No Major Surprises…Yet! (The Lost Weekend)

Yes, we’re in the prelim! One win away from the Grand Final! Woo hoo!!! All we need to do is beat…Geelong? Oh shit!

We are down to the final four teams battling for premiership glory and, according to both the ladder and the weekend’s results, the best four teams in the competition remain in contention for the flag. Despite our (wishful?) predictions on Friday, the Dogs and Saints made the most of their double chance to qualify for the preliminary finals, both of which will be played at night. While the League has generously resisted the temptation to schedule a night grand final, it seems that the compromise will be that every other important game will now be played in prime time.

It seems everything is hard earned in finals footy…and that includes the normally straight-forward player interchange!

The Western Bulldogs proved that they belong in the final four with a spirited win over Sydney, though they were forced to recover from an interchange blunder from Tim Callan, and will go into Friday night’s prelim against Geelong as clear underdogs. But the players feel they are a good chance at upsetting the football applecart…with Jason Akermanis (who else!) declaring the Cats as being too cocky to win the flag. Yep, that’s right – Aker calling somebody else ‘cocky’! It’s like Barry Hall ordering a team mate to keep his cool or Paris Hilton calling one of her gal-pals a slut!

That young Koschitzke assaults an elderly gentleman in full view of the general public. What on Earth is wrong with the youth of today? Bloody Generation Y…

St. Kilda went a long way to prove that their top four finish was no fluke by disposing of Collingwood in front of a big crowd at the ‘G and now face Hawthorn; who they beat earlier in the season so if there were to be a prelim surprise, it’s more likely to happen in this game than the Cats and Dogs! Skipper Nick Riewoldt, who starred on Saturday night, feels that the Hawks have put together a strong list that could dominate the competition for years. Which is exactly what most people have said about St Kilda for years now…and they have absolutely zip to show for it!


Bye Spida. Now Sydney need to find another beaten up old ruckman to take his spot. Oh look, here’s one!

Second Semi Final – Western Bulldogs 16.10.106 def. Sydney 9.15.69

Season 2008 is no longer worthless for the Western Bulldogs after disposing of Sydney in impressive fashion. After a tight opening half, the Doggies ran over the top of the Swans after the main break and earn the opportunity to be devoured by the Geelong juggernaut next Friday night. But Rodney Eade believes that his side is not quite done yet…but really, he’s just saying that because he has to!

Paul Roos may see plenty of good points about Sydney’s season overall but you can’t lose a final without tough questions being asked about the future of your team! But one of the positives for the Swans is that the football career of Peter ‘Spida’ Everitt has come to an end. Big Spida announced his retirement after the loss…but the way he played during the finals series, it looked liked he had already hung up the boots. Apparently he still had a role in that team…we’d love to know what it was!


Sure, they lost…but at least everybody in that room can now get away from that grumpy old Malthouse fella for a couple of months!

First Semi Final – St Kilda 17.4.106 def. Collingwood 9.18.72

We didn’t think that St Kilda would recover from the Geelong shellackingwrong! The Saints benefitted greatly from some straight shooting in front of goal; with Riewoldt kicking five in a dominant display, Koschitzke shedding off the Chris Guccione tag we gave him on Friday with three goals while Stephen Milne kicked three…but even if he kicked 20 goals, don’t expect any praise from us for that annoying little twerp!

It was a limp exit from a Collingwood side that peaked back in round nine when they flogged Geelong and dined out on that result for most of the year, especially when they dropped winnable games. But reality, and the loss of key players from everything from injuries to dirty lies, finally set in. The grumpy old coach refused to use any of this as an excuse for their performance but perhaps he should before fingers are pointed directly at him…which would be unfair considering his record.


One response to “No Major Surprises…Yet! (The Lost Weekend)

  1. Dogs looked like they’d found their mojo again after half time, although it was Murphy and Minson who sparked them. Both midfields disappointing.

    Interchange free kick was a disaster waiting to happen — another AFL over-reaction with an overly technical and massively disproportionate solution.

    Once again, Aker appeared to be playing for himself rather than the team.

    Saints were OK against a listless Collingwood and may run the Hawks close, but will be Whiskas the following week if they do.

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