Getting Better…Still Not Good Enough! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


We have spent the last two weeks building a shitload of cap space so we could pick up Gary Ablett in our Super Coach team. Well…time for plan B!

Better performances in both Dream Team and Super Coach helped Half Back Flanker to three wins out of four leagues, plus victory in the opening round of the Dream Team Eliminator competition. But it was not all good news. The improvements from last week’s disaster were not massive and with a pair of forwards in each squad set to miss this round (and beyond), fixing personnel problems in defence will need to be put on hold for another week.

The addition of Paddy Ryder (for Nick Suban) and cheap Geelong ruckman Shane Mumford in for the injured David Hille will help raise the value of my Dream Team squad but it again fell short of the 2,000 point barrier on the weekend and leaves us searching for our first win in Francis Leach’s SEN league. Now Bomber veteran Scott Lucas has been dropped for poor form though, with a 70-point average and his price had risen by 42 grand, he was far from disgraceful fantasy-wise. With no time line for Scotty’s return, Hayden Skipworth still sidelined and now Ryan Houlihan out of the Carlton side, yet another trade is on the cards.

The Super Coach squad has also hit injury problems though, fortunately for us, the Gary Ablett groin strain occurred before we used our stockpile of almost 600 grand to trade for him! So which elite midfielder shall we grab instead? Um, that might need to wait another week. Replacing Matthew Richardson is the focus now and we can afford to buy any forward we like. Let’s hope we make the right call!

Dream Team 11,266 points overall, 27,875th place – thought that a better performance this week would see us improve in the overall…thought wrong!

Last Week: 1,921 points – second best weekly score for the season in DT but need to start cracking 2,000 on a regular basis.

League Results

Public League – defeated figjamers (1,253). At least the Public League is making me feel good about my team…that is, until I play a decent opponent!

SENFrank01 – lost to The Black Dog (2,065). Huge games from captain Paul Chapman and Tarkyn Lockyer made all the difference for TBG…still yet to taste victory in this league!

Twitter DT – defeated T.O Saints (1,797). They paid the price for playing one defender and one forward short…but we will gladly take the win.

Eliminator – defeated Age of the Titan (1,715). Played short in midfield and had only one player top 100 points for the round.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 1st place (3-0, 156.50%)

SENFrank01 – 15th place (0-3, 92.56%)

Twitter DT – 6th place (1-1, 104.62%)

Good:  Four 100-plus scores and a 98 from the midfield, Paul Hasleby (117) the pick of the bunch. Brendon Goddard (141) and Chad Cornes (129) were the other standouts.

Bad: Majority of defenders scored 65 or less. Hawk duo Luke Hodge (63) and Lance Franklin (55) not producing number that match their initial price tag.

Ugly:  Ladder position in the SENFrank01 league…high quality league that we are floundering in. We have already used seven trades this season…do we go all out now to give us hope of challenging or hope we scrape in and make a late charge?

Next opponents:

Public League – 13th placed p2ster  (1,475 last week). Struggling team that will also be without Ablett, Richo and Daniel Pratt. 4-0 coming up!

SENFrank01 – 12th placed Shufflebears  (1,821 last week). Do-or-die for Half Back Flanker in this league already, can’t afford to go 0-4!

Twitter DT – 2nd placed godees  (1,886 last week). Travelling a lot better than the real Dees – undefeated so far but we outscored them last week.

Eliminator – BHC Green Team (1,948 last week) Promises to be a close contest…particularly as they have Ablett, Richo and Houlihan to replace.

Potential changes/trades: Now Houlihan is out, we can’t afford to bench Lucas in the hope he will return later in the season and catch fire. With over 150 grand in the cap, we can swap him straight up for either Leon Davis or Steve Johnson, both of which are averaging over 100 points per game. With him, a fit Skipworth and Richmond’s Andrew Raines back soon, the team will hopefully continue to improve and we can consider cashing in some of our rookies.


Sorry Richo…you might well play again this year but I can’t afford to wait!

Super Coach 12,251 points overall, 31,255th place – down another five thousand or so.

Last Week 1,984 points – up by over 200 points but you need to be scoring over 2,000 per week to be a good team.

League Results

GMHBA – defeated Tigers09 (1,847). Their midfield fired but forwards struggled…enough to get me back on the winners list.

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 5th place (2-1, 117.27%)

Good:  Nine 100-plus scores with Goddard (174), Cornes (140), Dane Swan (127) and Chris Judd 126) outstanding.

Bad: All those 100-plus scores and we couldn’t crack 2,000? Too many other poor performances and our two new buys, Mumford and Robin Nahas (48 each) didn’t make the best of starts.

Ugly: Richo’s 22 wasn’t pretty but even uglier was our choice of playing Jared Petrenko over Stephen Hill – the Freo rookie pulled out a massive 138!

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 11th placed Team Fox (1,833 last week). They have both Ablett and Richo as midfielders so interested to see what changes they make for the weekend.

Potential changes/trades: While Leon Davis is clearly the standout forward so far this season, he is well over 600 grand. We could grab Aaron Davey or Paul Chapman for 70 grand less…and our backline will need some serious upgrading in the next few weeks so saving enough cash will be important.


2 responses to “Getting Better…Still Not Good Enough! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)

  1. How is Franko doing as a DT coach? Would love to grab a link too his team

  2. halfbackflanker

    He’s doing ok – two wins from four. You can check it out here…

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