New League, New Headaches! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


This is why you should NEVER, EVER hold a live draft in a fantasy footy comp two weeks prior to the first match…high pick, out for season, team screwed!

The AFL Premium Dream Team kicks off this weekend so if you haven’t yet parted with ten bucks to be part of a “free” competition, do so quickly. Unfortunately, Half Back Flanker probably entered the comp a bit too early! We signed up two weeks ago and our live draft was held on May 19th. And since that time, our back line has been somewhat decimated through injury…and mistakenly drafting Chad Cornes into midfield instead of defence didn’t help either!

Sure enough, one of our early picks went down with knee injury…though I think losing Jarrad Waite for the season is a bigger blow to Carlton than any other team – real or imagined. And I was hoping that Roger Hayden’s calf injury wouldn’t keep him out of many games…it has now turned into a broken leg and two months out of footy! How does that happen?

So here is our patched-up Premium Dream Team squad that will kick off in league play this weekend!

BACKS: Josh Drummond, Bret Thornton, Michael Johnson, Sam Gilbert, Harry O’Brien, Scott McMahon, Jack Grimes.

MIDS: Bryce Gibbs, Chad Cornes, Brad Sewell, Jobe Watson, Bernie Vince, Shane O’Bree.

RUCK: Hamish McIntosh, Jason Blake.

FORWARDS: Jason Akermanis, Aaron Davey, Justin Koschitzke, Cyril Rioli, Ryan Houlihan, Ben McGlynn, Shannon Byrnes.

Only one blemish last week in fantasy league play, the Dream Team public league, but we remain on top of the ladder there and have climbed into the top eight of every other league. And we have sprung a major surprise in the Dream Team Eliminator by scraping past a more highly fancied (and ranked) opponent. A 45-point upset win sees us survive another round and, with a winnable match-up this week, the chances of us progressing a little further are pretty good.


Paddy Ryder takes yet another screamer…and earns more points for me!

Dream Team 16,824 points overall, 19,800th place – big improvement overall, highest since round three.

Last Week: 1,905 points – getting closer to cracking that 2,000 mark again, maybe this week?

League Results

Public League – lost to Fats Rockets (1,918). A 13-point loss was our first in the public league, that’s what happens when you play a team that is actually trying!

SENFrank01 – defeated jays team  (1,543). After a disastrous start, three straight wins sees up jump into the top eight for the first time.

Twitter DT – defeated Mcilvena (1,661). Making good progress in this league as well, nice recovery from last week’s hammering!

Eliminator – defeated The Zacs (1,860). A major boilover – didn’t expect to get this far. Now one of 8,192 teams left!

Ladder Positions

Public League – 1st place (5-1, 134.94%)

SENFrank01 – 8th place (3-3, 100.09%)

Twitter DT – 6th place (4-2, 101.05%)

Good:  Still had seven 100-plus scores despite down days for Chad Cornes, Bryce Gibbs and Chris Judd. Pies pair Davis (149) and Pendlebury (139) stood out while Jed Adcock (121) and Paddy Ryder (104) cracked the ton as well.

Bad: Shannon Hurn (32) has proved to be a poor mid-range choice so far while Shaun Higgins (55) struggled last week with his groin problem. Hard to see Higgins performing as well as he did in the early rounds but at least we have options with Ryan Houlihan and possibly Hayden Skipworth back this week.

Ugly: Keeping Andrew Raines (42) while he was injured has yet to pay off since he returned two weeks ago…and he has now been dropped! With Courtenay Dempsey missing this week with his ankle problem, we only have Raines and the injured Luke Hodge sitting on the bench. Problem!

Next opponents:

Public League – 2nd placed Woosha Warriors (1,794 last week). Another first vs. second clash, winner will take top spot. It will probably be another close one…

SENFrank01 – 16th placed Murphys Demons (1,712 last week). Loaded forward line but a couple of players short in back line – might be in last place but this won’t be a cakewalk.

Twitter DT – 15th placed Krazy Kanadians (1,177 last week). Sorry but the Krazy Kanadians are a Krappy team…that’s great for me this week!

Eliminator – Cyril Says (1,781last week) Amazingly, Cyril Says does not have Cyril Rioli! But they do have a good team with had some injury problems, though it becomes tougher with Houlihan, Krakouer and Dale Thomas all returning.

Potential changes/trades: While I’d prefer to hold onto my trades this week, going one player short in defence is a big risk, particularly at this stage of the Eliminator. The Roger Hayden injury may have opened the door for Greg Broughton to play every week in Freo’s defence and he has averaged 60 points in his two appearances. A trade with Raines would gives us an extra 150 grand to use for upgrading players later on in the year. Might have to do it…

Captain: With Carlton looking to bounce back after the Adelaide debacle, and facing West Coast at home, Chris Judd and Bryce Gibbs look like good options. Juddy rarely plays two bad games in a row but we will stick with Gibbs, who has the highest average score in our squad.

Super Coach 17,990 points overall, 26,886th place – creeping up slowly despite our second lowest weekly score for the year.

Last Week: 1,860 points – good enough to win league matches but scores are suffering as we hold off upgrading our trouble areas.

League Results

GMHBA – defeated Buddy’s Boys (1,605). Four wins in the past five matches sees us stay in second spot behind the undefeated Sheedy’s Superstars.

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 2nd place (5-1, 116.62%)

Good:  Six 100-plus scores, including a few unlikely sources. Brent Reilly received a last-minute reprieve from the Crows after initially being dropped at selection and I came very close to trading him. He responded with 103 points.

Bad: Shane Mumford might produce some long-term gain when it comes to upgrading him for a good ruckman when his price is high. But until then, we have to suffer some short term pain (28 points last week). Also had five other scores under 60 and down days from Judd (66), Chapman (69) and Bartel (76).

Ugly: Paul Chapman’s finger! That injury will see him miss some football and we don’t want to make any more trades there just yet. So we have to go with three rookies or both Higgins and Skipworth, neither of which are guaranteed to play.

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 3rd placed Bite Back  (2,031 last week). Topped 2,000 with one ruckman and one forward short. We might be in trouble this week!

Potential changes/trades: With eleven trades left and a great start to the league, we might save our trades as we look like scraping up a full side, provided Higgins or Skipworth are fit to play. Will keep a close eye on Higgins though…if his groin is cactus then next week might be the best time to cash him in.

Captain: Might go with the Friday night game again – this time we have the choice of Judd or Dean Cox. While the West Coast ruckman usually delivers, you get the feeling that Mr Judd might fire against his old club.


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