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Round Thirteen – An Unlucky Number For Some!


Unlucky number 13? Not for Andrew Lovett…it’s his incredibly f$@#ing lucky number!

It is an unlucky number for some people. In fact, fear of the number 13 is officially recognised as a fair dinkum phobia! It’s called Triskaidekaphobia…and clearly Brendon Fevola suffers from it if Friday night is any indication. Actually, he must have plenty of phobias that have caused him to not give a shit during various games in his career. The poor bloke…


Speaking of lucky numbers, Nick Naitanui makes it great to love the West Coast number 9 again!

Obviously, nobody from Geelong or St Kilda is afflicted with Triskaidekaphobia as both clubs have started the season undefeated with thirteen straight wins. They face each other next week…you might be made aware of it this week. Approximately 458 times! So beware…


Ah, Barry? Are you serious? Are you that bloody stupid? Yep. appears so!

Adelaide’s Ben Rutten was also a little unlucky on Saturday when his number was drawn out at random in the Barry Hall Brain Fade Sweepstakes. First prize was a smack in the head! Hall has done worse during his career; much, much worse; but you can pretty much guarantee that the number of AFL games he has left with the Swans is less than thirteen!


Sure I just broke my leg but…man, this pain whistle is freakin’ awesome! I’m the luckiest man alive!!!

Once the morphine wears off, young Roo Ben Warren will be feeling more than a touch unlucky. Jade Rawlings will now be feeling a little bit unlucky…that his side doesn’t play the West Coast Eagles in Melbourne every week. But the unluckiest people from last week…Michael Jackson fans who had bought tickets for his comeback tour! And don’t forget the Farrah Fawcett fans too…

The Games:


Hey, none of this is my fault! If you pricks just kicked the ball exactly where I want it every single time, I can just kick goals and be a legend. So wake up to yourselves boys!!!

Look out, Carlton is coming…undone! Essendon destroyed the Blues by 69 points in front of a massive crowd at the ‘G on a night where the Bombers could do no wrong. Even their bad news was relatively good. The loss caused major embarrassment for the favoured Blues and the coach might be getting a little fed up with his flakey, disinterested, sook-arse full forward. Would they dare drop him? Yeah, right!


Well, you guys try telling Barry that he’s being a dickhead…I’m not gunna do it! Do you think I’m crazy?!

Barry Hall and Sydney hit Adelaide with everything they had but the Crows fought back late to win a vital game that could just about sink the Swans for 2009. With the freakish Brett Burton due back shortly, the Crows appear finals bound…and no team would want to visit the city of Adelaide in September!


Heath Shaw shows that it’s much better to fly than to lie!

See what happens when the dickhead element at a footy club is reigned in? Pay attention Carlton and Sydney! Swan, Didak and Shaw come up big as the Pies bulldoze Fremantle in the second half and stick it to all those nasty, nasty critics. The Dockers also lost Matthew Pavlich to injury and are fast running out of excuses. Nah, Mark Harvey will come up with a few more yet…


Unhappy? Vossy looks fairly happy to me…but then he has always been pretty pleased with himself!

Melbourne may have picked first in the 2008 draft but Brisbane may have been the biggest winner by selecting Daniel Rich. The Lions were also easy winners on Saturday night as the Demons continue to stink up the competition. But fear not, loyal Dees fans – Gary Lyon will come back soon and fix everything…as if he would leave his cushy media gigs to coach that lot!


Charming! But she was right…LeCras missed the shot so it was only worth one finger.

Hawthorn’s attempt to defend their 2008 premiership was already looking shaky….and it just got a whole lot worse! Nic Naitanui, the Fijian-born rookie who did stuff-all for three quarters, sparked the West Coast Eagles with three final quarter goals for a famous win that leaves the Hawks in all sorts of bother. Once John Worsfold figures out what to make of the kid, he should be a beauty!


Yes, Mrs Murdoch, I am wearing Bonds! They’re very comfy undies!

Geelong warm up for the St Kilda game with a cruisey win over Port Adelaide and continue to put together an amazing sequence of sustained awesomeness. Mark Thompson has now extended his contract for another couple of seasons…wonder how many milliseconds he took to mull over that one? Mark Williams, on the other hand, must be pissed that his contract situation is blowing up in the midst of his team’s sucky streak. That’s probably why he has gone into Terry Wallace salesman mode in order to save his own arse…



It was a hard slog, and the coach thought they were a little bit sleepy, but the Westen Bulldogs stayed in the box seat for a top four spot with a win over the Crockeroos. The new North Melbourne coach was pleased with the direction his team was taking and one rookie in particular. Well, he didn’t break his leg so that gives him an edge over their other first year players!


Sorry Max, it’s too late to take you to the hospital…we have to deliver this baby right here, right now!

If you’d have said that one team would fail to kick a goal in the first quarter of the St Kild-Richmond game, it would have to be Richmond, right? Wrong! The Saints were down two goals to zip at quarter time! Of course, they responded by keeping the Tigers away from goal for about 90 minutes or so and kept their unbeaten reord intact for another week. Now they play Geelong and coach Ross Lyon is getting excited…if he is, it might just be for the first time in his life!


Round Three – Should Have Laid Off The Choccy Eggs!


Heath Shaw – seems like a touch…a touch too much!

Talk about having a crappy Easter break! Collingwood’s Heath Shaw would have been feeling sick to his stomach all weekend without the aid of a single chocolate egg (or many of them in succession, like the rest of us!) after his report for touching an umpire last Thursday night. Unfortunate because it was actually Alan Didak who touched the umpire, Shaw was just covering up for him…again!


Now this is the best way to touch an umpire…gently, respectfully and with a smile!

The matter has been sent straight to the tribunal so it will be a pretty big night there…particularly if there are a few players who elect to contest charges stemming from round three. But while some people in footy might have had a crappy Easter weekend; Heath Shaw, John Worsfold and Terry Wallace immediately spring to mind; it pales into insignificance compared to the anguish that the family and friends of ex-Hawk and footy documentary whiz Rob Dickson must be feeling. How sad…knocks the stuffing out of you, doesn’t it!

The Games:


Busted nose for Steve Johnson…guess he won’t be able to rely on his looks anymore!

Geelong continue on their merry way as they steamroll Collingwood…causing the normally-obtuse Mick Malthouse to deal in the bleeding obvious. The Pies were made to pay for numerous acts of inaccuracy…which makes you wonder whether Heath Shaw meant to grab the ump’s arm or was actually trying to grab him elsewhere and just plain missed! Bloody skill errors…


Be it celebrating with teammates or wrestling with opponents, Kossie just can’t stop whacking blokes in the head!

St Kilda could hardly have been more impressive during the opening three rounds, and Nick Riewoldt has yet to really get going. So maybe this is (finally) the year of the Saint? The Eagles looked very average and you can just imagine John Worsfold being so pissed that he would have confiscated every Easter egg from his players on the long flight home to Perth!


Two weeks ago, Essendon were a crap team and everybody at Windy Hill hated Hayden Skipworth…seems neither of those things are correct.

Carlton’s rise to premiership glory stalls after the Bombers win a classic in front of seventy thousand at the ‘G. If only Fev wasn’t injured, and if only Matthew Lloyd was really finished as a footballer (like he was last year), the result could have been so different. But…it wasn’t! And a big thanks to the bogan footy family who interrupted a quiet Saturday night dinner at the local Chinese restaurant in Warrnambool with random screams of “Go Bombers”. Made my night!

The Sydney Swans were meant to be Brisbane’s bogey side…sure didn’t look like it! The Lions knock off Sydney at home and it seems like the message of Voss is getting through…though if they are really setting themselves for a return to the big time, beating Collingwood at home is a must. And a Friday night as well…rare territory for Brisbane.


Doesn’t look like Dean Bailey is loving life as Melbourne coach but…



First we had Lloydy, now Warren Tredrea rises from the Useless AFL Player grave to kick six goals as Port bounce back after a poor showing in Perth last week. But come on – they were playing the Demons at home…as if they weren’t going to romp it in! The only problem they were going to have was with discipline…and yes, they struggled in that area again. The coach will be delighted. No, seriously – he will think it’s unreal! He loves tough guys…

The premiership hangover theory can be discarded too as Hawthorn put injury woes and tragedy aside to win easily over North Melbourne. It ended a miserable week for the Roos, Dean Laidley referring to the scrutiny around the chicken sex video as akin to World War III.  Well, without the global significance, the devastation and the mass killings of soldiers and innocent people, of course! Apart from that, yeah – just like a war…

The Crows did manage to handle their week of scrutiny a little better than the Roos, fighting their way to a good road win against the Dockers. Three rounds in and how many wins do Fremantle have? None! Luckily, coach Mark Harvey has a supporter in the coach that just knocked off his team. Grant Thomas is definitely not a supporter…but that probably works in Harvey’s favour!


Will the Tigers find inspiration from Richo snorting his glove through his nose and out his mouth? Well, anything is worth a shot for Richmond…

The Western Bulldogs, a top-four team in good form, had a good win yesterday over Richmond, not a top-four team and not in good form. So the outrage and hysteria about the Tigers seems a little over the top and, dare we say it, contrived by media types who need content for the week. But if Terry Wallace is feeling heat now, imagine what he will cop if they fall to the winless Demons this Sunday!

Look Out Folks…It’s Trade Week! (Six Months Of Silliness)

The Crows broke out their best sandwich board for B&F night…

Well, season 2008 is done! All the goofy Mad Monday costumes have been packed away for another year and the last Sherrin has been booted in anger…at least until pre-season training kicks off. And that is only a matter of weeks away for the bottom eight clubs!

More importantly, all the best-and-fairest winners have been named. Just in case you have been wondering who claimed the big prize at your club, here is the honour roll:

Brett Deledio (right) wins at Richmond while Nathan Brown (left)…um, is absent from the leaderboard. So why is his picture even there?

So, without any footy games to watch (and yes, the International Rules series DOES NOT count!), what do we do for the next six months? Talk footy non-stop, of course! And what better place to start than the maximum-talk, minimum-action of AFL trade week. Will this year be any different? Probably not.

Most interest would have involved the seemingly restless Daniel Kerr but he is now an Eagle for life…like he was going to leave anyways! But the whereabouts of players such as Ryan O’Keefe, Andrew Lovett, Daniel Harris, Mark Seaby and many, many others will be determined this week. Some will be finalised by lunchtime today, others will have to wait until 1:59pm on Friday. Let a full-on week of rumour, heresay and player manager waffling commence…and here’s hoping your team can land a big fish!

Somebody Call The Fire Brigade! (Grand Final Week)


It wouldn’t be a fair dinkum grand final week without some old fashioned espionage! Yesterday was Paul Chapman Fitness Test Day down at Geelong and, not surprisingly, the media went into 1960’s style Beatlemania mode as they flocked to Skilled Stadium and tried everything they could to crash the closed training session. We love the camera man attempting to film training from up the tree wearing the Cats jumper…because that makes him look completely inconspicuous; just your average footy fan with a big-arse camera and broadcast van. A plain-clothed guy with a massive video camera filming from up a tree? Now that would just look suspicious…

Awwww, look fellas. There’s a die-hard Cats fan with a camera watching training from up a tree! How sweet!!! He must really like us…

Yes, the Channel Nine helicopter did make an appearance…as did aircraft representing every other network. And apparently, the whole entire world was watching Chappy train…but that’s the thing about the Melbourne footy media – the world only spans as far west as Geelong and as far north as Kangaroo Ground! But they, like a few of the players, will need to wait a little longer before finding out the make-up of the Geelong side for the big one. Will we see a major selection surprise? Like that guy in the 53 jumper?

Forget Chappy…that number 53 looks like a real goer. Give him a game!

Hawthorn didn’t train yesterday so it was left to publicity-shy president Jeff Kennett to create the Hawk-based headlines. Kennett is expecting victory from his side on Saturday afternoon…of course, he famously expected victory on a Saturday afternoon nine years ago. And look how well that turned out for him! Relax Cats fans, you’ve got it in the bag now…

Jeff wants a repeat of the success from 1989…but he might just find himself well beaten like he was in 1999!

Non-Grand Final news:

Rodney Eade manhandles Scotty West to ensure the reluctant retiree actually goes through with it and doesn’t run out of the room to hide behind a treadmill in the gym!

Would any clubs want a 33 year old with a bung knee? We doubt it…but good luck Westy!

Bounced Out In Straight Sets? (Welcome To Septocemia!)

The second week of the finals series is always a fascinating time. Every year we have two sides who were good enough to finish in the top four, but all of a sudden find themselves fighting for survival after missing out on a preliminary final berth and a nice week off. Some clubs are able to bounce back and progress, others fail to recover and exit the finals series in straight sets!

And it has been mind games-a-go-go leading into this weekend’s cut-throat semi finals with all four teams fighting tooth and nail to award themselves underdog status. And then there is all the speculation over who will risk their injured stars in a do-or-die effort to win on the weekend…which drove one network we all know and loathe to new heights (literally) that only a powerful dose of Septocemia could inspire.

Look, it’s a footballer! And he’s standing on some grass! What a scoop!!!

St Kilda’s closed training session was ambushed by the Channel Nine helicopter yesterday, in an effort to show what most of already know anyways – that Luke Ball might play on the weekend…or he might not. What an exclusive!!! The Saints had their bit of fun by trotting out some other guy in Ball’s number 14 jumper, which the network reported with it’s typical disdain for reality, but they would have not been too concerned about the whole thing. Sorry Tony jones…we just don’t give a shit!

And they wonder why most people think Channel Nine are evil…

But the Saints should be more concerned about yesterday’s headline in the Melbourne Age, the one that screamed “I could have won!”. Oh, wait a sec…we just assumed that it was yet another quote from former St Kilda coach Grant Thomas, who seems to have a bit of trouble letting go. But no, it was Peter Costello talking about last year’s federal election! Funny…they both share that same smarmy, off-putting smirk!

Would you trust either of these men with your vote?

Anyway, we digress…will either of the Dogs or Saints suffer the embarrassment and the inevitable media slaying of being bounced out in straight sets? And will it even matter anyway? We have the AFL equivalent of Roger Federer (Geelong) and Raphael Nadal (Hawthorn) waiting in the wings, preparing for a shot at a grand final berth next weekend. Will any of these four teams playing this weekend have the capacity to shock the football world and knock off a raging hot favourite on preliminary final weekend, like Andy Murray did to Nadal at the US Open last week? Is there a weedy Scotsman amongst this lot that can knock out one of the top seeds and qualify for the big decider?


Aker may have a better chance of winning the Davis Cup than another premiership cup!

Second Semi Final – MCG, 7:50pm (local): Western Bulldogs v Sydney (SEVEN)

SWANS by 9: After being ‘Franklin’d’ last Friday night, the Dogs have been yapping all week about the things they must do. So, if you read all the reports this week, all they need is a call to arms, to go back to the future, find their own spark, respond better to the heat of finals footy and make a few changes…or not. For if they don’t win, 2008 will be a wasted season…but relax boys, there’s no pressure!

In Sydney, the land that football forgot, the Swans appear to be in a happy place. They romped home last week on the field but also won the fierce battle for underdog status too! They have cast off the ‘spent force’ tag (for one week at least…), are choc-full of self belief and will be drawing inspiration from the great Paul Kelly. We think that Sydney will continue to fly the flag for the interstate clubs and keep the coach smiling..well, he has plenty to smile about right now.


Plenty of promise but failing to live up to the hype…is Justin Koschitzke the Chris Guccione of the AFL?

First Semi Final – MCG, 7:30pm (local): St Kilda v Collingwood (TEN)

PIES by 19: Mick Malthouse may not be reading too much into St Kilda’s loss last Sunday but he should read plenty into the loss his Mapgies inflicted on them straight after the Shaw-Didak debacle! It looks good for Collingwood – the captain appears ready to go, the coach is wary and the kids are terrific. And with a massive crowd ready to rock the ‘G, it seems that only another bad dose of ‘blockbusteritis’ could prevent the Pies from qualifying for the prelim!

Ross Lyon’s underdogs are hoping to recover from last Sunday’s beat-down and fire up for the Pies. But having been exposed by the Cats, and with serious doubts over the fitness of valuable midfielder Luke Ball, their chances don’t look good. They didn’t handle the increased pressure of finals footy and they have struggled against the Pies in recent times; all this despite being the trendy pick as the best Victorian challenger for quite a few years now. We predict another blown season and no pot’o’gold at the end of Robert Harvey’s rainbow…but it will give them time to prepare for the supposed arrival of Daniel Kerr!

The Finals – Week Two (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)

Collingwood may have got up last week without the ‘sacked’ Alan Didak…but his dumping helped end our Super Coach season!

After being glued in front of the computer all season to keep track of the fortunes of our fantasy footy comps, it was tough going last weekend when we had no idea how any of the three Half Back Flanker squads were performing in the first week of finals action! But we can tell you that none of our teams are playing this weekend.  In the case of our AFL Dream Team and Premium Dream Team leagues, that is great news…we are straight into the preliminary final after big wins. However, it means that it is season over for our Herald Sun Super Coach team!

After a promising build-up to the finals, those stupid, lying Mapgies and Darren Milburn’s suspension have screwed us over in the worst possible way…losing by 74 points to Team Name in the 2nd Elimination Final. We both had Heath Shaw but If Didak and Milburn both play for us, that is probably the difference between winning and losing! Shattered!

So with two prelims to look forward to next weekend, can relax and just enjoy the footy…provided there are no major injuries, of course! But even though they do not face opponents this weekend, a weekly score is still being counted and there is still some activity in each of our squads…

The Week Off

Premium Dream Team: 18,953 points, 77th place overall – cracked the top hundred so even though there is no opponent this week, we will continue to trade players to keep our score ticking over…top fifty?

2nd Qualifying Final: Defeated 3rd placed Fixymatosis Bunnys 2,009 to 1,885 – easily posted the highest score in our league last week, our opponent was the next best. If that trend continues, we might meet again in the grand final.

Good: Ten 100-plus performers this week plus a double-points effort of 198 from Dean Cox. Andrew Mackie and Bryce Gibbs continue to produce big numbers – both over 130 points while the defensive trio of Whelan, Wheatley and Welsh were nabbed from the free agents list and all topped the ton this week!

Bad: Our Bulldogs representatives are struggling with 50’s from Griffin and Hargreaves while we fear for Matthew Richardson making it all the way to round 22 – managing just a 50 last week and is every chance to sit out the last couple fo games once Richmond’s finals hopes are dashed.

Ugly: Injuries to Eagles duo Hansen and Wirrpanda reducing their output last week and now both out of action this week.

2nd Preliminary Final: Winner of BatterdSosage (1,578 last week) and Big Gunz (1,740 last week) – Big Gunz have Brad Miller and Brendon Lade back this week while BatterdSosage has injury concerns with Jono Brown and Simpson…could be facing the fifth-placed Big Gunz next week!

Potential changes/trades: Even with the week off, we were not prepared to hold onto forwards Hansen and Wirrpanda even though they might only be missing for one match. So they are both gone and into the team comes Stuart Dew (117 last week) and Jarrod Harbrow (98 last week).  If they both perform well this round, we may hold onto them for the prelim final. We have also just traded Ryan Griffin for the in-form Daniel Wells (108 last week, 94 average).

Will the addition of Daniel Wells help us into a grand final next weekend?

Dream Team: 35,170 points, 8,693th place overall – decent jump inside the top ten thousand and with the opportunity to further boost the squad, our overall place might improve even more over the next three weeks.

1st Qualifying Final: Defeated 4th placed Heroes2 2,031 to 1,894 – also posted the highest score in our league to earn a prelim final berth.

Good:  Nine 100-plus performers last week; five of those from the forward line including a big return to form for Brad Johnson (124). Add to this a pair of 90’s from captain Kane Cornes (192) and Cox (99).

Bad: 50 or less from a hobbled Richo, Urquhart and Ibbotson while Griffin and Dalziell didn’t fare much better.

Ugly: With Osborne missing again, four of our starting defenders are good (Ibbotson, Urquhart, Nicoski and Dempster) but far from elite. To win it all, we need Osborne back and at least one upgrade in defence.

1st Preliminary Final: Winner of Moolias (1,725 last week) and Whysie Boi (1,740 last week) – Moolias might struggle with Richmond’s Nathan Brown joining Tippett and Porplyzia on the sidelines but while Whysie Boi will again miss Milburn, Eddie Betts will be back.

Potential changes/trades: Nothing this week but will be keeping fingers crossed that injury does not affect us greatly this weekend. Even though we have three trades and $147,600 left, we would prefer to use that to strengthen a few weaknesses – not replace injured stars!

A healthy Richo would be a massive boost to our premiership tilt!

The Finals – Week One (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)

Shaw and Didak – two key members of our Super Coach squad outed on the eve of the finals! Great work, dickheads…

It’s fantasy footy finals time! All three Half Back Flanker squads will feature in the finals action and we are well positioned to participate in that last Saturday in August in our AFL Dream Team and Premium Dream Team leagues. Having finished first and second in those respective leagues, the week off and a direct path to the preliminary final beckons with victory this weekend.

The fortunes of our Herald Sun Super Coach team, on the other hand, have suffered a quadruple blow. After a narrow loss ended any hope of a top four finish and now a do-or-die rematch with the team that just knocked us off, our two fibbing, boozed up Magpie mates have ruined all our plans to use the last two trades to upgrade our team this week! And did we mention that we have Darren Milburn as well? Although his suspension was reduced to one match, he won’t play this weekend so we haven’t quite figured out how to use our two trades to cover three elite players…

The Qualifying Finals

Premium Dream Team: 16,944 points, 105th place overall – close to cracking the top hundred and hoping to finish in double-digits in one month’s time.

League: 28 points (7-2), 133.24% – 2nd place. Two games behind the undefeated ladder leader Team ManBearPig but finish with the best percentage in our league.

Last Start: Defeated BatterdSosage 1,905 to 1,508 – big win over the team level with us on points to secure second spot but there will be no rematch in week one of the finals.

Good: Five 100-plus efforts this week – Didak (108 ), Birchall (105), Bruce (102), Stokes (101) and Andrew Welsh (100). Dean Cox battled manfully against the gangly Sandilands and scored 98 (196 as captain) while Wirrpanda, Mackie and Priddis cleared 90 points.

Bad: Ryan Griffin and Corey Jones both fell below 60 points this week while Judd, Whelan and Hale didn’t fare much better…but every player topped 50 points so it was not a major problem.

Ugly: Matty Richardson’s awkward landing on Saturday night, jarring his knee in the process. He will be in some doubt for the game this weekend and we can’t afford to hold onto non-contributors in the finals. We just got rid of Didak, will we be forced to dump Richo as well?

2nd Qualifying Final: 3rd placed Fixymatosis Bunnys (1,600 last week)…one of the teams that defeated us during the regular season but had only two 100-plus players last week and will lose Reimers to injury. But big games from Jason Akermanis, Kane Johnson and Paul Medhurst could easily help them to a more than competitive score.

Potential changes/trades: Forced to trade Didak, we went with Melbourne’s Shane Valenti who is averaging more than 80 points over the past month. Unless Richo is out, we can’t see any other changes…but Griffin’s 56 was well below average and with finals coming up, look at some of the midfield free agents we could pick up – Bradd Dalziell, Jarryd McVeigh, Nathan Van Berlo, Travis Boak, Byron Schammer, Daniel Wells. Tempting, isn’t it!

Dream Team: 33,139 points, 10,063th place overall – creeping closer to the top ten thousand and hopefully our scores during the finals will push our overall tally even higher!

League: 56 points (14-1), 120.72% – 1st place – minor premiers! Seven straight wins helped us to top spot but now the real competition begins.

Last Start: Defeated Moolias 1,976 to 1,679 – solid win over the second placed side to wrap up top spot and the highest score of the round in the league.

Good:  Big 100-plus scores for Buddy (139), Nick Stevens (134) and Kane Cornes (125) while Brad Johnson, deledio and rookie Bradd Dalziell also topped the ton.

Bad: Only one of our eight bench players actually took to the field on the weekend and unless Paul Chapman and Michael Osborne play this week, we may need to use more than one of our three remaining trades to plug some gaps.

Ugly: Osborne’s omission from the Hawthorn line-up, and our final-round trade freeze, forced us to play Sean Dempster (34). If Osborne does not recover in time to play this weekend, can we afford to play Dempster in a final?

1st Qualifying Final: 4th placed Heroes2 (1,492 last week) – the only team that has beaten us in this comp but appears to be out of trades as they have Gary Ablett, Chad Cornes, Adam Goodes and Hamish McIntosh still in the side. You can now add Porplyzia to that list but Ablett should be back…and that usually spells trouble for us!

Potential changes/trades: Will hold onto our three remaining trades but have put Chapman back in the starting line-up at the expense of Griffin – a bit risky as Chappy didn’t score too highly in his first game back from injury earlier in the year. Same with Osborne, taking the place of the oft-maligned (by us!) Sean Dempster.

The Elimination Final

Super Coach: 36,583 points, 8,835th place overall – continuing to climb up the overall standings and a great recovery from being outside the top twenty thousands just five weeks ago!

League: 36 points (9-6), 105.99% – 6th place. With other results last weekend, we were destined to miss out on the top four whether we won or lost last week.

Last Start: Lost to Team Name 2,285 to 2,243 – our second highest score of the season was still not enough for victory and it sets up a rematch that could end our season this weekend!

Good: Nine players over 100 points again this week and our captain Joel Corey (270 in total) was the best possible choice.

Bad: We held off from upgrading our side for a few rounds and with the closeness of the competition, and the defeat last week, it may have cost us a top four spot. At the very least, it has landed us in an elimination final against the form team of the league.

Ugly: Losing by just 42 points when your emergency midfielder scores 107! If Bradd Dalziell was on-field in place of Nathan Foley, we win by one point!

2nd Elimination Final: 7th placed Team Name! Second week in a row and sunk us with huge scores from Franklin, Bartel, Jono Brown, Pavlich, Nick Stevens, McLeod, Roughead…If all these stars fire again this week, our season will be over! But if a couple of those guys are down this week, plus the Heath Shaw problem, then it’s anyone’s game.

Potential changes/trades: Two trades, three headaches! We can probably afford to just bench Didak with forwards Valenti and Rioli our two interchange players but we can’t get away with swapping Shaw and Milburn for either Dempster or Magpie teammate Nathan Brown. So the plan is to trade Shaw for Richmond’s Chris Newman, leaving us with around 80 grand for our final trade. From there, we could just bench Milburn for Dempster or Brown and hope we get through…or use that 80 grand for an upgrade.