It’s Been Emotional…(The End)

With Fev gone, how could we possibly go on?

200 posts, multiple images of footballers cuddling each other, 40-odd references to Stephen Milne being a twerp (would have liked more…a bit disappointed!), numerous emails from pre-Twilight tweenies telling me off for making fun of Dale Thomas, a handful of readers, three years, one blog…no more!!!

Dale Thomas could win ten premierships in his career…but this is how I will always remember him!

That’s right…Half Back Flanker is now officially done. Though honestly, it has been ‘unofficially’ done for almost eighteen months now…since before Brendan Fevola was shipped out of Carlton to join the Brisbane Lions. Say, I wonder whatever happened to that guy?

Ohhhh…forget I ever asked.

But don’t be sad that it’s all over…and don’t be too overjoyed either! Because the tradition of light-hearted football analysis and scarcely-relevant observations will continue this year with a shiny, new blog under a different name. In fact, it’s up and running as of right now! See you there?


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