What Is Half Back Flanker?

Half Back Flanker is a not-entirely serious view on the Australian Football League and all the things that make footy great to watch and funny as hell.

HBF is currently in its second year but the entire 2008 season of the blog can be accessed via Australia’s Web Archive, PANDORA – an initiative from The State Library of Victoria (in partnership with the National Library of Australia) committed to preserving electronic publications of lasting cultural value.

That’s right…apparently this blog has “lasting cultural value” and is considered to have “national significance”! Yep, we don’t believe it either…

The site is maintained by Darren; a mid-thirties IT geek-in-training, mediocre basketballer and writer.

An avid Essendon supporter, he pledges (for the most part) to take the piss out of all sixteen clubs equally but his natural bias against Collingwood, annoying footy media ‘personalities’ and Stephen Milne is sure to shine through!

Darren spent four years writing for essendonfc.com.au, the official site of the Essendon Football Club and wrote the Bomber Blog during the 2006 season, where he documented Essendon’s worst season in seventy-three years. Ah, the memories…

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6 responses to “What Is Half Back Flanker?

  1. Good to read a non-serious blog šŸ™‚

    Look forward to see you over at Kick2Kick šŸ˜€

  2. I couldn’t subscribe to the RSS so have done so via e-mail. Look forward to having a good laugh!

  3. sportsbetblog

    Great blog, its like an almost-football-legends marathon!

  4. Hey mate,

    What’s your best contact


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