Season 2011 – New Team, New Beginnings, New Blog?

Season 2010…let’s just pretend that it never happened, ok?

Looks like Half Back Flanker picked the perfect time to take an entire season away from blogging! Imagine spending all those cold, wintery months documenting the football season, watching you own beloved club self-destruct in an entirely non-Essendon way, then having to sing the praises of the premiership winning…gulp…Magpies? Ewwwwwww!!

But the year 2010 is all over now, right? So it’s safe to come out? Yes – finally, with the dawn of 2011, we no longer exist in a Collingwood premiership year! Not that it was a completely soul-destroying experience; to be fair the Pies were the best team all year and fully deserved to be AFL premiers.

Plus they combined with St Kilda to produce an all-time classic grand final that fulfilled the expectations of footy fans like me who didn’t particularly want either team to be the premiers! We got a great game to watch, plenty of drama, Goddard’s hanger, and in the end neither team actually won and both sets of players and supporters were left totally dumbfounded. For mine, it was the perfect finish!

Of course, they had to go ruin everything by staging a grand final replay…and you all know what happened there! So let’s not talk of it ever again, ok? Besides, the upcoming AFL season promises to be all kinds of fun…provided it doesn’t end in back-to-back flags, of course.

Remember that cozy little sixteen team national competition we have grown to love and/or loathe over the years? Well, it’s over. Done. Gawn!!! Gary Ablett and his Gold Coast Suns will crash the AFL party in 2011 and the spectre of Sheedy and his Greater Western Sydney Giants looms large as we hurtle towards a shiny new eighteen team comp in 2012.

So with all this newness about to happen, maybe it’s time to bring Half Back Flanker to an official end (well overdue too…it has been sixteen months since the last post!) and start afresh with a new blog in 2011. Relaunch, upgrade, same shit-different wrapper…call it what you will. Actually the shit/wrapper cliche will probably be spot on!

But sometime during the next month, we will have ourselves a brand new footy blog. And having flirted with Twitter during 2010, will look to make more use of this social media rather than trying to churn out massive posts every day or two…so a little less bloggy, a lot more tweety!

So thanks for reading this one…it was fun while it lasted. See you at the next one!

I know it’s emotional Lenny but this blog is over now…you have to let it go! A new one on the way so quit screaming!!


One response to “Season 2011 – New Team, New Beginnings, New Blog?

  1. Good luck with the new blog mate!

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