Look Out Sheeds! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


Taking on the almighty Sheeds for top spot in my Super Coach league! Bring it on…

With scores of over 2,000 in both AFL Dream Team and Herald Sun Super Coach competitions last weekend, Half Back Flanker teams managed to perform well in their respective leagues. We have also survived another round of the Dream Team Eliminator to defy all rankings and expectations! The only real disappointment came in the opening weekend of the Premium Dream Team comp, where multiple injuries before and during last round hit the team hard and will force radical changes on us this week as well.

But this upcoming round will be memorable just for the opportunity to be taking on a legitimate footy guru in the fantasy stakes. Legendary coach and provider of much joy (and occasional confusion) for this Bomber fan, Kevin Sheedy, has his fantasy team Sheedy’s Superstars in our Herald Sun Super Coach public league. We face off this week and with his side undefeated, and HBF in outright second, it is a top-of-the-table clash that carries plenty of kudos for this fantasy owner.

But, in what is the weekly ritual here, first task is to wade through the injury carnage from last weekend and come up with 22 fit players. And there is a major casualty…Chad Cornes is out for a number of weeks and that affects every fantasy team we own. Including the Premium Dream Team where he was our second round draft pick! Crap!!!

Chad Finger

Last year, it was the finger. This year, it’s the knee! Chad’s out so it’s time to trade…or is it?

Dream Team 18,872 points overall, 18,538th place – slight improvement overall and closing in on best overall ranking for the season.

Last Week: 2,048 points – break the 2,000 barrier for the second time and best weekly effort this year.

League Results

Public League – lost to Woosha Warriors (2,091). A second straight narrow loss sees us drop to fourth but it is more fun losing a close one than winning against teams that aren’t trying!

SENFrank01 – defeated Murphys Demons  (1,769). Four straight wins sees us climb up to sixth on the ladder, two wins up on SEN’sFrancis Leach.

Twitter DT – defeated Krazy Kanadians (1,153). Great percentage booster…which I desperately needed.

Eliminator – defeated Cyril Says (1,947). Still alive! Down to the last 4,096 teams and survived much longer than last year.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 4th place (5-2, 127.46%)

SENFrank01 – 6th place (4-3, 102.24%)

Twitter DT – 4th place (5-2, 108.31%)

Good:  Nine 100-plus scores, including three over 130 (Goddard, Adcock and Joel Selwood) and a ton for new buy Greg Broughton.

Bad: A few of the usual suspects – Shannon Hurn (52) and Shane Mumford (42) are not stars so you have to live with that. But Buddy Franklin (48) is far from the figure that lit up the AFL in 2008.

Ugly: Chad Cornes…and his knee injury that put him out of action for a while, leaving me with star-studded but non-contributing bench of Cornes and Hodge.

Next opponents:

Public League – 8th placed Uninformed (1,870 last week). Good midfielders and Cox/Sandilands ruck combo…capable of a big score.

SENFrank01 – 4th placed The Dominators (2,148 last week). One of the top 1,500 teams overall…looks like my win streak is over!

Twitter DT – 11th placed Dodge This (1,785 last week). Short in defence and has Chad Cornes but with two decent trades, could well become a tough match-up.

Eliminator – Danish Summer (2,228 last week) We have quite a number of the same players but they have more depth and two strong rucks. Last hurrah for me!

Potential changes/trades: With Dempsey and Hodge back this week, might take a gamble and hold onto Cornes for now. We can cash him in at a later date. But it might be time to cash in on Dayne Beams with Beau Muston’s price due to go through the roof after this round following two impressive AFL games so far. And to have any chance of progressing in the Eliminator, I need to upgrade Mumford in the ruck. Fell just short of having enough cash for Dean Cox but went with Hamish McIntosh for an all North Melbourne ruck duo.

Captain: Joel Selwood looks a great choice in what should be another dominant midfield performance by the Cats at Subiaco against the Eagles. Vice captain is a toss-up between Pendlebury and Goddard.

Super Coach 20,138 points overall, 24,227th place – another slight increase but a long way from my season-high overall position in round four.

Last Week: 2,148 points – second best score for the season but also well below my top mark.

League Results

GMHBA – defeated Bite Back (1,999). Good win puts me in outright second and a shot at top spot this weekend.

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 2nd place (6-1, 115.09%)

Good:  Twelve players with 100-plus scores, including five of our six midfielders. Having ‘new guy’ Ablett (150) as captain helped boost our total though Dane Swan produced a 166!

Bad: Six players with under 50 points…including four defenders, three due to injury and the other being new whipping boy Heath Grundy.

Ugly: Unfortunately, the injury situation will probably mean that Grundy has to stay for now. Cornes, Dempsey, Sam Gilbert and Stephen Hill could all potentially be missing this week. If that happens, our battle with Sheeds will be severely hampered.

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 1st placed Sheedy’s Superstars  (2,143 last week). Surprised that he doesn’t have Kepler Bradley, Mark Bolton, Dean Wallis and Kevin Walsh…that is his dream team!

Potential changes/trades: The decision to trade Cornes in Super Coach was forced through the injury to Sam Gilbert. We went for Xavier Ellis at a saving of around 80 grand, the Hawks defender just back from injury and averaging over 100 in the two games he completed fully. We also did the Beau Muston for Dayne Beams trade to raise more funds…now have 250 grand but only eight trades left and upgrades still required down back, in the middle and the second ruck.

Captain: Dane Swan outscored Ablett last weekend and faces lowly Melbourne on Monday. With some doubts over Gazza’s fitness, will go with Swan and hand the vice captaincy to Dean Cox. But just for this week only…

Premium Dream Team

Last Week: 1,529 points – There were worse scores in our league but ours was way off the leaders.

League Results

Public League – lost to Teal Power (1,728). Not a great start.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 6th place (0-1, 88.48%)

Good:  Four 100-plus scores, including vice-captain Brad Sewell’s 133 (49 points higher than captain Bryce Gibbs…damn) and the draft gamble on injured Cat Shannon Byrnes paid off with a whopping 136 return against Essendon.

Bad: Apart from the ruck position, all our reserves scored higher than at least one on-field player in their positions…including Jack Grimes (86) who was our third highest scoring defender.

Ugly: First, I drafted Chad Cornes into midfield by mistake instead of defence. Then, he scores poorly. And now, he requires knee surgery! Oh, and Sam Gilbert has an ankle problem. And have I mentioned Jarrad Waite and Roger Hayden? I know have just three fit defenders from my original draft…

Next opponents:

Public League – 9th placed Sydney Blast  (1,241 last week). Solid but unspectacular team with only one 100-plus player last week…Chris Tarrant!?

Potential changes/trades: Chad Cornes out for reigning Brownlow medalist Adam Cooney in the hope that he has a big second half to the year. Michael Johnson out for teammate Steven Dodd…he was probably the best of what was left.

Captain: Brad Sewell is usually a pretty good choice…though I worry with him facing Sydney on Sunday…


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