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They Didn’t Go Marching In But The Saints Are There!(Septocemia – 2009 AFL Finals Series)



Saint Nick’s knee holds up long enough for him to do this…

How about that! In a finals series that has already delivered high drama and some classic finishes, we got another oneThe Saints are in the grand final…but they were this freakin’ close to a shock exit. And if it wasn’t for inspirational skipper Nick Riewoldt, they wouldn’t have made it. It really is that simple. That dodgy knee of his is more valuable than gold right now!

You just knew it was going to end in heartbreak for one of these traditionally down-trodden clubs…but recovering from this will be a massive challenge for Rodney Eade’s men. That loss was so harsh that I can’t even find a way to make fun of loudmouth lair Jason Akermanis! As much as I love doing it, it just feels cruel right now, wrong even…


The power of the red beard was not quite enough for Adam Cooney and the Dogs.

The Dogs dominated the opening quarter and could have built a more than handy lead if not for a couple of squandered opportunities. As a result, the Saints were able to stay in touch and slowly work their way to the front in the third term. Down by five points at three-quarter time, Brad Johnson put the Doggies back in front but it was the other captain that willed his side into the big one next Saturday afternoon.

Whether Johnson returns next season is yet to be determined but it would be a real boost for a wounded club to have that guy back next year.


The hacks have quizzed Rocket every week about recruiting Barry Hall for 2010…imagine if David Schwartz asked him now!

And now we go through it all again tonight with the Cats and Pies and thank you Channel Ten…we can see it LIVE,  baby!  No Channel Seven again in 2009 so no more garden makeovers, no more tasty recipes, No Johanna Griggs and no watching Dr Harry feeding the fish…it’s finals action as it happens!!!


Last night was Channel Seven’s grand final…and didn’t they deliver some high quality family fun!


Second Preliminary Final – MCG, 7:30pm (local): Geelong v Collingwood (TEN)


Matthew Scarlett is hoping to keep his hair for one more week before launching into some post-season stupidity!

Fresh from a nice relaxing week off, Geelong will be buoyed by the inclusion of two vital cogs and now appear to have their strongest available team. Steve Johnson and his dodgy hip will be a bit of an unknown quantity so they need somebody like Tom Hawkins to get on the scoreboard. Cameron Ling is not feeling the pressure now but that might change if Dane Swan gets a few early touches!

Geelong’s Dodgy Headline of the Week: Ling Primed For Ding Dong With Swan! Hmmm…Ling Ding, Swan Dong?


Settle Ed, it was just a semi final! Imagine if they actually won the flag!!! Actually, don’t do that…I dread the very thought.

It would have been difficult to forget about last Saturday night’s miracle win but, more importantly, Collingwood need to forget about what happened in round three! They have improved since then, says no-pressure Mick. How Scott Pendlebury’s broken leg has improved enough for him to play is beyond me…we’ll see.

Collingwood”s Dodgy Headline of the Week: Goldsack Wants Crack at Stevie J! All that’s missing is the defender reference so they could use the words back, crack and sack!

CATS by 19


Welcome to Septocemia!

In 2007, the League decided to take all the excitement, atmosphere and passion of September and suck the life out of it by giving the AFL finals series a lame-arse namewe were given “Septopia”. And didn’t Septopia catch on…

Geelong appeared to reach this mythical state of footballing awesomeness and you can be sure those big-wigs who are showered with corporate box kindness will have suffered a few symptoms! But while there were some exciting moments last September (Buddy Franklin beats the Crows, Collingwood almost make the Grand Final), there were others that weren’t so inspiring (the Roos flogged…twice, Collingwood almost make the Grand Final).

And who could forget the pinnacle of the footy year, the AFL Grand Final, where Geelong embarrassed Port Adelaide by 119 points! If you were at the same GF party as us, the answer to that question was ‘virtually everybody forgot’ as people turned away from the big screen and focused on the snack table!!

Now in 2008, Half Back Flanker is getting all innovative and introducing our own lame-arse marketing concept…we proudly present Septocemia! It gets in your blood, it spreads through your system, it leads to vomiting, hypertension and organ dysfunction…footy fans will love it!!!

The big question in this year’s finals series is…will things be any different this September? The Cats appear to be unstoppable right now and are firm favourites to go back-to-back while Hawthorn and the Bulldogs are in the box seat to become this year’s ‘Port Adelaide’…poor buggers! The Saints may have finished fourth but currently have artificially elevated confidence levels from last weekend…Geelong will fix that for them! And Collingwood are primed for another gutsy but ultimately futile finals run after blowing the chance of a top four berth at Freo last Friday night.

So, can Geelong be stopped? Will Buddy Franklin produce more late-game heroics to get the Hawks back in the grand final? Will Aker’s self-perception of greatness be matched by his on-field play to help guide the Doggies to the big dance? All this and more will be revealed thanks to Septocemia!


YIPEEE!!! We’re in the finals, we’re playing Hawthorn…this is soooo cool!!!

Second Qualifying Final – MCG, 7:50pm (local): Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs (SEVEN)

HAWKS by 23: The Dogs did beat them earlier in the year and the Hawks have a few injury concerns but Buddy Franklin….the guy is awesome! Case closed.

A quick side note: Half Back Flanker will be in Sydney on Friday night and, naturally, will not be able to watch the match live! Sure, Johanna Griggs will help pass the time but what about the damn footy?


Look out South Australia…the Collingwood fans are on their way!!

First Elimination Final – AAMI Stadium, 2:00pm (local): Adelaide v Collingwood (TEN)

PIES by 6: The Crows are saying that they will not fall for that old wounded Mapgie trick…but they are far from healthy themselves. Neil Craig might be fending off criticism for his use of Jason Porplyzia but that will pale in comparison to the bagging he will cop if they are bounced out of the finals at home. This match has Collingwood steal written all over it!


Sydney will have home ground advantage…but can they also get that extra player on the ground this time too?

Second Elimination Final – ANZ Stadium, 7:30pm (local): Sydney v North Melbourne (TEN)

SWANS by 19: There has been quite a rivalry between these two sides for a while now…since the events of 1996 and the Kangaroos’ failed push into NSW. That was only heightened when the Swans had a little extra help in that draw earlier in the year but the Roos are more concerned with payback from last year’s finals exit. But a cold Saturday night in Sydney is possibly the worst place to seek redemption…


The Saints had all the glamour but now Geelong have the glory…

First Qualifying Final – MCG, 2:40pm (local): Geelong v St Kilda (SEVEN)

CATS by 45: Things could hardly be better down at Geelong – a great team, all players fit and firing and not losing any stars to the salary cap…yet.The mighty Cats are also not big fans of St Kilda as they certainly like to point out any differences between the two. And they will take great pleasure in easing past the Saints on Sunday and crushing any sense of optimism that might be held down at Moorabbin.