And The Unlucky Bugger Is…(Grand Final Week)

Number 53 comes in and number 65 misses out on a grand final spot. Whatever Tom Harley is saying to smooth things over, it seems to be working!

Ok guys…you can get out of the damn tree now! The teams for Saturday’s premiership decider have been announced and the answer to the big question of the week is…David Wojcinski! Paul Chapman is fit and ready to play in the grand final…or is he? Chapman’s apparent half-arsed appearance at training this morning did not totally convince some onlookers and so the speculation on him taking part in the grand final will continue tomorrow and, in all likelihood, right up until the start of the game. And would we want to have it any other way?

The Thursday of grand final week is traditionally the day that the fans flock to their club’s home base by the thousands to watch training and today was no exception! The Cats would have felt right at home with the masses of fans packed into Skilled Stadium, particularly after last season, while approximately ten thousand Hawthorn fans made the trip out to Waverley to see the Hawks train. It would have been a great thrill for the players to see so many supporters out there…but Luke Hodge was not quite as thrilled to have desperate journo’s running up to ask about his ribs every few minutes!

“Nah, mate…me ribs are shithouse! Don’t think I’ll play…”

Sure they have to ask the question but even if his ribs are cactus, what else is he going to say? They might be so busted he could hang his house keys of the end of it…“Yeah, nah, they’re fine mate. It’s all good.”

Anyway, here are the teams that will definitely most likely take to the MCG on Saturday afternoon:


B: Tom Harley, Matthew Scarlett, Josh Hunt
HB: Darren Milburn, Harry Taylor, Andrew Mackie
C: Joel Selwood, Cameron Ling , Corey Enright
HF: Steve Johnson, Cameron Mooney, Jimmy Bartel
F: Paul Chapman, Tom Lonergan, Mathew Stokes
Foll: Brad Ottens, Joel Corey, Gary Ablett
I/C: Mark Blake, Travis Varcoe, James Kelly, Max Rooke
EMG: David Wojcinski, Ryan Gamble, Shannon Byrnes

In: Chapman
Out: David Wojcinski


B: Stephen Gilham, Trent Croad, Brent Guerra
HB: Grant Birchall, Luke Hodge, Rick Ladson
C: Jordan Lewis, Sam Mitchell, Chance Bateman
HF: Michael Osborne, Lance Franklin, Cyril Rioli
F: Mark Williams, Jarryd Roughead, Campbell Brown
Foll: Robert Campbell, Brad Sewell, Shane Crawford
I/C: Stuart Dew, Xavier Ellis, Brent Renouf, Clinton Young
EMG: Thomas Murphy, Simon Taylor, Travis Tuck

No change


One response to “And The Unlucky Bugger Is…(Grand Final Week)

  1. Chapman probably forged his medical report so it said he was all clear! haha

    Unlucky to Wojcinski to miss out. I doubt there is any other pill harder to swallow in AFL. Kudos to him for handling it in public so well. Privately may be a different story.

    I think the other big drawcard for viewers on Saturday is seeing who Cousins will be playing for next year. Collingwood most likely.

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