All Quiet On The Trading Front (The Lost Weekend)

Ryan O’Keefe looks good in navy blue but is still a Swan…well, for now anyway!

Not much to write home about as a result of AFL trade week…though it was always going to be an extremely difficult year to pull off any substantial deals. With the Gold Coast Sluggos claiming a large number of draft picks next year and talk of a seriously talented group of kids coming out this year, it would have taken an extraordinary deal for a first-round draft pick to be exchanged. And sorry, but none of these Kangas can be filed under ‘extraordinary’!

So, exactly how many deals were done in this year’s trade week? Six! Ryan O’Keefe didn’t get to Hawthorn and now might be stuck in the middle of a ‘who’s dick is bigger’ tug o’ war between Essendon and Carlton. Andrew Lovett couldn’t find a way to get to Geelong so has a big preseason ahead of him back at Windy Hill. And Brad Green stays with Melbourne even though he reckons we was never leaving anyway…that might be a tad more believable if it was said, say, last Tuesday rather than after the trade deadline!

Yep, that was worth five whole days of carry-on

Ahhh, so that is what Robbie Warnock looks like…


7 responses to “All Quiet On The Trading Front (The Lost Weekend)

  1. I like Prismall, but I can’t say I’m shattered that he’s leaving, like I was about Nathan Ablett.

  2. halfbackflanker

    Yeah, not too many kids would just walk away from a ten year AFL career at a successful club to slog it out as a tradie in Queensland!

    And you can’t be happy that Prismall has crossed over to ‘the dark side’…

  3. Yeah thats true, he’ll prob end up being a star player for you guys and I’ll be kicking myself!

  4. Lets see if Warnock’s career will unfold like almost every other player that has left the Dockers and turn into a dominant ruckman for the Blues.

  5. halfbackflanker

    Yeah, don’t Freo have a great track record of ex-players who become markedly better once they leave!

  6. Eveytime Medhurst comes out firing I think Rick Hart realises he should stick to electrical goods.

  7. Robbie Warnock is an interesting one, so in demand for someone who at this stage, lets be honest, is unproven.

    At school he wasn’t rated THAT highly, although he was considered a hard trainer.

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