In The End, There Can Be Only One! (Media Street)

Another Rising Star for Fremantle…shame the club itself is more like a sinking ship!

Palmer or Rioli? Rioli or Palmer? That has been the major talking point this week leading up to the announcement of this year’s Rising Star winner. The case has been made for each of the major contenders – the nuggety midfielder from Fremantle and Hawthorn’s mercurial small forward who really shouldn’t have surprised anybody with his talent…he’s a Rioli, of course he kicks arse!

But, in true Connor McLeod fashion, there can be only one…and it was Rhys Palmer who took the honours with Rioli a clear second. The win is a fitting reward for an outstanding debut season which some are comparing to that of the great Chris Judd. Palmer matched the achievements of fellow Docker Paul Hasleby who won the Rising Star in 2000…which might be a good omen for Rioli as the runner-up to Hasleby that year (Adam Ramanauskas) became a premiership player a few weeks later.

Whether both of these players will be seen as the best of the 2007 draft remains to be seen; particularly with the likes of Matthew Kreuzer and the ability displayed by Richmond’s Trent Cotchin in the second half of the year; but all kudos goes to Palmer for now.

Palmer talks to media about how much better he is than Cyril Rioli…

In non-Palmer news:


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