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New League, New Headaches! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


This is why you should NEVER, EVER hold a live draft in a fantasy footy comp two weeks prior to the first match…high pick, out for season, team screwed!

The AFL Premium Dream Team kicks off this weekend so if you haven’t yet parted with ten bucks to be part of a “free” competition, do so quickly. Unfortunately, Half Back Flanker probably entered the comp a bit too early! We signed up two weeks ago and our live draft was held on May 19th. And since that time, our back line has been somewhat decimated through injury…and mistakenly drafting Chad Cornes into midfield instead of defence didn’t help either!

Sure enough, one of our early picks went down with knee injury…though I think losing Jarrad Waite for the season is a bigger blow to Carlton than any other team – real or imagined. And I was hoping that Roger Hayden’s calf injury wouldn’t keep him out of many games…it has now turned into a broken leg and two months out of footy! How does that happen?

So here is our patched-up Premium Dream Team squad that will kick off in league play this weekend!

BACKS: Josh Drummond, Bret Thornton, Michael Johnson, Sam Gilbert, Harry O’Brien, Scott McMahon, Jack Grimes.

MIDS: Bryce Gibbs, Chad Cornes, Brad Sewell, Jobe Watson, Bernie Vince, Shane O’Bree.

RUCK: Hamish McIntosh, Jason Blake.

FORWARDS: Jason Akermanis, Aaron Davey, Justin Koschitzke, Cyril Rioli, Ryan Houlihan, Ben McGlynn, Shannon Byrnes.

Only one blemish last week in fantasy league play, the Dream Team public league, but we remain on top of the ladder there and have climbed into the top eight of every other league. And we have sprung a major surprise in the Dream Team Eliminator by scraping past a more highly fancied (and ranked) opponent. A 45-point upset win sees us survive another round and, with a winnable match-up this week, the chances of us progressing a little further are pretty good.


Paddy Ryder takes yet another screamer…and earns more points for me!

Dream Team 16,824 points overall, 19,800th place – big improvement overall, highest since round three.

Last Week: 1,905 points – getting closer to cracking that 2,000 mark again, maybe this week?

League Results

Public League – lost to Fats Rockets (1,918). A 13-point loss was our first in the public league, that’s what happens when you play a team that is actually trying!

SENFrank01 – defeated jays team  (1,543). After a disastrous start, three straight wins sees up jump into the top eight for the first time.

Twitter DT – defeated Mcilvena (1,661). Making good progress in this league as well, nice recovery from last week’s hammering!

Eliminator – defeated The Zacs (1,860). A major boilover – didn’t expect to get this far. Now one of 8,192 teams left!

Ladder Positions

Public League – 1st place (5-1, 134.94%)

SENFrank01 – 8th place (3-3, 100.09%)

Twitter DT – 6th place (4-2, 101.05%)

Good:  Still had seven 100-plus scores despite down days for Chad Cornes, Bryce Gibbs and Chris Judd. Pies pair Davis (149) and Pendlebury (139) stood out while Jed Adcock (121) and Paddy Ryder (104) cracked the ton as well.

Bad: Shannon Hurn (32) has proved to be a poor mid-range choice so far while Shaun Higgins (55) struggled last week with his groin problem. Hard to see Higgins performing as well as he did in the early rounds but at least we have options with Ryan Houlihan and possibly Hayden Skipworth back this week.

Ugly: Keeping Andrew Raines (42) while he was injured has yet to pay off since he returned two weeks ago…and he has now been dropped! With Courtenay Dempsey missing this week with his ankle problem, we only have Raines and the injured Luke Hodge sitting on the bench. Problem!

Next opponents:

Public League – 2nd placed Woosha Warriors (1,794 last week). Another first vs. second clash, winner will take top spot. It will probably be another close one…

SENFrank01 – 16th placed Murphys Demons (1,712 last week). Loaded forward line but a couple of players short in back line – might be in last place but this won’t be a cakewalk.

Twitter DT – 15th placed Krazy Kanadians (1,177 last week). Sorry but the Krazy Kanadians are a Krappy team…that’s great for me this week!

Eliminator – Cyril Says (1,781last week) Amazingly, Cyril Says does not have Cyril Rioli! But they do have a good team with had some injury problems, though it becomes tougher with Houlihan, Krakouer and Dale Thomas all returning.

Potential changes/trades: While I’d prefer to hold onto my trades this week, going one player short in defence is a big risk, particularly at this stage of the Eliminator. The Roger Hayden injury may have opened the door for Greg Broughton to play every week in Freo’s defence and he has averaged 60 points in his two appearances. A trade with Raines would gives us an extra 150 grand to use for upgrading players later on in the year. Might have to do it…

Captain: With Carlton looking to bounce back after the Adelaide debacle, and facing West Coast at home, Chris Judd and Bryce Gibbs look like good options. Juddy rarely plays two bad games in a row but we will stick with Gibbs, who has the highest average score in our squad.

Super Coach 17,990 points overall, 26,886th place – creeping up slowly despite our second lowest weekly score for the year.

Last Week: 1,860 points – good enough to win league matches but scores are suffering as we hold off upgrading our trouble areas.

League Results

GMHBA – defeated Buddy’s Boys (1,605). Four wins in the past five matches sees us stay in second spot behind the undefeated Sheedy’s Superstars.

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 2nd place (5-1, 116.62%)

Good:  Six 100-plus scores, including a few unlikely sources. Brent Reilly received a last-minute reprieve from the Crows after initially being dropped at selection and I came very close to trading him. He responded with 103 points.

Bad: Shane Mumford might produce some long-term gain when it comes to upgrading him for a good ruckman when his price is high. But until then, we have to suffer some short term pain (28 points last week). Also had five other scores under 60 and down days from Judd (66), Chapman (69) and Bartel (76).

Ugly: Paul Chapman’s finger! That injury will see him miss some football and we don’t want to make any more trades there just yet. So we have to go with three rookies or both Higgins and Skipworth, neither of which are guaranteed to play.

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 3rd placed Bite Back  (2,031 last week). Topped 2,000 with one ruckman and one forward short. We might be in trouble this week!

Potential changes/trades: With eleven trades left and a great start to the league, we might save our trades as we look like scraping up a full side, provided Higgins or Skipworth are fit to play. Will keep a close eye on Higgins though…if his groin is cactus then next week might be the best time to cash him in.

Captain: Might go with the Friday night game again – this time we have the choice of Judd or Dean Cox. While the West Coast ruckman usually delivers, you get the feeling that Mr Judd might fire against his old club.


Round Nine – Where It Was All About Aker…Again!

This round of footy was meant to be a celebration for these guys…


Instead, it ended up being all about this guy!


So that was Indigenous Round. Well, you could have fooled me. The week of round nine should have been all about celebrating the likes of Andrew McLeod and the other 81 indigenous players who add so much to the AFL. Instead the focus was hijacked by ‘a senior Western Bulldogs player’ and round nine turned into a week-long soapbox for one individual who, despite his lofty achievements and rare skills, gives many people the shits.

Sure, 300 games is a great achievement and his standard of play is still very high…but he just doesn’t know when to shut the hell up! Which means, of course, that the Herald Sun felt obliged to give us ‘Aker Gold’ every damn day…and probably coughed up good dollars for the privilege of his ‘intellectual property’. Don’t think that Aker would spill his guts for free!

Give top billing to the many players that an entire round of football is dedicated to? Nah! Let’s focus on somebody who is starting to come across as sad and bitter, criticising the most respected figures in the game, will probably never be welcome at the club where he starred and will probably crack the shits with the Dogs when (not if…when!) he backflips on retirement plans and they cannot accommodate him. That’s another Aker public campaign to look forward to…

Anyway, despite a thrilling Friday night game between the Cats and Dogs, where That Guy did play a heck of a game, surely it was time to take an Aker-break? Of course not! The following night, right before Dreamtime at the ‘G, Before The Game spent more than half the show lauding That Guy and giving him a platform to show how ‘funny’ he can be…


Looking forward to a Aker-free lead up to this week’s round of football…or is that too much to ask?

The Games:


Um…you boys realise that you actually won the game? Would it kill any of you to give us a big smile? Geez – talk about ungrateful!

Geelong remain undefeated…but only just! Brad Johnson’s checkside kick after the siren could have won the game for the Bulldogs but he couldn’t produce the fairytale finish. The Cats survive a stern test without their only good key forward to win their 51st game in the last 54 starts…but hey, let’s all talk about Aker some more!


Look Veronica…it’s Melbourne’s best domed stadium ever!!!

Oh yes, Ron – do me on it!!!

Tuned into AM radio behemoth 3AW to get a progress score for the North Melbourne-Fremantle game and all I heard was some enlightening banter about how half the commentators didn’t even know who Ron Burgundy was and had never seen the movie Anchorman. So rather than listen to the rest of the match, I went to my DVD collection and watched Anchorman instead!

North Melbourne won, by the way…


Not only has Andrew McLeod played more games than Aker, the only person who really hates him is Lleyton Hewitt! But Aker? It would be quicker to name all the people that actually like him…

When you play the Crows  at AAMI Stadium, you don’t expect to be part of a massive goalfest. But come on Carlton… zero goals in the first half? Adelaide bring it home for new games record holder McLeod and the Blues may have lost more than just the four points…not good! We know they’re coming…we just don’t know when!


Is that kid presenting an olive branch to Terry Wallace and Chris Newman? And is that Craig Hutchison hiding inside his tracksuit top?

When Richmond were leading by two goals  late in the third quarter, did Herald Sun hack Mark Robinson, in some massive rush to be first with the news, publish an article online saying that the Tigers actually won Dreamtime at the ‘G? Did fellow hack Craig Hutchison report that Richmond had actually won, Mitch Morton finished with seven goals and that Terry Wallace was given a three year extension on his contract? No? Well, that’s why you don’t just f&!#@$g guess these things!!! Essendon blitz Richmond in the second half and make the Tigers sad…


Yep…that just about sums it up! Chin up kid, they’ll come good. Just don’t ask me when…


Dane Swan and Leon Davis await the draw for the raffle – winner gets to waltz in for an easy shot at goal. Leon had the winning ticket!

Things haven’t quite worked out for Collingwood in the twelve months since they hammered Geelong in that Friday night match in 2008. But they managed a nice win in the west against the Eagles on Saturday night. According to the WA press, the loss has put a massive dent into West Coast’s finals aspirations. West Coast had finals aspirations? Really?


Heath Grundy with an absolute screamer!!! I wish that screamers were worth 50 points in Super Coach – then he might be worth keeping in my team..

Daniel Motlop’s You Tube video was the talk of the football world this week and had the Swans running scared! Well, they must have extended their defensive zone into the third row of the grandstand at the SCG because Motlop could only kick one goal as the Swans thumped Port Adelaide. Paul Roos feels his side is starting to gain some belief…well, at least they don’t believe every video they see!


Ross Lyon struggles with the reality that as his team keeps winning, he has to keep picking Stephen Milne!

If the aim for St Kilda on Sunday was to remain unbeaten…mission accomplished. If the other aim was to kick straight in order to remain unbeaten…well, maybe next week. The Saints needed some luck in the end to sink the Lions, particularly from that arsey bastard Milne, but Vossy was very pleased with his boys. Well, so he tells us…privately, he should be pretty pissed off!


Has anybody ever failed to score from ten centimetres out in the goal square? Only a smartarse like Russell Robertson!!!

Are Hawthorn really starting to get its act together? Or did they just play Melbourne? Either way, the Hawks had little trouble against the Dees and even some kid with robotic knees did as he pleased! Dean Bailey is cursing his side’s horribly slow starts to games but if they wanted to to get one over Hawthorn, the answer would be easy…take over Tasmania!

Where Injuries Are Always An Excuse! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


The Ablett groin injury has affected many fantasy coaches this season. Not me! But I have enough problems of my own…

There are no excuses for defeat in the real world of AFL. It doesn’t matter how many injuries you have, you get pumped by your opponent and you feel the heat. Ask Collingwood! But, as Mick Malthouse says ad nauseum whenever his Pies are missing players, it’s all about pitting the best twenty-two players you have available against their best twenty-two. Sure – he craps on quite a bit after a loss…but he doesn’t make excuses.

Well, it doesn’t quite work that way in fantasy footy. Along with many other fantasy coaches, injuries are having a major effect on results over the past couple of weeks. It started with Andrew Raines in round one but other fantasy favourites like Gary Ablett, Hayden Skipworth, David Hille, Brent Harvey, Luke Hodge, Shaun Higgins, Paul Chapman and most Collingwood players are leaving plenty of sides unable to field a full team.

And while both our AFL Dream Team and Herald Sun Super Coach squads were short between one and three players last round, it didn’t really impact too greatly in league play. Three wins from our four leagues and progression in the Dream Team Eliminator competition was a fair result considering my personnel problems. The big question is…will we be able to field a full line-up this weekend? We have been keenly awaiting team selections to find out and things are looking good for Higgins, Chapman and Ziebell. But there are also a couple of youngsters that would give our teams a boost that need to be purchased this week before they increase in value.

Also, forgot to mention that the live draft for my Premium Dream Team has been held but the opening round for the league is next weekend. Once we get through this round and (touch wood!) our players stay out of the medical room, we will reveal our team as we have another shot at Premium-style glory!


Amazingly, Courtenay Dempsey is one player who has not missed a single game and his 97 helped us to a win in the SENFrank league! Now for some consistency please…

Dream Team 14,919 points overall, 24,307th place – down slightly, amazed it wasn’t slightly more…

Last Week: 1,761 points – second worst weekly tally of the season. So much for getting better as the season goes on!

League Results

Public League – defeated Spartans (1,592). The team with the least injuries won…

SENFrank01 – defeated Doctor Pink (1,717). Second straight win in this league…on an injury ravaged roll!

Twitter DT – lost to D Team (2,141). Guess which of my opponents had a full team…and quite a good team at that!

Eliminator – defeated Bob Neill Allstars (1,492). Survived three rounds now but any further would defy our overall ranking. Could be our last hurrah.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 1st place (5-0, 145.73%)

SENFrank01 – 10th place (2-3, 96.32%)

Twitter DT – 9th place (3-2, 98.63%)

Good:  Only five 100-plus scores but Pavlich (146) and Judd (130) produced big ones. Next best with a score of 97…Courtenay Dempsey. Has played every game this year without breaking something and can hopefully show more consistency as the season wears on.

Bad: Depleted forward line with three injured and Taylor Walker and Mitchell Brown combining for just 61 points. Having elected to hold onto Andrew Raines after his knee injury, his return resulted in a measly 39.

Ugly: Chad Cornes at home against Richmond sounded like a good choice as captain but his 77 points was 13th best in our team, Pavlich more than doubling Chad’s output. Bad choice…

Next opponents:

Public League – 2nd placed Fats Rockets (1,810 last week). Top of the table clash between what appears to be the only two teams that give a darn in this league!

SENFrank01 – 9th placed jays team  (1,628 last week). They should do better this week if Ziebell and Houlihan play but a win could see us crack the top eight and maybe leapfrog Francis Leach.

Twitter DT – 14th placed Mcilvena (1,617 last week). Could have Didak, Higgins and Ziebell back this week so another loss is a real possibility

Eliminator – The Zacs (1,922 last week) An overall ranking of 932…yep, we’re in trouble!

Potential changes/trades: Melbourne’s Jack Grimes is a prime candidate for our back line and with Jared Petrenko’s status as a regular senior player in doubt, a trade would be great. Problem is…we don’t have enough cash in the cap to cover the difference. We can’t see West Coast’s Mitchell Brown gaining much more value from here and a swap for Collingwood’s Steele Sidebottom would free up enough cash for Grimes. That would be ten trades down already…gulp!

Captain: Leaning towards Bryce Gibbs as he returns to his hometown for a date with the Crows, though Goddard at home against Brisbane and Pendlebury running around at Subiaco are not bad options either.


Jimmy Bartel has stepped up in lil’ Gazza’s absence for Geelong…so why didn’t I make him captain last week?

Super Coach 16,130 points overall, 27,567th place – also up a little, also slightly miraculous

Last Week: 1,937 points – a full squad would have seen us top 2,000…but not by much!

League Results

GMHBA – defeated Damo’s Dropkicks (1,851). Also a couple of players short but we did well enough for a third straight win.

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 2nd place (4-1, 116.76%)

Good:  Eight 100-plus scores, including the captain Dean Cox (113). But good could have easily been great with Pavlich (150) as skipper…or amazing if it was Jimmy Bartel (184)!

Bad: Stephen Hill and Taylor Walker in the 30’s plus Brent Reilly, Shane Mumford and Heath Grundy in the 50’s. Won’t challenge for league honours with scores that low from mid-priced and rookie players.

Ugly: Having Ziebell and Higgins out of the forward line was bad enough but then losing Chapman on Saturday as well was awful. If all three are back this week, and Skipworth not far away, we are suddenly sitting pretty up forward.

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 8th placed Buddy’s Boys  (2,078 last week). Provided we have 22 players this week, this should be a really close contest.

Potential changes/trades: Still have over 400 grand in the cap, which we were planning to sit on for the moment as we decide on an elite midfielder to bring in. And Mumford has put up ok numbers while increasing his value by 110 grand, though we will wait until Brad Ottens is back before cashing Mumford in.

One definite move we will make this week is for Grimes, who is averaging 100 points from his two games. To think we can trade for him with Jared Petrenko and receive some change, that’s a great deal! The other potential move could be the trading of Brent Reilly, who was originally dropped this weekend by the Crows before receiving a late reprieve. Do we trade him now for an elite like Dal Santo or Sewell or bring in Hawk Ben McGlynn? He has averaged 97 in two starts and if we get him now before his price rise, this would see us make an 100 grand for the cap.

Captain: Hard to go past Dean Cox running rampant at Subiaco though I like Bartel and Chapman to have big games on Friday night against the Dogs.

Round Eight – Give Us A Cuddle!


Collingwood’s season is TEETING? Nice work by the Herald Sun! Sure, most people think that the Pies suck at the moment but teeting could be going a little too far…

Wow, it was probably confusing enough that journo Mark Robinson described Collingwood’s indifferent season as “teetering, a whiff from being pole-axed by the winds of mediocrity, uncertainly and the unlucky”. Um…what the f&!# does that mean exactly? No wonder the person responsible for providing the headline for this online article used the word “teeting”. With an opening sentence like that, the heading writer probably thought that teetering must have been a typo as it was the only part that made any real sense! Gotta love the Herald Sun, don’t you?

Ah….don’t you?

Speaking of love, there was plenty of it on display during round eight. Not the distatsefully outnumbered NRL version of love – no, in the nice way. Buddy Love had his admirers out in force at Subiaco, Carlton dished out some tough love on the Pies, Jason Akermanis is loving his own work so much that he wants to play forever and Mike Sheahan is having lusty thoughts about the young Bombers!

But surely the image that captured the love best was this young couple up at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium during the Swans-Eagles match…


Well, if this goes on during a close, thrilling contest like the Swans-Eagles game, imagine what would happen if the match was a one-sided blowout!

Honestly, there has been way too much stadium talk this season. Not without reason though, with some less fortunate Melbourne clubs suffering at the hands of the MCG and Whatshishead Stadium due to poor financial returns and now Visy Park is being considered as a viable third option in the future. So it’s great to show an image that highlights all that is good about going out to the footy and having yourself a great time…up the back of the grandstand while nobody is watching!

The Games:


Ok, Buddy might be a nice looking lad but come on ladies…where are the ‘Marry Me Roughy” t-shirts?

Alright, ‘fess up…who else out there tipped Fremantle to beat the team that won the premiership last year? Wrong! Sure, the Hawks have injuries all over the shop and yes, the game was in Perth. But one team is a proven winner…the other is not! And I fell for it again!!! I feel so ashamed…


Just how valuable is Gary Ablett? Well, it looks like he has police protection wherever he goes!!!

Eight matches for Geelong in 2009 and eight wins…this time a 70-point snoozer against “El Norte de Melburne Canguros” – which is how you say “the North Melbourne Kangaroos” if you are from Argentina! The Roos again wore their Argentine inspired clash strip and they performed just like Diego Maradona…you know, after he was wasted on cocaine and required gastric bypass surgery because he was obese! And, by the way, the best player in the comp should be back in the Cats line-up next week. Gulp!


Not the best day for the Dogs, barely scraping past Melbourne and losing Robert Murphy to injury. At least Murph can dedicate the next few weeks to his writing…

The result was as expected but the Dogs were not super impressive in defeating Melbourne, who are pretty good at the whole honourable loss thing…now to take the next step into ‘win’ territory. It took a typically smartarsey performance from Jason Akermanis to get the Dogs home – now he wants to keep playing after this season. Sorry but this is the high definition television era…that two-tone head just shouldn’t be broadcast in HD!!!


Kieran Jack looks as excited as that lovey-dovey couple up the back of the grandstand after kicking the winning goal for the Swans!

What is it with Sydney and West Coast? They just know how to turn on a thriller and they did it again on Saturday night. And this time the hero was young Swan Kieran Jack, the son of rugby league legend Gary Jack…making him the most positive result from a league player having sex! Paul Roos seemed pleased with the win and the contribution from maligned forward Barry Hall while John Worsfold is trying to focus on the positives…one being that Hall didn’t thump Brent Staker in the head this year!

Well, it was kinda boring for a while and one of his players broke his jaw but rookie coach Michael Voss doesn’t give a crap what you think because his team won. Brisbane win their third in a row as they beat the Crows at home and if you could predict the typical cliche that a football coach from Adelaide would use in defeat, it surely be that his side was ‘found wanting’! Well, ‘wanting’ can be pretty hard to find…


Hey, it’s Warren Tredrea winning the match for Port Adelaide…and this wasn’t from 2004, it was yesterday!

Damn, hasn’t Warren Tredrea come back from the dead this season! And they needed him at his best yesterday as he kicked seven goals and took a match-saving mark as Port snatched a dramatic victory over the luckless Richmond. Terry Wallace showed plenty of composure during the week by not smacking that dumbass Channel Nine jouro in the face…shame his side couldn’t keep their cool yesterday!


And just when these poor elderly Collingwood supporters thought their afternoon couldn’t get any shittier…now they are being harangued by Ricky O on live TV! Poor dears…

To the joy of many, Collingwood’s season is going downhill fast! Coach Malthouse is trying not to blame the injury toll, though they just keep on happening, and likes the spirit with which his side plays. Still, they never looked like beating Carlton, even with a second straight no-show from Fev. And with every week that Malthouse loses and Michael Voss wins, the Nathan Buckley coaching speculation will just get nuttier and nuttier!

Look at all the love pouring in for Essendon. They were brave! They made St Kilda bleed! They impressed Ross Lyon…not to mention Mr Sheahan! Um, St Kilda led the entire match to win their eighth straight with three days less to prepare than an opponent with nothing to lose. That’s not bad either, you know…

Round Seven – Mind Your Head!


Shit…it actually hurts just looking at them, doesn’t it!

Damn! I’m still wincing from the sight of Richmond’s Alex Rance and Brisbane’s Troy Selwood clashing heads at the ‘G on Saturday afternoon…that shit was nasty! Selwood was knocked into next week, had to be assisted off the ground and sat out the rest of the game. He was the lucky one.

Rance was stretchered from the field and taken straight to hospital, his freaked-out parents by his side. The young Tiger came away with a fractured cheekbone but should be back in a few weeks to put his head in dangerous places once again.

Another bloke who continually puts his head in a dangerous place (that is, out in public), is Rance’s current coach Terry Wallace. Richmond lost again, the Pretty Picture Paper tried to get him sacked immediately and some knob from the nufty factory that is Channel Nine questions whether he even gives a shit about his job any more.


How Terry walked away without slamming this Channel Nine reporter’s head in the door is beyond me…

What fine journalism by the young brainiac who did the football media equivalent of leaving a burning paper bag filled with dog poo on the Punt Road door step, knocking on the door and running away. But on that form, he is destined to become the next Tony Jones and/or Craig Hutchison. Great! Just what we need…

Speaking of the nufty factory, Monday night football was the latest experiment to be held by the League as they explore ways to incorporate nine matches per round when GC17 and WS18 are artificially brought to life. Sure, it was on Channel Seven last night but if this timeslot becomes a regular fixture in years to come, it really does have a wanky, over-hyped Channel Nine feel to it. And if the League hopes to milk as much cash as possible from the next media rights agreement, they better prey that the nufty factory comes to the party.

The Games:


Buddy checks out the scoreboard and refuses to believe that his team is actually behind Essendon at quarter time. It only got worse from there…

The Bombers have been getting all nostalgic this week and it just may have helped inspire them to an upset win over bitter 80’s rivals Hawthorn. Though it would be fair to say that the Hawks are far from firing on all cylinders, Essendon are far from full strength and have four wins already. Speaking of full strength, they face St Kilda next…that might tell us more about the Dons.


What is with Richmond players breaking their faces this weekend?

Richmond are starting to look ahead to life without Matthew Richardson… unfortunately, that life looks exactly the same as it has with Richo there. That is – not very good! Brisbane tough it out and claim victory at the MCG, leaving Terry Wallace threatening players with the axe. Well, he should probably do some sacking of his own before it happens to him


Barry Hall contemplates giving up football so he can take up boxing and start legitimately hitting people for money!

Paul Roos thought that Geelong would still be a tough task without the brilliant Gary Ablett. He thought right! The Cats remain undefeated as they brush the Swans aside, Roosy counting the cost of poor ball use. The Cats also shut Barry Hall out of the game, making him look like a pro boxer who plays footy on the side rather than the other way around. At least the two sports didn’t merge on him this week…


Look – Elvis Lives…and he resides on the Gold Coast! Thank you very much, Warwick!

The classy folk of the Gold Coast were on hand to witness three in a row for Fremantle. No, not losses…and no, not denials by Matthew Pavlich that he would ever, ever leave the club. The Dockers have actually won three games of football in a row. I know, how crazy is that! Carlton let another winnable game slip and the coach is blaming the handball…though I would have thought it had more to do with Fev doing stuff-all! But Brett Ratten did also say his boys need to grow up…ok, now he’s talking about Fev.


Fremantle won the match, Carlton took the money but who won this battle of the minds…Chris Tarrant or Brendan Fevola? Must have been a nil-all draw!


The Kangas in financial strife? Bulltwang! Just look at their fans…they are loaded!!!

It hasn’t been the best of seasons for North Melbourne…and that was before ex-AFL head honcho Wayne Jackson had them merging with the Demons! But they did manage a win on Saturday night…and a very good win at that! Port go home empty handed with sore shoulders and a pissed-off Mark Williams…that’s one flight home I wouldn’t want to be on!


Sunday was a triumph for the Bulldogs…and a tragedy for haters of crappy white away jumpers!

The Western Bulldogs hadn’t won for a while and the trip to AAMI Stadium is usually a daunting task. Not this time, however. The powers of belief in the mind of Rodney Eade propelled the Doggies to a big win over the Crows. What were they worried about? It looks like the people who should be worried are Adelaide fans…and don’t say that Neil Craig didn’t warn you!

Coming into this match, I had tipped one result out of six for the round. So when Melbourne held a slender lead in the third quarter, I was preparing for a complete tipping disaster! But the Eagles spared my blushes by hitting the front and then holding off a dogged Demons outfit. Dean Bailey must be pleased with their endeavournot so pleased with the injury toll.


Mick and his trusty binoculars embark on a desperate quest to find a Collingwood forward. No luck, I’m afraid!

It’s Monday night footy. It’s prime time. The glamour, the excitement…and Collingwood kick only one goal in the first half? Sure, half their forward line was missing and the other half was Anthony Rocca but…one goal in a half? The Saints continue to demolish every team they face; next victim…Essendon. Even with three extra days to prepare, the Bombers are in serous trouble!

Getting Better…Still Not Good Enough! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


We have spent the last two weeks building a shitload of cap space so we could pick up Gary Ablett in our Super Coach team. Well…time for plan B!

Better performances in both Dream Team and Super Coach helped Half Back Flanker to three wins out of four leagues, plus victory in the opening round of the Dream Team Eliminator competition. But it was not all good news. The improvements from last week’s disaster were not massive and with a pair of forwards in each squad set to miss this round (and beyond), fixing personnel problems in defence will need to be put on hold for another week.

The addition of Paddy Ryder (for Nick Suban) and cheap Geelong ruckman Shane Mumford in for the injured David Hille will help raise the value of my Dream Team squad but it again fell short of the 2,000 point barrier on the weekend and leaves us searching for our first win in Francis Leach’s SEN league. Now Bomber veteran Scott Lucas has been dropped for poor form though, with a 70-point average and his price had risen by 42 grand, he was far from disgraceful fantasy-wise. With no time line for Scotty’s return, Hayden Skipworth still sidelined and now Ryan Houlihan out of the Carlton side, yet another trade is on the cards.

The Super Coach squad has also hit injury problems though, fortunately for us, the Gary Ablett groin strain occurred before we used our stockpile of almost 600 grand to trade for him! So which elite midfielder shall we grab instead? Um, that might need to wait another week. Replacing Matthew Richardson is the focus now and we can afford to buy any forward we like. Let’s hope we make the right call!

Dream Team 11,266 points overall, 27,875th place – thought that a better performance this week would see us improve in the overall…thought wrong!

Last Week: 1,921 points – second best weekly score for the season in DT but need to start cracking 2,000 on a regular basis.

League Results

Public League – defeated figjamers (1,253). At least the Public League is making me feel good about my team…that is, until I play a decent opponent!

SENFrank01 – lost to The Black Dog (2,065). Huge games from captain Paul Chapman and Tarkyn Lockyer made all the difference for TBG…still yet to taste victory in this league!

Twitter DT – defeated T.O Saints (1,797). They paid the price for playing one defender and one forward short…but we will gladly take the win.

Eliminator – defeated Age of the Titan (1,715). Played short in midfield and had only one player top 100 points for the round.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 1st place (3-0, 156.50%)

SENFrank01 – 15th place (0-3, 92.56%)

Twitter DT – 6th place (1-1, 104.62%)

Good:  Four 100-plus scores and a 98 from the midfield, Paul Hasleby (117) the pick of the bunch. Brendon Goddard (141) and Chad Cornes (129) were the other standouts.

Bad: Majority of defenders scored 65 or less. Hawk duo Luke Hodge (63) and Lance Franklin (55) not producing number that match their initial price tag.

Ugly:  Ladder position in the SENFrank01 league…high quality league that we are floundering in. We have already used seven trades this season…do we go all out now to give us hope of challenging or hope we scrape in and make a late charge?

Next opponents:

Public League – 13th placed p2ster  (1,475 last week). Struggling team that will also be without Ablett, Richo and Daniel Pratt. 4-0 coming up!

SENFrank01 – 12th placed Shufflebears  (1,821 last week). Do-or-die for Half Back Flanker in this league already, can’t afford to go 0-4!

Twitter DT – 2nd placed godees  (1,886 last week). Travelling a lot better than the real Dees – undefeated so far but we outscored them last week.

Eliminator – BHC Green Team (1,948 last week) Promises to be a close contest…particularly as they have Ablett, Richo and Houlihan to replace.

Potential changes/trades: Now Houlihan is out, we can’t afford to bench Lucas in the hope he will return later in the season and catch fire. With over 150 grand in the cap, we can swap him straight up for either Leon Davis or Steve Johnson, both of which are averaging over 100 points per game. With him, a fit Skipworth and Richmond’s Andrew Raines back soon, the team will hopefully continue to improve and we can consider cashing in some of our rookies.


Sorry Richo…you might well play again this year but I can’t afford to wait!

Super Coach 12,251 points overall, 31,255th place – down another five thousand or so.

Last Week 1,984 points – up by over 200 points but you need to be scoring over 2,000 per week to be a good team.

League Results

GMHBA – defeated Tigers09 (1,847). Their midfield fired but forwards struggled…enough to get me back on the winners list.

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 5th place (2-1, 117.27%)

Good:  Nine 100-plus scores with Goddard (174), Cornes (140), Dane Swan (127) and Chris Judd 126) outstanding.

Bad: All those 100-plus scores and we couldn’t crack 2,000? Too many other poor performances and our two new buys, Mumford and Robin Nahas (48 each) didn’t make the best of starts.

Ugly: Richo’s 22 wasn’t pretty but even uglier was our choice of playing Jared Petrenko over Stephen Hill – the Freo rookie pulled out a massive 138!

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 11th placed Team Fox (1,833 last week). They have both Ablett and Richo as midfielders so interested to see what changes they make for the weekend.

Potential changes/trades: While Leon Davis is clearly the standout forward so far this season, he is well over 600 grand. We could grab Aaron Davey or Paul Chapman for 70 grand less…and our backline will need some serious upgrading in the next few weeks so saving enough cash will be important.