of wins in the first week of finals, earning the week off…but without the luxury of ‘resting up’ players like those AFL teams get in the real world!

Having finished top-two in both the AFL Dream Team and Premium Dream Team leagues, our scores over the past fortnight indicate that both sides should get through to the decider. But it only takes an injury or two here, a quiet game there, a poor on-field selection or a bungled trade to bring an entire season of geeking out to a disastrous conclusion! Will we qualify for two fantasy footy grand finals?

The Preliminary Finals

Premium Dream Team: 21,057 points, 66th place overall – still might crack the top fifty…provided we score well in the next two weeks!

Last Week: scored 2,104 – only team to score over 2,000 points during the finals and have done it both weeks.

Good: Five 100-plus efforts this week and four of those by a long way – Richo (154), Cam Bruce and Paul Wheatley (138 each), Jordan McMahon (130) and Brad Green (114). There were plenty of 90’s as well from Hargrave, Whelan, Cox (186 with double points), Hale and Stokes.

Bad: Injury and dickhead suspension has decimated our forward line and the three replacements we brought in (Valenti, Dew and Harbrow) could only score in the 50’s this week. All three are capable of bigger scores but with a GF spot on the line, are there better options available?

Ugly: The prospect of a shock loss this weekend denying us fantasy premiership glory! After nine straight wins and some big scores, it would be a surprise if we didn’t get to the GF…but nothing is guaranteed.

1st Semi Final: 5th placed Big Gunz (1,935) defeated 4th placed BatterdSosage (1,934)…a win by one point!!! Big Gunz won by the barest possible margin and did it with one players short after Daniel Motlop didn’t front for Port. Would have topped 2,000 with a full team so a tough challenge coming up!

Potential changes/trades: We were looking at ways to boost our forward line and there was one major wildcard sitting there as a free agent…Geelong’s Paul Chapman! We held off the temptation of grabbing him early in the week with the plan of nabbing him for either Dew or Harbrow at the first reports of him being selected. But with Shane Valenti dropped from the Melbourne team, we just traded him for Chappy and hope that the bald Cat takes to the field on Sunday. And while Leigh Harding is another free agent (well, because we dumped him in round 17!) that is scoring well, we can’t bring ourselves to pick him up again…unless more injuries strike.

Captain: We are going to go with Richo…had a big game last week, playing Freo at the ‘G, theoretically in the finals hunt. The incentive is there for a massive game!

Will the recruitment of Paul Chapman help our Premium Dream Team make the big one?

Dream Team: 37,149 points, 8,201th place overall – also finishing strongly in the overall category.

Last Week: scored 1,979 – slightly down on last week and only Britt’s Guns (the other team straight into the prelim) topping 2,000. But at least we have the prospect of boosting our stocks in the backline this week.

Good: Big scores in the forward line…Richo (154), Riewoldt (126), Deledio (125) and Franklin (120) while our two rookie midfielders had huge games – Palmer (122) and Dalziell (111) more than covering for the injured Chapman.

Bad: Defence scored poorly this week. Mackie and Bradshaw were in the 70’s but well below average, three other scores in the 60’s while Osborne (59) and Urquhart (36) failed to produce. WIth trades and cash to use on upgrading our defence, we need to make the right decisions to ensure a GF berth.

Ugly: We still have just two emergencies in action, though hopefully Paul Chapman will be back this week to make three. But even if we use two trades to boost our defence, a late withdrawal in our forward line or ruck would nullify any advantage we had over our opponents.

1st Preliminary Final: 3rd placed Moolias (1,725) defeated 7th placed Whysie Boi (1,681) – Moolias have a very strong defence and midfield but no trades left as they played three forwards short last week…and all three (Tippett, Porplyzia, Nathan G Brown) were not selected this week either! If we lose to a side with three players missing, it would be a disaster!

Potential changes/trades: With the likelihood of having a three-player advantage, we will use just one of our last three trades to boost our defence. We have finally cashed in Bomber rookie David Myers…which gave us $373,900 to spend and the choice of all defenders, except for Joel Bowden. While Paul Wheatley or Sam Fisher would have been the best options but left little cash to spare, we went with Chris Newman at $307k which allow us two trades next week and an extra $66k to spend. A tad presumptious maybe…but if there are any injuries or rested players in round 22, we will be better equipped to cover any changes.

Captain: Richo as well.


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