Sorry, Don’t Feel Like Chicken Tonight! (Media Street)


Shooting commences on the new movie Australia – The Sequel, starring Hugh Jackman (left) and a frozen Nicole Kidman (right)

What the f@#$ is going on this week? First we have Nathan Bock being suspended indefinitely by the Adelaide Crows after a drunken night gone horribly wrong. We also had a Crows fan banned from attending the footy for the rest of the season after throwing a bottle at the umpires last Friday night…but hitting a small child instead. And who could forget that incident after the Collingwood-Melbourne game where the father of Demons midfielder Nathan Jones was bashed by Magpies fans…resulting in a court appearance for the accused attacker!

Bizarre sequence of events, right? Could not possibly get any stranger that that, could it?

Oh, shit yes it could! Try this on for size…a video written, devised and produced by North Melbourne players involving the sexual exploits of a rubber chicken named Boris found its way onto the internet. It didn’t stay there long. And the League is plenty pissed off!

The video, which has been tastefully referred to in some areas as the ‘Sex Chook’ video, was the talk of the footy world yesterday – mainly about the content’s degrading attitude towards women, or debating whether the video was just some harmless fun between some not-very-smart footballers. Obviously the media-savvy powerbrokers at Arden Street knew the serious nature of Boris and his lurid escapades…they wheeled out every player they could find to stand around looking sorry for this public apology!

Hard to say what the more disturbing aspect of this video is – why the video would even have been made or my complete lack of surprise that a group of footy players with a little spare time would make something like this. Worst of all, this scandal forced me to attempt something I haven’t done for many years…try to watch The Footy Show in order to learn more about the story. All it did was quickly remind me why I don’t ever watch it. It started a little after 8:30pm…I lasted until 8:38pm. It’s all I could take…


It took about five minutes for a reminder of why I gave up watching The Footy Show a few years ago…won’t make that mistake again!

Apparently, two senior players appeared on the show to take some level of responsibility for the video and it seems that they and some others will be a bit lighter in the pocket by the end of the day. But, as much as the Roos will now want to be all about ‘moving forward’ and ‘focusing on playing this weekend’, I suspect that the League hasn’t quite finished with them…


2 responses to “Sorry, Don’t Feel Like Chicken Tonight! (Media Street)

  1. Nathan Bock – a serious incident that has been dealt with seriously.
    Crows fan – dickhead who has been dealt with seriously.
    Nathan Jones dad basher – dickhead who has been dealt with seriously.
    NMFC and Boris the Chicken – biggest beat up in the history of football media (saying a lot) that has been taken way too seriously. NMFC have no choice but cop it on the chin and move on, but seriously …. !

    (Agreed – The Footy Show is a disgrace.)

  2. The Footy Show should take some responsibility; their puerile sense of humour over the years is surely the inspiration for the Rooster video.

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