That Whole Second Sydney Team Idea Sounds Wonderful! (Media Street)

And the crowd goes mild! Are these the scenes that will greet the Western Sydney Whatevers in 2012?

The Herald Sun have found themselves a new work experience kiddie…Andrew Demetriou! The League supremo thought he might just publish his own thoughts on the controversial expansion plans for western Sydney – mainly that everything is fine and dandy, thank you very much! The League feels that the paltry crowd figure for the Swans final match on Saturday night is far from disastrous and it is just proof that a second team is required up there to help boost interest in the code.

They certainly need to do something. Half Back Flanker was actually in western Sydney last Saturday and the interest in the match, from what we could tell, was virtually nil! A low profile opponent in North Melbourne, no ads on TV, bugger all in the press and the coldest September weekend in ages all conspired against a decent crowd. The AFL is responsible for promoting the game and it felt like their tactic was to ignore the game altogether in the hope that the Swans would get more coverage from the Sydney media if they bagged them for a piss-poor crowd rather than the actual result.

Sad thing is…it probably worked! At least the Gold Coast has some interest in our game so GC17 has a fighting chance to succeed. But even if Western Sydney does become the biggest sporting market in the near future, what’s the point of creating WS18 if nobody up there gives a crap? Andy D’s reputation hinges on this push into New South Wales and South East Queensland…maybe this Herald Sun article was a good chance for him to brush up on his writing skills! You know, just in case he needs a new job in the future…

Little Gazza does it again! To the chagrin of all Buddy Franklin devotees, Geelong’s Gary Ablett has won the AFL Players Association’s prestigious Most Valuable Player award. Voted on by the players, Ablett finished ahead of Franklin to claim a second successive AFLPA MVP…and the honour of winning the award with the most acronyms in all of world sport!

But we doubt that Franklin will be too upset about missing out on this award; he is just loving life at the moment as he leads the Hawks towards a grand final showdown with Ablett’s Cats. The only aspect of his climb to fame that might not sit well with him is having to talk to all those pesky footy journalists…and he is far from the Lone Ranger there!

Franklin was forced to face the press yesterday…though it wasn’t to deny allegations that he is actually a footballing demi-god from another planet! (Apparently, Buddy is actually a human! And people wonder why footy players aren’t fans of the media…) It was because a Carlton fan returned Buddy’s 100th goal football… though we recommend that he sterilise that footy – it could have been anywhere!

Ewwwww! Why aren’t you wearing gloves, Buddy? You don’t know where that ball has been!

In other footy news:


2 responses to “That Whole Second Sydney Team Idea Sounds Wonderful! (Media Street)

  1. Yeah the situation at WS18 is in serious chance of being a flop. My brother went to NSW a month or back and Sydney struggle to get a mention, even though they have played in two GFs and played finals for the last few years…

    Also think how many members Sydney would loose and its not like they can loose too many as their membership is only around 30, 000 at the moment.

  2. Why the AFL would put another team in Sydney is beyond anyones guess. Trying to break into the fanbase over there is nearly impossible because of the Rugby following. You are right K2K, I was in Sydney recently and all the papers talk about is Rugby. Don’t they know that AFL is the greatest game of all?

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