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About Freakin’ Time! (2009 Brownlow Medal)


For just a split second, Adam Cooney made Gary Ablett wonder whether winning the medal was worth it…

He has been the best player in the competition for the past three seasons but, finally, Gary Ablett has a Brownlow Medal to his name. After being pipped at the post in 2007 and 2008, the Geelong midfielder led from the opening game and had the award all wrapped up with two rounds left to count.

The ending may have lacked the drama of previous seasons but having watched a clearly nervous Gazza watch on helplessly as less-favoured (but still deserving!) players took the honour two years running, it was more a sense of relief once the result was beyond doubt.


He’s been crapping his daks about making a Brownlow speech for three years, now that time had come…

As expected, a number of St Kilda players polled very strongly, as did many of Gary’s teammates. Carlton’s Chris Judd finished second while Lions pair Simon Black and Jonathan Brown each picked up 19 votes. As usual, midfielders featured prominently in the votes but Brown’s equal fourth placing showed that forwards are capable of polling well.

Brendon Fevola was probably being light-hearted about the extra focus on-ballers receive from the umpires at the expense of forwards but, considering Fev has been known to check out of games when things aren’t going his way, the joke is on him!


Fev shows his displeasure at a midfielder, one whose level of effort is never conditional, taking votes off him. He has to be joking, doesn’t he?

But enough of Ablett! More importantly, the evening kicked off with the traditional red carpet fashions. And, in typical AFL style, any hint of tradition was sold off to the highest bidder as the carpet went from ‘red’ to ‘blue’. Apparently Toyota have a new car…and it’s blue. Wow, the things you can do with technology these days! Ground breaking…


Brownlow night is the highlight of the season for many a WAG… including the Princess Bride of Bogans, Alex Fevola!

The ‘blue-red’ carpet saw the usual mix of elegance, class and skank; from the half-mill diamond dress (ever taken a wee surrounded by four bodyguards?) to the eye-popping squeeze of former Sydney Swans supremo Dr Geoffrey Edelston! But the award for best couple of the night was unanimous…Adam Goodes and Simon Black!


As soon as it became obvious there was no need to stay sober for a speech, Simon and Adam lived it up! You boys have my three votes!!


Footy Fever In The Far North (The Lost Weekend)

Yep…everybody’s talking footy up here!

Well, Half Back Flanker tried valiantly to make it all the way to Beijing last week but it seems that buying tickets for the Olympics off the internet is fraught with danger. So instead of China, we found ourselves in Cairns! But we managed to enjoy all of the greatness of the Olympic Games in the warm conditions of Far North Queensland and with zero smog!

We also managed to enjoy a taste of round 19 action in the AFL…though the examples were far from inspiring. Only twice were we able to switch the TV to the footy; the first time was early Saturday morning for a replay of the Geelong v Melbourne game and the Dees were about to score their first point…the Cats were 61!!! The second time was a similar story (ie. sad…very sad) when the Tigers were being thumped by Adelaide at half time.

Given the choice of hanging at the beach or watching crap games of football, it was no contest. But Half Back Flanker will be back in unsunny Melbourne later this week to find out what the hell has been going on in the AFL! But for now,a quick glance at the other results from Hello China round:

Round 18 – So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

Look – the Von Trapp family have reformed! Perhaps the AFL want them to take part in the grand final day entertainment this year…

The final round of the football season used to be the appropriate time for emotional goodbyes and fond (and, occasionally, not-so-fond) farewells. But these days it seems that if you are waiting until round 22 to end your career or attempt to improve the personnel at your football club, then you are just wasting everybody’s time!

We have had it all this week. Old players have given it away so that clubs can give younger guys a taste of senior football while the Tigers decided that it was time for a new football administrator…like, right now! We can also say farewell to the Brendan Fevola contract saga…but relax, you can count on Fev making news for something else. Every…single…day!

Gary Ablett is out again this week…does this mean goodbye to his Brownlow? Andrew Krakouer can say farewell to any hope of an AFL comeback…though it’s not really a laughing matter. And thanks to a stupid New Zealander who actually listened to the stuff that dribbles out of Anthony Mundine’s mouth, we might be saying adieu to the entire salary cap system! That is highly unlikely, of course, but then somebody did take something Mundine said seriously…so anything is possible!



So long, farewell…that holiday to Fiji! Al Clarkson blows five grand on silly umpire spray – that’s a lot of Fiji Bitter

MCG, Melbourne – 7:40pm (local): Collingwood v Hawthorn (SEVEN)

HAWKS by 27: If Hawthorn do get up, will it be ‘so long, farewell…’ to Collingwood’s finals hopes? Personally, we really, really, really hope so…


So long, farewell…Melbourne veterans! James McDonald survives for another year…but what about Adem Yze, Russell Robertson and Jeff White?

MCG, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Essendon v Melbourne (FOX)

BOMBERS by 8: Melbourne will just fail to get win number three but the biggest positive for them will be getting rid of that shithouse silver jumper…that’s the best decision they’ve made all season!

So long, farewell… goal umpire? Seems the Crows benefitted from a forgetful ump last week!

AAMI Stadium, Adelaide – 2:40pm (local): Adelaide v Carlton (TEN)

BLUES by 18: Behind the massive football brain of the Fev and an improved road record, Carlton could find themselves level with the Crows and Pies for a finals spot. Holy crap!


So long, farewell…Kangaroos on the Gold Coast! We are sure it will be…emotional!

Gold Coast Stadium, Gold Coast – 7:10pm (local): North Melbourne v Brisbane (FOX)

ROOS by 18: Unlike Brent Harvey, the Roos top-four chances won’t take a dive this weekend!

So long, farewell…Greg Miller (officially this time!) Caroline Wilson must be thrilled

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 7:10pm (local): Geelong v Richmond (TEN)

CATS by 48: You think Terry Wallace was unhappy with that whole Greg Miller business? Just wait until he sees what Geelong does to Richmond on Saturday night!


So long, farewell…Adam Goodes? Nobody seems to know if he will play again this season

Manuka Oval, Canberra – 1:10pm (local): Western Bulldogs v Sydney (FOX)

DOGS by 18: A Doggies victory could make things really difficult for Sydney in the final month…and they lack a little entertainment value without the free-wheeling Goodes.

So long, farewell…Warren Tredera! Might need to divert those phone calls while your shoulder heals

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): St Kilda v Port Adelaide (SEVEN)

SAINTS by 38: St Kilda won’t take Port Adelaide lightly…though we are sure they could get away with it because Port have given up anyways!

So long, farewell…Shaun McManus! Now the search is on for the next Freo hate target…there’s plenty of candidates too!

Subiaco, Perth – 2:40pm (local): Fremantle v West Coast (FOX)

DOCKERS by 24: With McManus playing his final game, former coach Damien Drum reckons Fremantle cannot lose? How could anybody be that confident of the Dockers winning anything? This is the losingest club in the whole comp!

The Curtain Closes (Round 16 – Dress Rehearsal)

It’s the final night of Dress Rehearsal round and here is a quick preview of the remaining three games. Full recap of the weekend action tomorrow but it will undoubtedly feature some in-depth analysis as to how Joel Bowden’s go-backwards clock-milking antics action may have won a game yesterday…but is more a reflection of Richmond’s chronic-suckiness!


Until Fev signs his new deal with Carlton, he will be cast as the villian…no matter what he does!

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 1:10pm (local): Carlton v Sydney (FOX)

The game is just the dress rehearsal…the real contest will take place here!

AAMi Stadium, Adelaide – 2:40pm (local): Port Adelaide v Adelaide (SEVEN)

If Naitanui goes to the game, there’s a good chance he will be meeting his new teammates…they will be on the losing team!

Subiaco, Perth – 2:40pm (local): Fremantle v Melbourne (FOX)

Splitting Up Is Hard To Do (Round 14 – Welcome To Splitsville)

Some of the ‘action’ from Tuesday night’s Legends Game…no, we don’t have an obesity problem in this country!

Have we all had a relaxing mid-season break so far? Did we all start to crave for some real AFL action after checking out the EJ Whitten Legends Game the other night? Good…because we have two games of real footy coming up this weekend and after that, the race for the finals will really start to heat up.

After a sensational six games last weekend (well, most of them were…), round 14 concludes with the Crows and Cats in Adelaide tonight followed by the Swans and Pies in Sydney tomorrow night. You can guarantee that both matches will be far more intense than the Legends game…but, unfortunately, will contain far less Megan Gale!

Yes, thumbs up to you Megan! You’d make a far better boundary rider than Billy Brownless…

Without the packed schedule of games coming up, it has left plenty of column space for stories about footy:

Tonight’s action:

James Bartel forgot about the split round last weekend and turned up to an empty Skilled Stadium ready to play!!

AAMI Stadium, Adelaide – 7:40pm (local): Adelaide v Geelong (SEVEN)


The Swans didn’t play last weekend but it was business as usual for Nick Davis…

Telstra Stadium, Sydney – 7:10pm (local): Sydney v Collingwood (SEVEN)

A Doughnut! My Kingdom For A Doughnut! (The Lost Weekend)

Travis Cloke beats up on two Demons at once…Dad must be so proud!

Melbourne may have been out there doing it for the jumper but Collingwood did it for the Queen! The Magpies were made to battle hard by a fired-up Demons outfit before running out clear winners in the Queens Birthday clash at the MCG yesterday. Not even the loss of two key players or the inspired state of an opponent reflecting on a storied history could stop the Pies.

While Collingwood are now entrenched in the top eight, the Dees remained rooted to the bottom of the ladder (with the key word being ‘rooted’)…though there could be some light at the end of the tunnel. Paul Gardner is standing down as president of the football club to make way for former great Jim Stynes…who has some big plans for the club. But Melbourne don’t need big plans…they need rich plans. Very, very rich plans!

If you think it has been a long weekend with eight matches stretched over four days, spare a thought for Kangaroos coach Dean Laidley. Having missed out on something to eat at halftime during Friday night’s game against Geelong, Laidley picked up the phone to order some room service and when his request for doughnuts was turned down, he went totally feral!


The combination of a busted phone and poor coaching decisions due to low blood sugar levels resulted in the Roos going down to the Cats…though Gary Ablett may have been a determining factor as well! So when Dean Laidley’s daughter offered her dad a sweet treat, her timing could have been better…

A Doughnut? Well, it’s a bit bloody late now!

Pfffftttt! May as well eat it…

Here’s a wrap of all the events of God Save The Queen Round:


Everybody, this is Ricky…I pay him to be my friend!!

Wow…so this is what winning feels like!

NEWSFLASH! Someone other than Brown or Bradshaw just kicked a goal for Brisbane!!


Another failed test…perhaps these Tigers should go back to school!

Essendon’s worst nightmare!

Fixing matchups or playing Scrabble? Either way, Paul Roos whistles while he works another miracle…

The head may be sacrosanct but for Mr Reprimand, it makes a nice target!

This Is Just A Tribute! (Hall Of Fame Match)

The greatest match in the world? No – this is a tribute..whooaahh!!!

It’s taken one hundred and fifty years for this weekend to arrive – well, so we are being told. Continually. The best players from Victoria will once again wear the big V as they tackle the best players from…everywhere else in the Hall of Fame game this Saturday night.

The importance and/or relevance of this game has been debated ad nauseum all week. A football necessity that needs to be kept alive or a contrived exhibition that lacks real passion? Whatever your take, it will be well worth checking out and it appears that a decent crowd will get along to the ‘G!

Back when State of Origin footy really meant something…

But the question is…will we see another event like this again? State of origin footy will never return to the heights of the pre-national competition era but after a long hiatus, can it survive as part of the modern day football calendar? Many players appear to be fully behind it but this match is being billed as a one-off…will the desire to play be as strong if it became an annual event again?

We have no doubt the players will be going all-out to win and the game itself will be quite a spectacle…but all it would take is one serious injury to a marquee name (e.g. Buddy Franklin’s shoulder) and the future of representative football will be thrown into chaos!

Anyway, here is a quick rundown on what’s happened in the lead-up to tomorrow night’s festivities:

Stick it right up ’em…yeah boooyyyy!!!

Here is a weeks worth of non-tribute match footy news: