What A Nailbiter! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


Forget Michael Gardiner…our last-gasp hero was Carlton’s Bryce Gibbs! A couple of late stats for him against Freo secured a vital win for Half Back Flanker!

And you thought the St Kilda-Geelong match produced a grandstand finish…what about Half Back Flanker’s AFL Dream Team public league match! Having lost four of the past five matches in this league, nothing short of victory would suffice and heading into the final two minutes of the last match of the round, HBF was trailing the third-placed NoobsRUs by just four points. Keeping a close eye on the live scoring, I looked on nervously in the hope that one of my Dockers or Blues would pick up the necessary points…and Bryce Gibbs delivered to give us a nine-point win!!!

In fact, we scooped the pool in all our leagues last week – three wins from three in our AFL Dream Team leagues, a 49-point triumph in AFL Premium Dream Team and a nice effort with no contributions from players Dean Cox and Steve Johnson to get up in our Herald Sun Super Coach league. Now with four rounds to play before the fantasy finals, we look certain to be involved in the big games for four of our leagues while a tight race to the finals looms in the Twitter DT league.

There was plenty of good news at the selection table with some more-than-handy players returning this week; including Dean Cox, Chad Cornes, Cyril Rioli, Jobe Watson and Josh Drummond. But no Matthew Pavlich, Steve Johnson is out again and now Hayden Skipworth has a knee problem! So much for saving all our trades this round…unless we choose to go in one or two players short. Again!


We have already endured injury woes with Skipworth early in the year…how long will he be out for now?

Dream Team 26,470 points overall, 18,723th place – nice little jump in the overall standings

Last Week: 2,011 points – only the third 2,000 plus score for the year, hopefully can pull out a few more in upcoming weeks.

League Results

Public League – defeated NoobsRUs (2,002). Final-minute triumph a much-needed win that keeps top-four hopes alive.

SENFrank01 – defeated Leica Hawk (1,726). Only out of the four on percentage and look assured of finals now.

Twitter DT – defeated The Irish Invaders (1,890). Now one game back from the 4th placed Irish but spot in the eight is far from assured.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 7th place (7-4, 115.72%)

SENFrank01 – 5th place (7-4, 102.83%)

Twitter DT – 5th place (7-4, 104.60%)

Good:  Eleven players over 90 points, eight of those over 100. Carlton duo Gibbs (140) and Judd (132) were great while Melbourne’s Jack Grimes (143) has provided a massive boost for us in defence.

Bad: Paddy Ryder (52) was looking mighty tired on Friday night and his scores might start to suffer from here on in. The same might be happening to Daniel Rich (52) but it’s probably time to upgrade him anyway. Not sure what Ryan Houlihan’s excuse is though…his 53 indicative of his drop-off since the early rounds.

Ugly: Who would have thought that Lance Franklin, in any sense, would be tagged as ‘ugly’! He was lucky to wind up with a 33 and actually worth less than Houlihan now. What do we do with him now?

Next opponents:

Public League – 15th placed O’Brien (1,334 last week). A big win would certainly help our top-four push…we might just get one here!

SENFrank01 – 9th placed Boost  (1,962 last week). Decent score last week playing only one ruckman, pretty even contest.

Twitter DT – 3rd placed Bloodbath 1945  (1,792 last week). Three players short last week so wondering if they are out of trades? If not, and if Cox is back, then we might be in trouble.

Potential changes/trades: Six trades left and one player short in attack…but very tempted to leave it that way this week. I could trade out Taylor Walker at a pinch for somebody like Freo’s Hayden Ballantyne and make a tidy profit as well as fielding 22 players this week. But Ballantyne won’t win me a fantasy flag and that leaves our forward line with two injured players (Pav and Skippy) a few guys out of form (Houlihan, Franklin and Leon Davis) and another rookie in Liam Jurrah. Cannot afford any more sideways moves in this area…

Also tempted to cash in Hawk Beau Muston for Kangaroo Liam Anthony. It gives us an extra 100 grand in the cap and Anthony could well fill in as a sixth midfielder if required. We really want to add two to three elite players for the finals and we have to raise the cash somehow. Might be a last-minute decision…

Captain: Both Bryce Gibbs and Chris Judd had a field day last round and face Richmond this week. I suspect that redheaded Tiger tagger Daniel Jackson will torment Judd all day so Gibbs might be the safer option.


Steve Johnson pulled out late last week and will now miss again…um, that’s not good.

Super Coach 28,817 points overall, 14,028th place – big leap in the overall, highest mark since round four.

Last Week: 2,252 points – highest score since round three and only had twenty scoring players!

League Results

GMHBA – defeated Cool Cats (2,132). Good win that makes finals a definite, top-four a real possibility

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 3rd place (8-3, 109.76%)

Good:  Plenty of good! Fourteen players over 90, eleven over 100 and huge games from Chris Judd (165), James Bartel (149), Grimes (142), Paul Chapman (139) and Jed Adcock (134). Removing Shane Mumford last week and adding Mark Jamar (80) provided immediate dividends.

Bad:  Lost Steve Johnson on Sunday and had no reserve to take his spot. Having already gambled with Cox, this made me a tad nervous…

Ugly: Heath Grundy. Played him for weeks and suffered through his 63-point average input. Bench him…and he racks up 100 points and outscores Brendon Goddard? Why now? That pissed me off…

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 4th placed Grenaguns (2,254 last week). Played one short and could have Josh Drummond and Steve Johnson returning this week.

Potential changes/trades: Will take an anti-trade stance in Super Coach as well…even though we are two players short in the forward line at the moment! Could do the Muston-for-Anthony deal and have close to 400 grand to splash on upgrades in the finals…we’ll see.

This move gives us 394 gra

Captain: Sticking with Gary Ablett…even though ten of my players registered higher sores last week than he did. That won’t ever happen again!

Brent Prismall

Young Bomber Brent Prismall…welcome aboard! But will he make the starting line-up?

Premium Dream Team

Last Week: 1,708 points – Best weekly score by a loooong way. Eighteen fit players seems to help…must remember this!

League Results

Public League – defeated Brady Way Big Hits (1,659). Win streak now at four but percentage not that healthy so need to keep winning to stay up there.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 3rd place (4-1, 100.93%)

Good:  Five scores over 100, including the big ones from Grimes and Gibbs. Sam Gilbert’s performance (119) in the Sunday blockbuster was also great.

Bad:  Ryan Houlihan (53) might find himself on the bench if Cyril Rioli is right to play this week. Jason Blake will also be on the bench as our reserve ruckman but the bad thing is – he outscored starting ruckman Hamish McIntosh 108-67. Still won’t start him though…

Ugly: Our reserve midfielder Shane O’Bree (46) couldn’t match the output of the injured Jobe Watson and was our only player to score less than 50 points. That just won’t cut it.

Next opponents:

Public League – 5th placed peckin away  (1,715 last week). Outdid me by just seven points…will probably live or die behind a couple of decisions that need to be made at selection.

Potential changes/trades: Having witnessed the below-par game of O’Bree and the impressive effort of new Bomber Brent Prismall, wasted no time in making that trade on Sunday night. Even though Jobe Watson has been picked this week, Prismall will play in his place. Also managed to add another chapter to the Chad Cornes debacle – having mistakedly drafted him as a midfielder instead of a defender, only to see him pick up a knee injury and forcing me to dump him from the team. At the news he would return this week, I almost picked him up on Monday afternoon but opted out…mainly due to some uncertainty as to who to drop. By the time I went back on Tuesday, Cornes had been picked up already. Maybe it’s just as well…but he will probably come bak to haunt me!

Captain: Gibbs again – particularly with Adam Cooney facing a tougher opponent in Collingwood and Brad Sewell’s Hawks taking on the Roos in Tassie.


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