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Where Injuries Are Always An Excuse! (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)


The Ablett groin injury has affected many fantasy coaches this season. Not me! But I have enough problems of my own…

There are no excuses for defeat in the real world of AFL. It doesn’t matter how many injuries you have, you get pumped by your opponent and you feel the heat. Ask Collingwood! But, as Mick Malthouse says ad nauseum whenever his Pies are missing players, it’s all about pitting the best twenty-two players you have available against their best twenty-two. Sure – he craps on quite a bit after a loss…but he doesn’t make excuses.

Well, it doesn’t quite work that way in fantasy footy. Along with many other fantasy coaches, injuries are having a major effect on results over the past couple of weeks. It started with Andrew Raines in round one but other fantasy favourites like Gary Ablett, Hayden Skipworth, David Hille, Brent Harvey, Luke Hodge, Shaun Higgins, Paul Chapman and most Collingwood players are leaving plenty of sides unable to field a full team.

And while both our AFL Dream Team and Herald Sun Super Coach squads were short between one and three players last round, it didn’t really impact too greatly in league play. Three wins from our four leagues and progression in the Dream Team Eliminator competition was a fair result considering my personnel problems. The big question is…will we be able to field a full line-up this weekend? We have been keenly awaiting team selections to find out and things are looking good for Higgins, Chapman and Ziebell. But there are also a couple of youngsters that would give our teams a boost that need to be purchased this week before they increase in value.

Also, forgot to mention that the live draft for my Premium Dream Team has been held but the opening round for the league is next weekend. Once we get through this round and (touch wood!) our players stay out of the medical room, we will reveal our team as we have another shot at Premium-style glory!


Amazingly, Courtenay Dempsey is one player who has not missed a single game and his 97 helped us to a win in the SENFrank league! Now for some consistency please…

Dream Team 14,919 points overall, 24,307th place – down slightly, amazed it wasn’t slightly more…

Last Week: 1,761 points – second worst weekly tally of the season. So much for getting better as the season goes on!

League Results

Public League – defeated Spartans (1,592). The team with the least injuries won…

SENFrank01 – defeated Doctor Pink (1,717). Second straight win in this league…on an injury ravaged roll!

Twitter DT – lost to D Team (2,141). Guess which of my opponents had a full team…and quite a good team at that!

Eliminator – defeated Bob Neill Allstars (1,492). Survived three rounds now but any further would defy our overall ranking. Could be our last hurrah.

Ladder Positions

Public League – 1st place (5-0, 145.73%)

SENFrank01 – 10th place (2-3, 96.32%)

Twitter DT – 9th place (3-2, 98.63%)

Good:  Only five 100-plus scores but Pavlich (146) and Judd (130) produced big ones. Next best with a score of 97…Courtenay Dempsey. Has played every game this year without breaking something and can hopefully show more consistency as the season wears on.

Bad: Depleted forward line with three injured and Taylor Walker and Mitchell Brown combining for just 61 points. Having elected to hold onto Andrew Raines after his knee injury, his return resulted in a measly 39.

Ugly: Chad Cornes at home against Richmond sounded like a good choice as captain but his 77 points was 13th best in our team, Pavlich more than doubling Chad’s output. Bad choice…

Next opponents:

Public League – 2nd placed Fats Rockets (1,810 last week). Top of the table clash between what appears to be the only two teams that give a darn in this league!

SENFrank01 – 9th placed jays team  (1,628 last week). They should do better this week if Ziebell and Houlihan play but a win could see us crack the top eight and maybe leapfrog Francis Leach.

Twitter DT – 14th placed Mcilvena (1,617 last week). Could have Didak, Higgins and Ziebell back this week so another loss is a real possibility

Eliminator – The Zacs (1,922 last week) An overall ranking of 932…yep, we’re in trouble!

Potential changes/trades: Melbourne’s Jack Grimes is a prime candidate for our back line and with Jared Petrenko’s status as a regular senior player in doubt, a trade would be great. Problem is…we don’t have enough cash in the cap to cover the difference. We can’t see West Coast’s Mitchell Brown gaining much more value from here and a swap for Collingwood’s Steele Sidebottom would free up enough cash for Grimes. That would be ten trades down already…gulp!

Captain: Leaning towards Bryce Gibbs as he returns to his hometown for a date with the Crows, though Goddard at home against Brisbane and Pendlebury running around at Subiaco are not bad options either.


Jimmy Bartel has stepped up in lil’ Gazza’s absence for Geelong…so why didn’t I make him captain last week?

Super Coach 16,130 points overall, 27,567th place – also up a little, also slightly miraculous

Last Week: 1,937 points – a full squad would have seen us top 2,000…but not by much!

League Results

GMHBA – defeated Damo’s Dropkicks (1,851). Also a couple of players short but we did well enough for a third straight win.

Ladder Positions

GMHBA – 2nd place (4-1, 116.76%)

Good:  Eight 100-plus scores, including the captain Dean Cox (113). But good could have easily been great with Pavlich (150) as skipper…or amazing if it was Jimmy Bartel (184)!

Bad: Stephen Hill and Taylor Walker in the 30’s plus Brent Reilly, Shane Mumford and Heath Grundy in the 50’s. Won’t challenge for league honours with scores that low from mid-priced and rookie players.

Ugly: Having Ziebell and Higgins out of the forward line was bad enough but then losing Chapman on Saturday as well was awful. If all three are back this week, and Skipworth not far away, we are suddenly sitting pretty up forward.

Next opponents:

GMHBA – 8th placed Buddy’s Boys  (2,078 last week). Provided we have 22 players this week, this should be a really close contest.

Potential changes/trades: Still have over 400 grand in the cap, which we were planning to sit on for the moment as we decide on an elite midfielder to bring in. And Mumford has put up ok numbers while increasing his value by 110 grand, though we will wait until Brad Ottens is back before cashing Mumford in.

One definite move we will make this week is for Grimes, who is averaging 100 points from his two games. To think we can trade for him with Jared Petrenko and receive some change, that’s a great deal! The other potential move could be the trading of Brent Reilly, who was originally dropped this weekend by the Crows before receiving a late reprieve. Do we trade him now for an elite like Dal Santo or Sewell or bring in Hawk Ben McGlynn? He has averaged 97 in two starts and if we get him now before his price rise, this would see us make an 100 grand for the cap.

Captain: Hard to go past Dean Cox running rampant at Subiaco though I like Bartel and Chapman to have big games on Friday night against the Dogs.


A Weekend Of Hate! (The Lost Weekend)

Hands off fellas – all these balls are mine! (Source: Getty Images – Quinn Rooney)

Ah, the hatred – so therapeutic! Hate Ya Guts round is done for another year and apart from a few exceptions, the weekend delivered quite a few top games with plenty of argy-bargy. That Essendon-Carlton game, even though it was entertaining and high-scoring, really lacked the intense hatred that traditional and bitter rivals should feel for each other. No punches, no reports…what in the world is wrong with these guys?

Thank goodness for the Western Derby and the Showdown! Those games were brutal, compelling and the hatred was always evident – great games!

But it seems there may have been an unsavoury incident during Friday night’s Bulldogs-Saints match where Hate Ya Guts round turned into Grab Ya Nuts round! There may be trouble for Robert Harvey (the last person you’d expect to be grabbing people there!) after the umpire received a complaint from Jason Akermanis (the last person you’d expect that anyone would want to grab there!)

Good luck to the League officials who would have to investigate this one…bags not inspecting Exhibit A! And for those of you who were wondering, the television footage of the incident was inconclusive…meaning that they couldn’t find anything. Obvious joke, yes – but it needed to be said.

In other results yesterday:

A few stories floating around today:

What Time Is It? Time For More Hatred! (Round Three – Hate Ya Guts!)

Um…where is everybody?

Remembered to wind your clock back an hour after an extra week of Daylight Savings Time? Though it would be quite funny if 70,000 packed the MCG one hour early for the Richmond-Collingwood game – those two sets of supporters, sitting around, nothing to do, Hate Ya Guts round…the intensity in the stands could match that on the field!

But no supporter in their right mind would miss out on Hate Ya Guts round, unless a few Richmond fans have wound their clocks back 30 years – and you couldn’t blame them for trying, could you?

Just in case you were rocking out to Queens of the Stone Age at the V Festival and completely forgot about the footy, here’s what happened:

Today’s action:
Happy Anniversary?
Skilled Stadium, Geelong – 1:10pm (local): Geelong v Melbourne (FOX)


MCG, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Richmond v Collingwood (SEVEN)


The Best Baa By Faa?

AAMI Stadium, Adelaide – 4:10pm (local): Adelaide v Port Adelaide (FOX)

Close One, Mate! (Round Two – Australia, You Bloody Beauty!)

Well, let me tell a story about a man names Jed! In doubt before the match, the young Lion kicked the winning goal in Brisbane’s narrow win over Collingwood in the opening match of Australia You Bloody Beauty round last night. The win clearly delighted coach Leigh Matthews, who treated us all with a post-siren double fist-pump in the coaches box, which is always nice. Meanwhile Mick Malthouse, believe it or not, is unhappy with a group of League officials. Is this man ever happy?

But Jed Adcock was the hero of the night. Clearly, he was drawing on the awesome psychological power of a match played five years ago which he had nothing to do with…well, that’s what he will tell Michael Voss anyway.

AYBB Round continues today with four matches:



MCG, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Melbourne v Western Bulldogs (TEN)



Indian Pacific

AAMI Stadium, Adelaide- 2:40pm (local): Adelaide v West Coast (FOX)

  • The pride of South Australia will host the powerhouse from Perth in a tribute to the completion of the Trans-Australian Railway in 1917, providing an important transport link between Western Australia and the eastern states.
  • The railway includes the world’s longest stretch of dead-straight track (478 km, if you don’t mind!) and the Indian Pacific rail service makes the 4352km journey from one end of the country to the other. 4352 km…that probably about as far as the Magpies have travelled for away games in the past fifteen years!
  • In a gesture of goodwill for AYBB Round, the Eagles elected to take the rail journey from Perth to Adelaide for the match against the Crows. They left on Tuesday and managed to squeeze in training sessions during stops at Kalgoorlie and Port Augusta.
  • The connection between the two states is strong, particularly with their disdain at the arrogance of Victoria, but it was only enhanced in 1994 when the Crows traded with Fremantle for a young Andrew McLeod. It started a chain of questionable player deals from the Dockers but both the Crows and Eagles loved it!
  • West Coast have another link to Adelaide – electing to hand an AFL debut to draftee Brad Ebert. The Ebert name is massive in South Australia and the Crows were questioned when they overlooked the kid in last year’s draft. The locals will be quite unimpressed if the kid looks the goods today.
Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 7:10pm (local): St Kilda v Carlton (TEN)
  • A cultural movement in this country during the first half of the twentieth century, the six o’clock swill was the result of legislation that bars would close at 6pm so the men would get back home to their wives.
  • As a result, the workers who finished at 5pm had one hour in which to consume as much beer as they could before closing. Kevin Rudd would have been horrified!
  • The Saints were selected to play in this tribute match due to their long-time party club reputation, particularly during the heady days of the St Kilda social club. But the modern day Sainters are also well represented in the swilling stakes.
  • Carlton’s link to alcohol is very strong and the Blues were the obvious choice for this contest. The name alone is probably enough but also consider that businessman John Elloitt had control over the brewery and the footy club at various stages. But, of course, he’s lost control of both entities and his mind…but who doesn’t love listening to his carry-on!
  • Then, of course, there is this guy…



We WonBob Hawke

Subiaco, Perth – 5:40pm (local): Fremantle v Hawthorn (FOX)

Round Two – Australia, You Bloody Beauty!

Go Aussie Go Eureka

(Source: australiaday.gov.au)

Last week saw the start of the AFL season and The Great Unveiling. Now, with Richmond and North Melbourne launching the Eureka Match on Sunday- a tribute to the Australian workers – let’s take this opportunity to celebrate some other significant events in our nation’s history. Welcome to ‘Australia You Bloody Beauty’ round!

From milestone moments to amazing sporting victories, every match this weekend will be played in honour of the achievements and endeavours that makes our friendly little island the envy of the world! Sure, we like to wee in public a bit…but we really are a great nation! And is there a better way to celebrate than with eight games of footy?



LIONS by 18: Brisbane in a close one…provided Jono Brown is fully hydrated after last week’s game. That’s no guarantee though – we doubt that water would be Browny’s drink of choice.

DOGS by 8: Those fans who bother to turn up will be treated to a better contest than most are expecting…though it’s hard to see Melbourne actually winning.

CROWS by 25: Andrew McLeod reckons they will go on the attack this week…for our tips sake, let’s hope the wayward Nathan Bock is in defence!

SAINTS by 45: Carlton will need to do more than just tunnelling on Nick Riewoldt in order to stop the Saints…can we suggest they try some pipe-jacking?

DOCKERS by 26: Well…if Hawthorn win, the local media will be asking some tough questions and Mark Harvey will end up stabbing a journo in the eye with a pen! And we don’t want that to happen now, do we? Do we?

SWANS by 5: The Swans are still planning to use that grind-it-out style of play…yep, that’ll bring the crowds in!

CATS by 30: Essendon are full of belief and the Cats won’t have their best line-upbut…come on, it’s Geelong!

TIGERS by 11: If this was the reaction to last week’s victory, imagine what’s going to happen if they win two in a row? Potentially, that’s a lot of wee!

Tonight’s action:


Get Married, Move To Queensland

GABBA, Brisbane – 7:40pm (local): Brisbane v Collingwood (SEVEN)

Stay Away From Nick Riewoldt’s Underground Passage!(Media Street)

Are You There Nick? 

Nick? Are you down there? Can you hear us?

Tunnelling. Nick Riewoldt doesn’t like it. Matthew Richardson doesn’t like either. Craig Bolton has never even heard of it…and apparently he’s an expert. Yep, it’s this week’s Football In Crisis issue! So, what the heck is this tunnelling business anyway?

Sydney Game Plan

EXCLUSIVE: Sydney’s New Game Plan

Tunnelling occurs when a forward flies for a mark and the defender takes out the player’s legs whilst in the air. This happened more than once to Nick Riewoldt when Craig Bolton ran under him in the St Kilda-Sydney game, leaving him…well, shafted basically! 

Even though Riewoldt’s spectacular falls were by far the most interesting thing to happen in that game on Saturday night, the Saints are making a formal complaint about what they see as a deliberate tactic. The Swans are feeling victimisedagain.

So, what’s going to happen? The League will say that this was not a deliberate tactic but the umpires will start awarding free kicks on defenders standing under the airborne forward…starting right now. Well, they should have blown the whistle on these incidents with Riewoldt in the first place but clearly, the umps were too busy awarding frees for in-the-back to players who flop forward the instant a tackler makes contact.

Either way, if you think that Nick Riewoldt gets his fair share of free kicks already…you ain’t seen nothing yet!

In non-tunnelling news:

The Greatest Unveiling Of All (Round One – The Great Unveiling)

Grizzly Adams 

We really need more beards in footy – great work Frase!

With all the great unveilings this week, the most impressive debut of round one must surely go the Fraser Gehrig’s new beard. Is it eligible for a Rising Star nomination? Just goes to show that even in the twilight of your career, beaten up old footy players can try new things and still have growth in them. 

Let’s pray the beard stays when the big fella runs out for the Saints again…hopefully, accompanied by a nice Bruce Doull-style head band. Celebrating 150 years of football in style…

Anyway, three more opening round matches were played yesterday. Just in case you spent the whole day trying to catch a glimpse of Nicole Kidman’s underwear (and what self-respecting Australian wouldn’t be up for that!), here’s what happened:

Today’s action:


Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 1:10pm (local): Western Bulldogs v Adelaide (FOX)


MCG, Melbourne – 4:40pm (local): Hawthorn v Melbourne (FOX)