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The Power Of Eight! (The Lost Weekend)

Eight was definitely Buddy’s magic number on Friday night…though it could have been higher had he kicked straight.

Tears, tension and no spontaneous choral singing…that was the outcome of So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye round! But another theme became apparent during round eighteen and that revolved around the number eight. Lance Franklin kicked things off when he nailed eight goals on Friday night to help sink Collingwood, leaving the Pies in danger of missing out on the top eight. Which might hamper their chances of winning it all, don’t you think?

This was quickly followed by Essendon skipper Matthew Lloyd, matching Buddy’s haul with eight goals of his own and a contender dead-set certainty for mark of the year! The win gives the rebuilding Bombers eight wins for the year and a slim chance of making the eight…though a percentage that is still in the eighties won’t help their cause…

LLOYD!!! The magic power of eight drove the Essendon captain to great heights!

The Saints were pretty much down all day against Port but won by eight – lucky! The Pies only kicked eight goals against Hawthorn – great! Cult hero and personal favourite Damien Peverill may have the good fortune of extending his eight-year stint in the AFL – fine with us! What is with the number eight?

Well, ‘eight’ is considered to be the most fortuitous of all numbers in Chinese culture; as it sounds similar to the word which means “prosper” or “wealth”. And with the Beijing Olympics starting this Friday, August 8th (08.08.08 ), it might spark a series of fortuitous events in the AFL next weekend. Though Melbourne actually play Geelong on that Friday night to open round 19…ah, a upset win to the Demons might be too much to ask for the mystical powers of number eight!


Hmmm…tasty! The Cats rub Richmond’s nose in it…

Hello kitty! Looks like the Roos might be regretting that move away from the Gold Coast after all…

Ever seen a porpoise sleeping? Jason Porplyzia down for the count after a chance meeting with Carlton’s Steven Browne…


Having been banned from performing the handstand, Aker has found a new post-game celebration…a nice little ass-grab!

Gutsy effort from Luke Ball…surely that can’t be good for you!

Well, there’s no doubt that those kids are his…farewell Shaun McManus!


Round 18 – So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

Look – the Von Trapp family have reformed! Perhaps the AFL want them to take part in the grand final day entertainment this year…

The final round of the football season used to be the appropriate time for emotional goodbyes and fond (and, occasionally, not-so-fond) farewells. But these days it seems that if you are waiting until round 22 to end your career or attempt to improve the personnel at your football club, then you are just wasting everybody’s time!

We have had it all this week. Old players have given it away so that clubs can give younger guys a taste of senior football while the Tigers decided that it was time for a new football administrator…like, right now! We can also say farewell to the Brendan Fevola contract saga…but relax, you can count on Fev making news for something else. Every…single…day!

Gary Ablett is out again this week…does this mean goodbye to his Brownlow? Andrew Krakouer can say farewell to any hope of an AFL comeback…though it’s not really a laughing matter. And thanks to a stupid New Zealander who actually listened to the stuff that dribbles out of Anthony Mundine’s mouth, we might be saying adieu to the entire salary cap system! That is highly unlikely, of course, but then somebody did take something Mundine said seriously…so anything is possible!



So long, farewell…that holiday to Fiji! Al Clarkson blows five grand on silly umpire spray – that’s a lot of Fiji Bitter

MCG, Melbourne – 7:40pm (local): Collingwood v Hawthorn (SEVEN)

HAWKS by 27: If Hawthorn do get up, will it be ‘so long, farewell…’ to Collingwood’s finals hopes? Personally, we really, really, really hope so…


So long, farewell…Melbourne veterans! James McDonald survives for another year…but what about Adem Yze, Russell Robertson and Jeff White?

MCG, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Essendon v Melbourne (FOX)

BOMBERS by 8: Melbourne will just fail to get win number three but the biggest positive for them will be getting rid of that shithouse silver jumper…that’s the best decision they’ve made all season!

So long, farewell… goal umpire? Seems the Crows benefitted from a forgetful ump last week!

AAMI Stadium, Adelaide – 2:40pm (local): Adelaide v Carlton (TEN)

BLUES by 18: Behind the massive football brain of the Fev and an improved road record, Carlton could find themselves level with the Crows and Pies for a finals spot. Holy crap!


So long, farewell…Kangaroos on the Gold Coast! We are sure it will be…emotional!

Gold Coast Stadium, Gold Coast – 7:10pm (local): North Melbourne v Brisbane (FOX)

ROOS by 18: Unlike Brent Harvey, the Roos top-four chances won’t take a dive this weekend!

So long, farewell…Greg Miller (officially this time!) Caroline Wilson must be thrilled

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 7:10pm (local): Geelong v Richmond (TEN)

CATS by 48: You think Terry Wallace was unhappy with that whole Greg Miller business? Just wait until he sees what Geelong does to Richmond on Saturday night!


So long, farewell…Adam Goodes? Nobody seems to know if he will play again this season

Manuka Oval, Canberra – 1:10pm (local): Western Bulldogs v Sydney (FOX)

DOGS by 18: A Doggies victory could make things really difficult for Sydney in the final month…and they lack a little entertainment value without the free-wheeling Goodes.

So long, farewell…Warren Tredera! Might need to divert those phone calls while your shoulder heals

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): St Kilda v Port Adelaide (SEVEN)

SAINTS by 38: St Kilda won’t take Port Adelaide lightly…though we are sure they could get away with it because Port have given up anyways!

So long, farewell…Shaun McManus! Now the search is on for the next Freo hate target…there’s plenty of candidates too!

Subiaco, Perth – 2:40pm (local): Fremantle v West Coast (FOX)

DOCKERS by 24: With McManus playing his final game, former coach Damien Drum reckons Fremantle cannot lose? How could anybody be that confident of the Dockers winning anything? This is the losingest club in the whole comp!