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Fantasy Finals Frenzy – Week Two (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


Many of my fantasy opponents had star players that were laid low by injury in the first week of finals…


…and now we can be laid back this week as we enjoy a break before the prelim finals!

Half Back Flanker is officially…one lucky son-of-a-gun! While many owners struggled mightily to field full squads in round 19 due to the massive injury toll of key fantasy players, we capitalised big time in AFL Dream Team and Premium Dream Team by winning all four qualifying finals to earn a preliminary final spot and one week’s rest. When it became apparent that each of my opponents in the AFL Dream Team finals would be short anywhere between four and eight players, I used up one of my final three trades to ensure I filled all 22 on-field positions and secure my path to the final four in each league.

While the trade (Liam Jurrah for Brennan Stack) was not really necessary as I would have won all three matches comfortably with one forward down, I have two trades and a wad of cash awaiting me for preliminary final weekend. How I use those trades could determine how many grand finals I can qualify for…or if I even make it into one!


Nick Dal Santo, and a few of his teammates, sat out last week…it helped me immensely!

My strategy for Premium Dream Team also paid off, electing to wait until the final minutes of trading on Friday night to release my two injured key defenders, Brendan Goddard and Jack Grimes, in order to field a full team. It was a risk but, considering my league-leading opponent Teal Power refused to part with injured Saints midfielders Lenny Hayes and Leigh Montagna, it was worth taking if I wanted any shot of the upset. And when Nick Dal Santo failed to make the trip, leaving my opponent another mid short, I managed the win by 124 points and my tactic paid off. Now having traded my key defenders back in, let’s hope that they are both fit and firing come round 21.

However, it wasn’t all good news for Half Back Flanker last weekend. The good fortune on the injury front did not extend to our Herald Sun Super Coach team, knocked out in the elimination final stage by the team we easily defeated just the week earlier. Too many absent players meant that even with the addition of two new elite players via trade, we were well short of a competitive team and a 500-point drop from last round meant our year was over.

So, no matches this week…but still plenty of homework to be done. We are planning to make the most of our final trades and field the strongest possible lineups in the upcoming preliminary finals. Hopefully we can win our way into some grand finals but if we do, we might find ourselves in a couple of rematches against the top-ranked teams we just knocked off that won their way through…and have all their injured players back!


Buddy took one for the team! He’ll be right…but if he wants to take it easy this week and be right for round 21, fine by me!!!

Dream Team 36,906 points overall, 8,596th place – best overall position for the year, probably overtook many teams choc full of St Kilda players!

Last Week: 1,896 points – a drop of almost 400 points from last round…but it was still good enough.

Good:  Having 22 fit players was great! Five players over 100 points (including captain Dane Swan with 103), three of those over 120 – Joel Selwood and Greg Broughton (128) and the much maligned (by me!) Shannon Hurn (121).

Bad:  Big names Lance Franklin (55), Chad Cornes (57) and Luke Hodge (70) not up to standard. Concerned that any or all three of these guys might not be major contributors in the final two rounds, especially if finals are out of reach for their teams.

Ugly: The Stack for Jurrah trade ensured I had 22 players, and a little extra cash, but it was probably a panic move that wasn’t required considering the size of my winning margins. Stack (20) didn’t produce and provided Jurrah is back by round 21, he would not be the preferred option if I needed a replacement forward to play anyway.

Public League

2nd Qualifying Final – defeated Woosha Warriors (1,205). Fielded just 13 players.

The Finals – Prelim final in two weeks verses winner of Fats Rockets (1,873) and Uninformed (1,702). Expecting to face the minor premier Fats Rockets for a spot in the grannie.


1st Qualifying Final – defeated Princess Superstar (1,619 last week). Good score considering they only had 18 players, unlikely to have beaten this team otherwise. But…I’ll take it!

The Finals – Prelim final in two weeks verses winner of The Dominators (1,904) and mansnotacamel (1,759). Dominators would have beaten me this week and they had just 20 players…will need to make the most of my final two trades to beat them!

Twitter DT

1st Qualifying Final – defeated BigAl’s Bombers (1,619 last week). Big Al just had 17 players so feeling fortunate that he wasn’t at full strength as well. But that’s the way it goes.

The Finals – Prelim final in two weeks verses winner of The Irish Invaders (1,645) and D Team (2,021). Irish actually had 20 players while the D Team had a full team and a good round. Might be the 6th-placed D Team that wins through.

Potential changes/trades: Can stick the feet up this week in terms of trades but will keep a close eye on which players do and do not run out this weekend. Hoping that Goddard, Grimes and Hayden Skipworth will be ready for round 21 so that my final two trades can be used to bring in some elites.


The loss of Goddard (and many others) was too great to cover…so cross us out for season 2009!

Super Coach 38,777 points overall, 20,427th place – big drop. Big big drop!

Last Week: 1,599 points – the biggest round of the season and it’s our worst score!

Good:  Not much…four 100-plus scores

Bad:  Nine scores under 80 points…the last thing you want when you are three players down to begin with.

Ugly: We were relying on a massive night for captain Gary Ablett in the hope that the double points could somehow keep us competitive. Alas, a mere 81 – his lowest score for the year. In fact, it was probably his lowest score in five years!


1st Elimination Final – lost to Hardy’s Heroes (1,799).  From our meeting the week before, they dropped almost 30 points. We dropped almost 500 points! And just like that…season over.


Jared Brennan kicked arse last round…just don’t headbutt anybody on the weekend, I will need you!

Premium Dream Team

Last Week: 1,659 points – Second best weekly score for the season and best of all teams in the league this round.

Good:  Seven 100-plus scores including a 127-point effort from Jared Brennan and four of our five midfielders. The only midfielder under 100 was Brent Prismall…who chalked up a 93 after being a replacement for Hawthorn’s Brad Sewell.

Bad:  Shannon Byrnes (58) is another victim of Geelong’s overall struggles, Aaron Davey (60) seems to be fading out a bit.

Ugly: Injury concerns over Josh Drummond (67) – wished he was a late scratching after reserve back Jason Blake pulled out a 102!

Public League

1st Qualifying Final – defeated Teal Power  (1,535 last week). Those three missing Saints midfielders made all the difference but, provided at least two of them fire this week, this team should feature in the other prelim final. Will we meet again in the big one?

The Finals – Prelim final in two weeks verses winner of TheDream Team (1,490) and Shelleys Boys (1,552). Can sixth-placed Shelleys Boys make the prelim? Interesting that TheDream Team has drafted retiring Richmond stat-machine Joel Bowden…does he have one last pearler in him before hanging up the boots?

Potential changes/trades: As soon as the Sunday lockout ended, went back in and reclaimed our two key defenders Goddard and Grimes, dropping Campbell Brown and Bachar Houli in the process. So unless something catastrophic occurs to one of our players before Friday, we might use our last trade on a speculative pickup for an injured player that should be back in action for round 21. Bulldog Shaun Higgins is a prime example and if he was right to go next weekend, would be a better option that teammate Jarrod Harbrow.

Update: just checked all the available forwards and somebody has already taken the gamble and drafted Higgins. Skipworth is still there but might just wait until team selection and see if any players suddenly become available.


Round Seventeen – Oh So Bitter!


Hawthorn thought they had the upper hand over rivals Geelong…until Bartel’s point after the siren changed everything!

Rivalry round. It kinda snuck up on us a bit…probably because the League didn’t seem to dedicate a lot of time on promoting the event. They did create a web page where you can spend lots of money on sponsors product that you either already have or don’t really need! So that’s something…I guess.

But, as you would expect, the footy did all the talking and the weekend delivered some outstanding games. Not always pretty, some downright ugly, but never boring! And the level of some of these rivalries has now intensified to greater levels after round seventeen action.


No doubting who is number one right now in the Collingwood-Carlton rivalry. It’s Neon Leon and the Pies!

Geelong and Hawthorn added another exhilarating chapter to their playing history…but this time it was the Cats who got one over the Hawks. Sure, it wasn’t a grand final but a big win just the same. Collingwood got one over Carlton in one of the longest standing rivalries in the game. And while all the heritage-listed footy journos in Melbourne might scoff at the thought that the rivalry between the Crows and Power is the biggest right now, they may have a point. There was no talk about revenge in the lead up to Pies verses Blues…or ‘The Death Derby’! Only in Adelaide…


Whoops! Scott Welsh’s screw-up made the Doggies interchange bench a very intense place to be…

That long-standing rivalry between modern technology and a footballer’s brain came to the fore on Saturday night when failure to read a magnetic whiteboard resulted in 19 Western Bulldogs starting on the ground in the final quarter! The battle between player and umpire also intensified with Hawk coach Alastair Clarkson wondering whether Buddy Franklin will receive a free kick any time soon. And the League flat out refuses to concede defeat in the battle for respectability in the football world regarding the priority draft pick system. Andy D is not afraid to take on his rivals in this one…but there are so damn many of them, would he even have the time?


This post-match interview was TV so bad that you couldn’t look away…so expect Channel Nine buy it and make it a 20-episode series!

But our favourite new rivalry was started by an innocent but talkative boundary rider after the Cats-Hawks game…it’s Cancer verses Depression! Channel Ten’s Andy Maher conducted a highly awkward post-match interview with Geelong captain (for the day) Cameron Ling where he babbled on about the importance of playing for the BeyondBlue cup. But, according to Maher, BeyondBlue  are assisting in the fight against cancer! Ling did his absolute best to remain composed before correcting Maher that BeyondBlue is actually the national depression initiative! Ling then explained why it was such a prominent issue for people in Geelong right now! Probably not the best time to stuff that one up on live TV…

That was followed by an equally awkward presentation where the lady with the cup was completely ignored, only given a short “pass it over” command from Maher before she just wandered off…which Ling probably wished he could have done as well! Good to see that the rivalry between the footy media and the English language is still alive and well…

The Games:


“Marriage proposal, wedding day, birth of a child…forget it! Marking the footy after a Collingwood goal will be the happiest moment of this Magpie fan’s entire life!

So, how is that top-four finish for Carlton looking now? And how could a story like that run in The Age and not be written by Blues lover Robert Walls? At least Wallsy is a realist…predicting that Collingwood would find more goal scorers and hold steady in defence against the Fev-focused Carlton. Spot on. It wasn’t pretty though and Brett Ratten should have plenty of kicking drills in mind for his boys this week!


Geelong have won a shitload of games recently but they would have never celebrated a victory so much since grand final day in 2007!

James Bartel…you friggin’ beauty! Geelong come from 28 points down in the final term to beat Hawthorn with a point after the siren. The Cats may have injuries galore but wins like this can do wonders for their self belief. The Hawks may have let more than just four points slip on Saturday…the premiership defence might just have ended as well!


211cm Aaron Sandilands…a tough assignment for opposing ruckmen and presenters-draping-medals-over-his-head alike!

Hard to believe that Fremantle could have a mental advantage over anybody but it’s starting to look that way with the Western Derby. The Dockers have now won five straight against the West Coast after winning a tight one by less than a kick. Apparently the win is a great indicator for what Freo can achieve in the future…yep, like we have never heard that about the Dockers! Still waiting…


If this guy ends up a winner on Grand Final day, and it’s looking very likely, I will throw up a little in my mouth…

If, like me, you made the trendy pick of the Bulldogs to end St Kilda’s quest for The Perfect Season…then you must be feeling as stupid as I do right now! The Saints dominated early, weathered the storm in the middle and ran riot in the end. And now they are going to win every game on their way to the flag and that little twerp Stephen Milne will become…don’t make me type it…a premiership player! What a terrifying thought!!! Next game, quickly…


Finals footy, Coleman medals…Jonathan Brown has missed out recently but is just about to get all that back again!

Jono Brown goes berserk with eight goals as the Brisbane Lions cruise past North Melbourne to pretty much ensure themselves a spot in the finals. Browny is now looking good for the Coleman medal having overtaken Brendan Fevola at the top of the goal kicking list – which would be a fair result considering one of those blokes tries his guts out every week and doesn’t sulk it up…and the other clearly doesn’t!


This is probably the highlight of the Sydney-Melbourne match…that there was a final score and it was over!

The rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne, or more generally New South Wales and Victoria, has been alive and well in all aspects of life, especially sports, for over 100 years…except for AFL footy! The Swans and Demons don’t have any semblance of intense rivalry – hence this match being played in front of a few thousand curious onlookers in Canberra. Sydney won, by the way…


They blew it last week and they almost blew it this week too…but the Tigers finally get to belt out that kick-ass club song again!

It’s a Monday night, the last day in August, and the Essendon players will be pissed, tired, emotional and dressed up  in women’s clothing or whatever it is they do at the end of season party. If they start to wonder why they are not planning for an elimination final game that weekend, they have Sunday’s effort to thank! Richmond wins and they thoroughly deserve it…


Hey, I remember you…you’re Brett “The Birdman” Burton!!! Welcome back.

The Adelaide Crows take the honours in the Showdown and become the toast of the town…much to the delight of a large majority of that town! A 70-point win, Brett Burton back doing what he does best, damaging Port’s chances at sneaking into the finals and the opportunity to laugh at Chad Cornes -Rivalry Round could not have been any more perfect for Crows fans.

You Snooze, You Lose! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


I hesitated with the opportunity to pick up defender Chad Cornes…it ended up costing me victory in Premium Dream Team! Now I feel as dumb as he looks…

Half Back Flanker endured another nail biting finish in the AFL Premium Dream Team comp last week…but this time ended up on the wrong side of the ledger at the end of play. By three points. THREE! LOUSY! POINTS! And this was after missing out on picking up free agent defender Chad Cornes during the week when I had the chance to pick him up. Cornes went on to outscore each of the three defenders I had marked as possible trades for him and it has cost me a fourth straight win. Nice work, brainiac…

It capped a mostly disappointing weekend for our fantasy footy teams – just two wins from our five leagues; both of those coming in AFL Dream Team  for our Public and Twitter DT leagues. And now we face a vital three week stretch leading in to the fantasy finals and a real dilemma. We have six trades remaining in both Dream Team and Herald Sun Super Coach, which we were hoping to save for a major splurge during the finals in the hope of winning a virtual flag. But injuries galore in both comps means we might have to upgrade now and hope those players remain fit and firing for the next seven weeks.

Our injury list includes such footballing luminaries as Dean Cox, Steve Johnson, Jimmy Bartel (Super Coach), Matthew Pavlich, Jed Adcock and Hayden Skipworth (both SC and DT). While the decision will be easy on a player like Adcock, who is pretty much done for the year, what to do with the Bartel/Johnson/Pavlich types who are major contributors bu might not play until next week…or the week after…or the week after that?


Yeah, Buddy…about freakin’ time!!!

Dream Team 28,326 points overall, 18,420th place – virtually maintained current spot overall, which is a surprise.

Last Week: 1,856 points – lowest weekly score in a month.

League Results

Public League – defeated O’Brien (1,093). Massive win puts me back in the frame for the double chance in the finals.

SENFrank01 – lost to Boost (2,043). Would have needed everything to go right to beat this team…just didn’t happen.

Twitter DT – defeated Bloodbath 1945 (1,850). Lucky. Very freakin’ lucky!

Ladder Positions

Public League – 5th place (8-4, 118.82%) – Good percentage boost should see us play finals now…and maybe a top-four spot.

SENFrank01 – 5th place (7-5, 101.73%) – Percentage hit probably leaves us out of top-four contention, need a win to stay on track for the eight.

Twitter DT – 5th place (8-4, 104.23%) Equal wins with fourth but behind on percentage. Could still finish anywhere between fourth and ninth.

Good:  What a bargain Freo’s Greg Broughton (120) has proved to be…he was clearly our highest scorer this week. Next best was Lance Franklin (113)…and thank goodness for that! It’s been a loooong time coming…

Bad: Benched what appeared to be a tired Paddy Ryder as he faced the Swans…and his 95 points would have made him my equal second-highest defender! Think he might be back in this week…

Ugly: Jed Adcock’s knee…watched it happen on TV and instantly freaked out!

Next opponents:

Public League – 10th placed Superstars (1,808 last week). Solid team that could prove tough to beat.

SENFrank01 – 14th placed Soti’s Superstars  (1,510 last week). A few missing pieces, including Cox, but Ablett should be back. Probable win.

Twitter DT – 12th placed Comsroom Killers  (1,440 last week). Appear to have a number of personnel problems, a loss here would be tragic for us!

Potential changes/trades: We gambled on playing one short last week and, apart from the SEN league, got away with it. We could possibly get away with it again this week but we are only really certain of finals footy in our Public League. By trading Adelaide’s Taylor Walker for somebody like Geelong’s Simon Hogan, we can have a full team this week and make a small earner as well…leaving us a touch over 200 grand in the cap with five trades left.

Captain: This might be a left field choice but Hamish McIntosh is coming off a 100-plus game and faces up against some inexperienced Tiger ruckmen at the ‘G on Sunday. Like his chances of another big score.


A bit like Jed Adcock’s knee…my Super Coach team is falling apart!

Super Coach 30,598 points overall, 19,250th place – plummeted down the overall standing this round!

Last Week: 1,781 points – second worst scoring round of the season.

League Results

GMHBA – lost to Grenaguns (2,103). Potentially damaging loss but top four not out of reach.

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 5th place (8-4, 107.42%) One win in final three rounds should be enough for a finals berth.

Good:  A few that you would expect – Paul Chapman (152), Dane Swan (136) and Brendon Goddard (112). And a couple you would have never expected – Patrick Dangerfield with 138? Liam Jurrah with 133?

Bad:  Too many players with below average days…Goddard was my only defender to score more than 70 points! Can’t afford that when you are playing two short.

Ugly: Well, I have Jed Adcock in this comp too…there’s your answer!

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 13th placed  Champs (2,079 last week). Covered the loss of Ablett, Mackie and Johnson with ease. Tough assignment for a bottom-four opponent.

Potential changes/trades: Can’t afford to be three players short this week so time to make some trades. Can’t rely on Dean Cox to come back in a couple of weeks and tear up the comp so he is out…and the choice of elite replacements has narrowed down with Josh Fraser and Aaron Sandilands injured as well. Hamish McIntosh has the fourth highest average of all ruckmen and only costs 405 grand…done – and we make 143 grand to boot!

The second trade has to be a forward and we have four of them unavailable this weekend. Pavlich, Johnson and Skipworth should all be back in a week or two so the odd man out (again) appears to be Walker, who has been out of the Crows lineup for a couple of weeks now. Lance Franklin’s value is down at 344 grand but he is fresh off a 177 point outing against the Roos. So, believe it or not, we can go from being three players short to just one, add McIntosh and Franklin…and make over 130 grand in profit!

Captain: Gary Ablett is back, he’s at home and he is facing the Dees. I’m sold! Dane Swan is a more than capable deputy but hopefully he is not required…as I have no reserve this week with Bartel injured and Hawk Beau Muston at Box Hill.


His effort on Josh Carr alone is enough to warrant picking up Jared Brennan…now he is back, can he deliver some stats?

Premium Dream Team

Last Week: 1,522 points – Big drop from last week’s season high.

League Results

Public League – lost to peckin away (1,525). Too distressed to talk…

Ladder Positions

Public League – 4th place (4-2, 100.74%)

Good:  Jason Akermanis (122) pulled out a big score under the roof at the Dome while Hamish McIntosh (110) picked up plenty in the ruck down in Tassie. Josh Drummond (101) proved he was worth the wait after a few weeks out.

Bad:  When you lose by three points, you always wonder “what if…” – playing it safe with injured players by benching Jobe Watson (93) for Brent Prismall (71) is one of those decisions.  Campbell Brown’s 38 was also a factor in the loss…especially with reserve Dustin Fletcher’s 81 going to waste.

Ugly: The thought that my decision to sleep on the Cornes trade, and eventually missing out, actually cost me a result…but will it also hurt in the long run?

Next opponents:

Public League – 6th placed Shellys Boys (1,389 last week). Contains many inconsistent players, any result is possible here.

Potential changes/trades: Happy enough with the squad for now but Watson moves into the starting midfield for Prismall, Fletcher in for Brown in defence and Cyril Rioli comes out for…Brisbane’s Jared Brennan! Yes, Brennan was available late last week as somebody dropped him due to his suspension. No Chad Cornes style hesitation on this one – gladly swapped him for Ryan Houlihan and this week comes into the side, sending Cyril Rioli to the bench again.

Captain: Adam Cooney could run amok in the Friday night shootout against Essendon so the captaincy is his this week.

What A Nailbiter! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


Forget Michael Gardiner…our last-gasp hero was Carlton’s Bryce Gibbs! A couple of late stats for him against Freo secured a vital win for Half Back Flanker!

And you thought the St Kilda-Geelong match produced a grandstand finish…what about Half Back Flanker’s AFL Dream Team public league match! Having lost four of the past five matches in this league, nothing short of victory would suffice and heading into the final two minutes of the last match of the round, HBF was trailing the third-placed NoobsRUs by just four points. Keeping a close eye on the live scoring, I looked on nervously in the hope that one of my Dockers or Blues would pick up the necessary points…and Bryce Gibbs delivered to give us a nine-point win!!!

In fact, we scooped the pool in all our leagues last week – three wins from three in our AFL Dream Team leagues, a 49-point triumph in AFL Premium Dream Team and a nice effort with no contributions from players Dean Cox and Steve Johnson to get up in our Herald Sun Super Coach league. Now with four rounds to play before the fantasy finals, we look certain to be involved in the big games for four of our leagues while a tight race to the finals looms in the Twitter DT league.

There was plenty of good news at the selection table with some more-than-handy players returning this week; including Dean Cox, Chad Cornes, Cyril Rioli, Jobe Watson and Josh Drummond. But no Matthew Pavlich, Steve Johnson is out again and now Hayden Skipworth has a knee problem! So much for saving all our trades this round…unless we choose to go in one or two players short. Again!


We have already endured injury woes with Skipworth early in the year…how long will he be out for now?

Dream Team 26,470 points overall, 18,723th place – nice little jump in the overall standings

Last Week: 2,011 points – only the third 2,000 plus score for the year, hopefully can pull out a few more in upcoming weeks.

League Results

Public League – defeated NoobsRUs (2,002). Final-minute triumph a much-needed win that keeps top-four hopes alive.

SENFrank01 – defeated Leica Hawk (1,726). Only out of the four on percentage and look assured of finals now.

Twitter DT – defeated The Irish Invaders (1,890). Now one game back from the 4th placed Irish but spot in the eight is far from assured.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 7th place (7-4, 115.72%)

SENFrank01 – 5th place (7-4, 102.83%)

Twitter DT – 5th place (7-4, 104.60%)

Good:  Eleven players over 90 points, eight of those over 100. Carlton duo Gibbs (140) and Judd (132) were great while Melbourne’s Jack Grimes (143) has provided a massive boost for us in defence.

Bad: Paddy Ryder (52) was looking mighty tired on Friday night and his scores might start to suffer from here on in. The same might be happening to Daniel Rich (52) but it’s probably time to upgrade him anyway. Not sure what Ryan Houlihan’s excuse is though…his 53 indicative of his drop-off since the early rounds.

Ugly: Who would have thought that Lance Franklin, in any sense, would be tagged as ‘ugly’! He was lucky to wind up with a 33 and actually worth less than Houlihan now. What do we do with him now?

Next opponents:

Public League – 15th placed O’Brien (1,334 last week). A big win would certainly help our top-four push…we might just get one here!

SENFrank01 – 9th placed Boost  (1,962 last week). Decent score last week playing only one ruckman, pretty even contest.

Twitter DT – 3rd placed Bloodbath 1945  (1,792 last week). Three players short last week so wondering if they are out of trades? If not, and if Cox is back, then we might be in trouble.

Potential changes/trades: Six trades left and one player short in attack…but very tempted to leave it that way this week. I could trade out Taylor Walker at a pinch for somebody like Freo’s Hayden Ballantyne and make a tidy profit as well as fielding 22 players this week. But Ballantyne won’t win me a fantasy flag and that leaves our forward line with two injured players (Pav and Skippy) a few guys out of form (Houlihan, Franklin and Leon Davis) and another rookie in Liam Jurrah. Cannot afford any more sideways moves in this area…

Also tempted to cash in Hawk Beau Muston for Kangaroo Liam Anthony. It gives us an extra 100 grand in the cap and Anthony could well fill in as a sixth midfielder if required. We really want to add two to three elite players for the finals and we have to raise the cash somehow. Might be a last-minute decision…

Captain: Both Bryce Gibbs and Chris Judd had a field day last round and face Richmond this week. I suspect that redheaded Tiger tagger Daniel Jackson will torment Judd all day so Gibbs might be the safer option.


Steve Johnson pulled out late last week and will now miss again…um, that’s not good.

Super Coach 28,817 points overall, 14,028th place – big leap in the overall, highest mark since round four.

Last Week: 2,252 points – highest score since round three and only had twenty scoring players!

League Results

GMHBA – defeated Cool Cats (2,132). Good win that makes finals a definite, top-four a real possibility

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 3rd place (8-3, 109.76%)

Good:  Plenty of good! Fourteen players over 90, eleven over 100 and huge games from Chris Judd (165), James Bartel (149), Grimes (142), Paul Chapman (139) and Jed Adcock (134). Removing Shane Mumford last week and adding Mark Jamar (80) provided immediate dividends.

Bad:  Lost Steve Johnson on Sunday and had no reserve to take his spot. Having already gambled with Cox, this made me a tad nervous…

Ugly: Heath Grundy. Played him for weeks and suffered through his 63-point average input. Bench him…and he racks up 100 points and outscores Brendon Goddard? Why now? That pissed me off…

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 4th placed Grenaguns (2,254 last week). Played one short and could have Josh Drummond and Steve Johnson returning this week.

Potential changes/trades: Will take an anti-trade stance in Super Coach as well…even though we are two players short in the forward line at the moment! Could do the Muston-for-Anthony deal and have close to 400 grand to splash on upgrades in the finals…we’ll see.

This move gives us 394 gra

Captain: Sticking with Gary Ablett…even though ten of my players registered higher sores last week than he did. That won’t ever happen again!

Brent Prismall

Young Bomber Brent Prismall…welcome aboard! But will he make the starting line-up?

Premium Dream Team

Last Week: 1,708 points – Best weekly score by a loooong way. Eighteen fit players seems to help…must remember this!

League Results

Public League – defeated Brady Way Big Hits (1,659). Win streak now at four but percentage not that healthy so need to keep winning to stay up there.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 3rd place (4-1, 100.93%)

Good:  Five scores over 100, including the big ones from Grimes and Gibbs. Sam Gilbert’s performance (119) in the Sunday blockbuster was also great.

Bad:  Ryan Houlihan (53) might find himself on the bench if Cyril Rioli is right to play this week. Jason Blake will also be on the bench as our reserve ruckman but the bad thing is – he outscored starting ruckman Hamish McIntosh 108-67. Still won’t start him though…

Ugly: Our reserve midfielder Shane O’Bree (46) couldn’t match the output of the injured Jobe Watson and was our only player to score less than 50 points. That just won’t cut it.

Next opponents:

Public League – 5th placed peckin away  (1,715 last week). Outdid me by just seven points…will probably live or die behind a couple of decisions that need to be made at selection.

Potential changes/trades: Having witnessed the below-par game of O’Bree and the impressive effort of new Bomber Brent Prismall, wasted no time in making that trade on Sunday night. Even though Jobe Watson has been picked this week, Prismall will play in his place. Also managed to add another chapter to the Chad Cornes debacle – having mistakedly drafted him as a midfielder instead of a defender, only to see him pick up a knee injury and forcing me to dump him from the team. At the news he would return this week, I almost picked him up on Monday afternoon but opted out…mainly due to some uncertainty as to who to drop. By the time I went back on Tuesday, Cornes had been picked up already. Maybe it’s just as well…but he will probably come bak to haunt me!

Captain: Gibbs again – particularly with Adam Cooney facing a tougher opponent in Collingwood and Brad Sewell’s Hawks taking on the Roos in Tassie.

Look Out Sheeds! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


Taking on the almighty Sheeds for top spot in my Super Coach league! Bring it on…

With scores of over 2,000 in both AFL Dream Team and Herald Sun Super Coach competitions last weekend, Half Back Flanker teams managed to perform well in their respective leagues. We have also survived another round of the Dream Team Eliminator to defy all rankings and expectations! The only real disappointment came in the opening weekend of the Premium Dream Team comp, where multiple injuries before and during last round hit the team hard and will force radical changes on us this week as well.

But this upcoming round will be memorable just for the opportunity to be taking on a legitimate footy guru in the fantasy stakes. Legendary coach and provider of much joy (and occasional confusion) for this Bomber fan, Kevin Sheedy, has his fantasy team Sheedy’s Superstars in our Herald Sun Super Coach public league. We face off this week and with his side undefeated, and HBF in outright second, it is a top-of-the-table clash that carries plenty of kudos for this fantasy owner.

But, in what is the weekly ritual here, first task is to wade through the injury carnage from last weekend and come up with 22 fit players. And there is a major casualty…Chad Cornes is out for a number of weeks and that affects every fantasy team we own. Including the Premium Dream Team where he was our second round draft pick! Crap!!!

Chad Finger

Last year, it was the finger. This year, it’s the knee! Chad’s out so it’s time to trade…or is it?

Dream Team 18,872 points overall, 18,538th place – slight improvement overall and closing in on best overall ranking for the season.

Last Week: 2,048 points – break the 2,000 barrier for the second time and best weekly effort this year.

League Results

Public League – lost to Woosha Warriors (2,091). A second straight narrow loss sees us drop to fourth but it is more fun losing a close one than winning against teams that aren’t trying!

SENFrank01 – defeated Murphys Demons  (1,769). Four straight wins sees us climb up to sixth on the ladder, two wins up on SEN’sFrancis Leach.

Twitter DT – defeated Krazy Kanadians (1,153). Great percentage booster…which I desperately needed.

Eliminator – defeated Cyril Says (1,947). Still alive! Down to the last 4,096 teams and survived much longer than last year.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 4th place (5-2, 127.46%)

SENFrank01 – 6th place (4-3, 102.24%)

Twitter DT – 4th place (5-2, 108.31%)

Good:  Nine 100-plus scores, including three over 130 (Goddard, Adcock and Joel Selwood) and a ton for new buy Greg Broughton.

Bad: A few of the usual suspects – Shannon Hurn (52) and Shane Mumford (42) are not stars so you have to live with that. But Buddy Franklin (48) is far from the figure that lit up the AFL in 2008.

Ugly: Chad Cornes…and his knee injury that put him out of action for a while, leaving me with star-studded but non-contributing bench of Cornes and Hodge.

Next opponents:

Public League – 8th placed Uninformed (1,870 last week). Good midfielders and Cox/Sandilands ruck combo…capable of a big score.

SENFrank01 – 4th placed The Dominators (2,148 last week). One of the top 1,500 teams overall…looks like my win streak is over!

Twitter DT – 11th placed Dodge This (1,785 last week). Short in defence and has Chad Cornes but with two decent trades, could well become a tough match-up.

Eliminator – Danish Summer (2,228 last week) We have quite a number of the same players but they have more depth and two strong rucks. Last hurrah for me!

Potential changes/trades: With Dempsey and Hodge back this week, might take a gamble and hold onto Cornes for now. We can cash him in at a later date. But it might be time to cash in on Dayne Beams with Beau Muston’s price due to go through the roof after this round following two impressive AFL games so far. And to have any chance of progressing in the Eliminator, I need to upgrade Mumford in the ruck. Fell just short of having enough cash for Dean Cox but went with Hamish McIntosh for an all North Melbourne ruck duo.

Captain: Joel Selwood looks a great choice in what should be another dominant midfield performance by the Cats at Subiaco against the Eagles. Vice captain is a toss-up between Pendlebury and Goddard.

Super Coach 20,138 points overall, 24,227th place – another slight increase but a long way from my season-high overall position in round four.

Last Week: 2,148 points – second best score for the season but also well below my top mark.

League Results

GMHBA – defeated Bite Back (1,999). Good win puts me in outright second and a shot at top spot this weekend.

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 2nd place (6-1, 115.09%)

Good:  Twelve players with 100-plus scores, including five of our six midfielders. Having ‘new guy’ Ablett (150) as captain helped boost our total though Dane Swan produced a 166!

Bad: Six players with under 50 points…including four defenders, three due to injury and the other being new whipping boy Heath Grundy.

Ugly: Unfortunately, the injury situation will probably mean that Grundy has to stay for now. Cornes, Dempsey, Sam Gilbert and Stephen Hill could all potentially be missing this week. If that happens, our battle with Sheeds will be severely hampered.

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 1st placed Sheedy’s Superstars  (2,143 last week). Surprised that he doesn’t have Kepler Bradley, Mark Bolton, Dean Wallis and Kevin Walsh…that is his dream team!

Potential changes/trades: The decision to trade Cornes in Super Coach was forced through the injury to Sam Gilbert. We went for Xavier Ellis at a saving of around 80 grand, the Hawks defender just back from injury and averaging over 100 in the two games he completed fully. We also did the Beau Muston for Dayne Beams trade to raise more funds…now have 250 grand but only eight trades left and upgrades still required down back, in the middle and the second ruck.

Captain: Dane Swan outscored Ablett last weekend and faces lowly Melbourne on Monday. With some doubts over Gazza’s fitness, will go with Swan and hand the vice captaincy to Dean Cox. But just for this week only…

Premium Dream Team

Last Week: 1,529 points – There were worse scores in our league but ours was way off the leaders.

League Results

Public League – lost to Teal Power (1,728). Not a great start.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 6th place (0-1, 88.48%)

Good:  Four 100-plus scores, including vice-captain Brad Sewell’s 133 (49 points higher than captain Bryce Gibbs…damn) and the draft gamble on injured Cat Shannon Byrnes paid off with a whopping 136 return against Essendon.

Bad: Apart from the ruck position, all our reserves scored higher than at least one on-field player in their positions…including Jack Grimes (86) who was our third highest scoring defender.

Ugly: First, I drafted Chad Cornes into midfield by mistake instead of defence. Then, he scores poorly. And now, he requires knee surgery! Oh, and Sam Gilbert has an ankle problem. And have I mentioned Jarrad Waite and Roger Hayden? I know have just three fit defenders from my original draft…

Next opponents:

Public League – 9th placed Sydney Blast  (1,241 last week). Solid but unspectacular team with only one 100-plus player last week…Chris Tarrant!?

Potential changes/trades: Chad Cornes out for reigning Brownlow medalist Adam Cooney in the hope that he has a big second half to the year. Michael Johnson out for teammate Steven Dodd…he was probably the best of what was left.

Captain: Brad Sewell is usually a pretty good choice…though I worry with him facing Sydney on Sunday…

New League, New Headaches! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


This is why you should NEVER, EVER hold a live draft in a fantasy footy comp two weeks prior to the first match…high pick, out for season, team screwed!

The AFL Premium Dream Team kicks off this weekend so if you haven’t yet parted with ten bucks to be part of a “free” competition, do so quickly. Unfortunately, Half Back Flanker probably entered the comp a bit too early! We signed up two weeks ago and our live draft was held on May 19th. And since that time, our back line has been somewhat decimated through injury…and mistakenly drafting Chad Cornes into midfield instead of defence didn’t help either!

Sure enough, one of our early picks went down with knee injury…though I think losing Jarrad Waite for the season is a bigger blow to Carlton than any other team – real or imagined. And I was hoping that Roger Hayden’s calf injury wouldn’t keep him out of many games…it has now turned into a broken leg and two months out of footy! How does that happen?

So here is our patched-up Premium Dream Team squad that will kick off in league play this weekend!

BACKS: Josh Drummond, Bret Thornton, Michael Johnson, Sam Gilbert, Harry O’Brien, Scott McMahon, Jack Grimes.

MIDS: Bryce Gibbs, Chad Cornes, Brad Sewell, Jobe Watson, Bernie Vince, Shane O’Bree.

RUCK: Hamish McIntosh, Jason Blake.

FORWARDS: Jason Akermanis, Aaron Davey, Justin Koschitzke, Cyril Rioli, Ryan Houlihan, Ben McGlynn, Shannon Byrnes.

Only one blemish last week in fantasy league play, the Dream Team public league, but we remain on top of the ladder there and have climbed into the top eight of every other league. And we have sprung a major surprise in the Dream Team Eliminator by scraping past a more highly fancied (and ranked) opponent. A 45-point upset win sees us survive another round and, with a winnable match-up this week, the chances of us progressing a little further are pretty good.


Paddy Ryder takes yet another screamer…and earns more points for me!

Dream Team 16,824 points overall, 19,800th place – big improvement overall, highest since round three.

Last Week: 1,905 points – getting closer to cracking that 2,000 mark again, maybe this week?

League Results

Public League – lost to Fats Rockets (1,918). A 13-point loss was our first in the public league, that’s what happens when you play a team that is actually trying!

SENFrank01 – defeated jays team  (1,543). After a disastrous start, three straight wins sees up jump into the top eight for the first time.

Twitter DT – defeated Mcilvena (1,661). Making good progress in this league as well, nice recovery from last week’s hammering!

Eliminator – defeated The Zacs (1,860). A major boilover – didn’t expect to get this far. Now one of 8,192 teams left!

Ladder Positions

Public League – 1st place (5-1, 134.94%)

SENFrank01 – 8th place (3-3, 100.09%)

Twitter DT – 6th place (4-2, 101.05%)

Good:  Still had seven 100-plus scores despite down days for Chad Cornes, Bryce Gibbs and Chris Judd. Pies pair Davis (149) and Pendlebury (139) stood out while Jed Adcock (121) and Paddy Ryder (104) cracked the ton as well.

Bad: Shannon Hurn (32) has proved to be a poor mid-range choice so far while Shaun Higgins (55) struggled last week with his groin problem. Hard to see Higgins performing as well as he did in the early rounds but at least we have options with Ryan Houlihan and possibly Hayden Skipworth back this week.

Ugly: Keeping Andrew Raines (42) while he was injured has yet to pay off since he returned two weeks ago…and he has now been dropped! With Courtenay Dempsey missing this week with his ankle problem, we only have Raines and the injured Luke Hodge sitting on the bench. Problem!

Next opponents:

Public League – 2nd placed Woosha Warriors (1,794 last week). Another first vs. second clash, winner will take top spot. It will probably be another close one…

SENFrank01 – 16th placed Murphys Demons (1,712 last week). Loaded forward line but a couple of players short in back line – might be in last place but this won’t be a cakewalk.

Twitter DT – 15th placed Krazy Kanadians (1,177 last week). Sorry but the Krazy Kanadians are a Krappy team…that’s great for me this week!

Eliminator – Cyril Says (1,781last week) Amazingly, Cyril Says does not have Cyril Rioli! But they do have a good team with had some injury problems, though it becomes tougher with Houlihan, Krakouer and Dale Thomas all returning.

Potential changes/trades: While I’d prefer to hold onto my trades this week, going one player short in defence is a big risk, particularly at this stage of the Eliminator. The Roger Hayden injury may have opened the door for Greg Broughton to play every week in Freo’s defence and he has averaged 60 points in his two appearances. A trade with Raines would gives us an extra 150 grand to use for upgrading players later on in the year. Might have to do it…

Captain: With Carlton looking to bounce back after the Adelaide debacle, and facing West Coast at home, Chris Judd and Bryce Gibbs look like good options. Juddy rarely plays two bad games in a row but we will stick with Gibbs, who has the highest average score in our squad.

Super Coach 17,990 points overall, 26,886th place – creeping up slowly despite our second lowest weekly score for the year.

Last Week: 1,860 points – good enough to win league matches but scores are suffering as we hold off upgrading our trouble areas.

League Results

GMHBA – defeated Buddy’s Boys (1,605). Four wins in the past five matches sees us stay in second spot behind the undefeated Sheedy’s Superstars.

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 2nd place (5-1, 116.62%)

Good:  Six 100-plus scores, including a few unlikely sources. Brent Reilly received a last-minute reprieve from the Crows after initially being dropped at selection and I came very close to trading him. He responded with 103 points.

Bad: Shane Mumford might produce some long-term gain when it comes to upgrading him for a good ruckman when his price is high. But until then, we have to suffer some short term pain (28 points last week). Also had five other scores under 60 and down days from Judd (66), Chapman (69) and Bartel (76).

Ugly: Paul Chapman’s finger! That injury will see him miss some football and we don’t want to make any more trades there just yet. So we have to go with three rookies or both Higgins and Skipworth, neither of which are guaranteed to play.

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 3rd placed Bite Back  (2,031 last week). Topped 2,000 with one ruckman and one forward short. We might be in trouble this week!

Potential changes/trades: With eleven trades left and a great start to the league, we might save our trades as we look like scraping up a full side, provided Higgins or Skipworth are fit to play. Will keep a close eye on Higgins though…if his groin is cactus then next week might be the best time to cash him in.

Captain: Might go with the Friday night game again – this time we have the choice of Judd or Dean Cox. While the West Coast ruckman usually delivers, you get the feeling that Mr Judd might fire against his old club.

Where Injuries Are Always An Excuse! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


The Ablett groin injury has affected many fantasy coaches this season. Not me! But I have enough problems of my own…

There are no excuses for defeat in the real world of AFL. It doesn’t matter how many injuries you have, you get pumped by your opponent and you feel the heat. Ask Collingwood! But, as Mick Malthouse says ad nauseum whenever his Pies are missing players, it’s all about pitting the best twenty-two players you have available against their best twenty-two. Sure – he craps on quite a bit after a loss…but he doesn’t make excuses.

Well, it doesn’t quite work that way in fantasy footy. Along with many other fantasy coaches, injuries are having a major effect on results over the past couple of weeks. It started with Andrew Raines in round one but other fantasy favourites like Gary Ablett, Hayden Skipworth, David Hille, Brent Harvey, Luke Hodge, Shaun Higgins, Paul Chapman and most Collingwood players are leaving plenty of sides unable to field a full team.

And while both our AFL Dream Team and Herald Sun Super Coach squads were short between one and three players last round, it didn’t really impact too greatly in league play. Three wins from our four leagues and progression in the Dream Team Eliminator competition was a fair result considering my personnel problems. The big question is…will we be able to field a full line-up this weekend? We have been keenly awaiting team selections to find out and things are looking good for Higgins, Chapman and Ziebell. But there are also a couple of youngsters that would give our teams a boost that need to be purchased this week before they increase in value.

Also, forgot to mention that the live draft for my Premium Dream Team has been held but the opening round for the league is next weekend. Once we get through this round and (touch wood!) our players stay out of the medical room, we will reveal our team as we have another shot at Premium-style glory!


Amazingly, Courtenay Dempsey is one player who has not missed a single game and his 97 helped us to a win in the SENFrank league! Now for some consistency please…

Dream Team 14,919 points overall, 24,307th place – down slightly, amazed it wasn’t slightly more…

Last Week: 1,761 points – second worst weekly tally of the season. So much for getting better as the season goes on!

League Results

Public League – defeated Spartans (1,592). The team with the least injuries won…

SENFrank01 – defeated Doctor Pink (1,717). Second straight win in this league…on an injury ravaged roll!

Twitter DT – lost to D Team (2,141). Guess which of my opponents had a full team…and quite a good team at that!

Eliminator – defeated Bob Neill Allstars (1,492). Survived three rounds now but any further would defy our overall ranking. Could be our last hurrah.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 1st place (5-0, 145.73%)

SENFrank01 – 10th place (2-3, 96.32%)

Twitter DT – 9th place (3-2, 98.63%)

Good:  Only five 100-plus scores but Pavlich (146) and Judd (130) produced big ones. Next best with a score of 97…Courtenay Dempsey. Has played every game this year without breaking something and can hopefully show more consistency as the season wears on.

Bad: Depleted forward line with three injured and Taylor Walker and Mitchell Brown combining for just 61 points. Having elected to hold onto Andrew Raines after his knee injury, his return resulted in a measly 39.

Ugly: Chad Cornes at home against Richmond sounded like a good choice as captain but his 77 points was 13th best in our team, Pavlich more than doubling Chad’s output. Bad choice…

Next opponents:

Public League – 2nd placed Fats Rockets (1,810 last week). Top of the table clash between what appears to be the only two teams that give a darn in this league!

SENFrank01 – 9th placed jays team  (1,628 last week). They should do better this week if Ziebell and Houlihan play but a win could see us crack the top eight and maybe leapfrog Francis Leach.

Twitter DT – 14th placed Mcilvena (1,617 last week). Could have Didak, Higgins and Ziebell back this week so another loss is a real possibility

Eliminator – The Zacs (1,922 last week) An overall ranking of 932…yep, we’re in trouble!

Potential changes/trades: Melbourne’s Jack Grimes is a prime candidate for our back line and with Jared Petrenko’s status as a regular senior player in doubt, a trade would be great. Problem is…we don’t have enough cash in the cap to cover the difference. We can’t see West Coast’s Mitchell Brown gaining much more value from here and a swap for Collingwood’s Steele Sidebottom would free up enough cash for Grimes. That would be ten trades down already…gulp!

Captain: Leaning towards Bryce Gibbs as he returns to his hometown for a date with the Crows, though Goddard at home against Brisbane and Pendlebury running around at Subiaco are not bad options either.


Jimmy Bartel has stepped up in lil’ Gazza’s absence for Geelong…so why didn’t I make him captain last week?

Super Coach 16,130 points overall, 27,567th place – also up a little, also slightly miraculous

Last Week: 1,937 points – a full squad would have seen us top 2,000…but not by much!

League Results

GMHBA – defeated Damo’s Dropkicks (1,851). Also a couple of players short but we did well enough for a third straight win.

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 2nd place (4-1, 116.76%)

Good:  Eight 100-plus scores, including the captain Dean Cox (113). But good could have easily been great with Pavlich (150) as skipper…or amazing if it was Jimmy Bartel (184)!

Bad: Stephen Hill and Taylor Walker in the 30’s plus Brent Reilly, Shane Mumford and Heath Grundy in the 50’s. Won’t challenge for league honours with scores that low from mid-priced and rookie players.

Ugly: Having Ziebell and Higgins out of the forward line was bad enough but then losing Chapman on Saturday as well was awful. If all three are back this week, and Skipworth not far away, we are suddenly sitting pretty up forward.

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 8th placed Buddy’s Boys  (2,078 last week). Provided we have 22 players this week, this should be a really close contest.

Potential changes/trades: Still have over 400 grand in the cap, which we were planning to sit on for the moment as we decide on an elite midfielder to bring in. And Mumford has put up ok numbers while increasing his value by 110 grand, though we will wait until Brad Ottens is back before cashing Mumford in.

One definite move we will make this week is for Grimes, who is averaging 100 points from his two games. To think we can trade for him with Jared Petrenko and receive some change, that’s a great deal! The other potential move could be the trading of Brent Reilly, who was originally dropped this weekend by the Crows before receiving a late reprieve. Do we trade him now for an elite like Dal Santo or Sewell or bring in Hawk Ben McGlynn? He has averaged 97 in two starts and if we get him now before his price rise, this would see us make an 100 grand for the cap.

Captain: Hard to go past Dean Cox running rampant at Subiaco though I like Bartel and Chapman to have big games on Friday night against the Dogs.