Um, Vossy…Can We Have A Quick Chat? (Media Street)

The first Monday following the final round of the AFL season is renowned for some crazy antics from eight clubs worth of tired, emotional and thirsty footballers. Take Brendan Fevola, for example, who was spotted in Federation Square in Melbourne wearing a pink nighty, complete with sex toy penis dangling from the front. It was all part of Carlton’s Mad Monday celebrations, so the Herald Sun’s “frock shock” is a bit rich…and you will probably see Fev wearing that exact same outfit for the Grand Final edition of the Footy Show anyway!

But it was a different type of madness up in Brisbane when word filtered through that Lions coach and AFL legend Leigh Matthews pulled the pin on his ten year stint up north. The Lions tried to talk him out of leaving the position but Matthews sensed that the time was right for him walk away and start a new chapter in his life…one that undoubtedly involves flogging affordable house-and-land packages to battlers everywhere. But he leaves with his reputation intact as a highly influential AFL figure in Queensland who moulded the once-struggling Lions into a triple-premiership footballing powerhouse.

And while the timing was perfect for Matthews, it probably wasn’t the best for Jonathan Brown. Not only was he probably looking forward to getting on the cans yesterday for Mad Monday, he was just announcing that he had signed on to stay with Brisbane after months of speculation over his future with the Lions. Browny was forced to stress that his decision was not influenced by Leigh’s decision to walk after rumblings that his pragmatic coaching style was wearing thin with the players. But you can tell that Browny was not impressed that he was facing the media on Mad Monday instead of wearing a pink nighty himself!

Leigh looks relaxed. Browny looks like a man who had a huge Mad Monday planned but is now stuck in this dumb press conference while his mates are getting pissed without him!

Naturally, thoughts of a replacement for Lethal Leigh have turned to one man, and one man only, Michael Voss! Brisbane’s triple-premiership captain had signed on for an assistant coaching role with the West Coast Eagles but will be given permission to speak with Brisbane over the freshly vacated role…and you can guarantee that the Lions want to talk to him!

Of course, Aker has had his say on the Leigh Matthews-Michael Voss coaching issue and declared himself just as qualified as Vossy and wonders why he hasn’t received a call from Brisbane yet. Can somebody tell Aker that ‘dickhead’ is not a certified coaching qualification?

Other Monday madness…non-alcohol related:


2 responses to “Um, Vossy…Can We Have A Quick Chat? (Media Street)

  1. Brisbane would do well to recall the debacle that was Tim Watson’s coaching career before appointing Michael Voss to succeed Leigh Matthews. The parallels between Voss and Watson are too similar to be easily discounted.

    Clearly, there’s a world of difference between offering comments on a media broadcast and taking on the role of head coach of an AFL club. In fact, it would be foolhardy not to recognise that the demands on senior coaches have grown in the years since Watson’s ill-fated tenure at St Kilda.

    And then there’s the matter that Voss’ contributions to the media broadcasts have been less than earth-shattering…

  2. Yes, perhaps Channel Ten should have tried to arrange a trade with Brisbane…Vossy the coach for Matthews the media commentator! I think Leigh has a bit more to offer in that department than Voss ever did…

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