Is It Over Yet? (AFL Trade Week)

Robbie Warnock is hoping that Freo and Carlton can shake hands on a deal this afternoon. Pffft! Yeah right…

Maybe today we will see some action! The AFL trade week winds up this afternoon at 2pm and after a week of prognostication, stalled negotiations and token mediation, a small number of uncontracted or unhappy or just plain unlucky players might have a new footballing home. Or they might not…

This traditional all-talk, little-to-no-action period has played out as expected. Many possibilities arise after all the clubs get together on Monday; including the obligatory name that nobody expected to be available…and that’s because he was never really available anyway but it will sure motivate the guy over preseason. Then it is three days of waiting, waiting, waiting…with a media throng bigger than you see at most post-match conferences waiting breathlessly for something, anything to happen.

But with next season’s AFL draft compromised in order to funnel promising young kids to the Gold Coast, all club want to hold onto their picks, especially the first-rounders…so we might have even less player movement than usual. Look out – here comes free agency!

Port Adelaide have provided the only real shock of trade week so far…they actually finalised a deal yesterday. That’s Thursday – a full day before the deadline. Talk about breaking ranks…they must have put their clocks forward one full day instead of one hour for daylight savings last weekend!

The time is right in Adelaide…but what day is it again?

Which leads us to today…and a few hours of frantic bargaining followed by a myriad of complaints from player managers that the whole trade scenario needs an overhaul – preferably to a system that allows them to score more commission money by closing more deals and with less stress. Oh, the poor things…

So, will Fremantle cave in to Carlton’s underwhelming demands for ruckman Robert Warnock? Is the kid really that good to warrant all this attention in the first place? And if we didn’t hear the funny story about Melbourne attempting to get him to join the Dees via the power of the Powerpoint back in August, would we even know the kid’s name?

And what about Ryan O’Keefe? Will the defending premier really be able to make room for the All Australian calibre forward to join Buddy, Roughy and Cyril? Or will he head to Carlton…or the preseason draft? Will the Swans get anybody in return? If they do, it won’t be Andrew Lovett and it won’t be Brad Green. Will Farren Ray escape from the Dog’s kennel? Will anybody be brave enough to go to Adelaide?

Guess we will have to wait until approximately 1:59pm today to find out…


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