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It’s Only One Game But…You Gotta Lift! (Media Street)

Shannon Noll

This guy knows how hard it can get! (Source: shannonnoll.com.au)

Plenty of people in the football world are being asked to give the old Shannon Noll CD a listen this week after sub-par performances to start to the new AFL season. You would think that everybody is entitled to a bad game every now and again…but it doesn’t tend to work that way in the AFL.

But who is copping it in the neck after one poor game? How will they respond this week? And if given the choice between a stint in the reserves or sitting through an entire Shannon Noll CD, what would they choose? Tough decision. Personally, we would elect to run out for Williamstown or the Tassie Devils…

So, who’s gotta lift? Come on, we know you’re stronger. Stronger than this!


Daniel Wells: Complete non-factor in North’s loss to the Bombers, Wells was forced to face the media and announce that he will lift his work rate this week. Perhaps the Roos gave Wells a copy of Noll’s CD for Christmas last year…it seems they have been worried for a while about this guy.


Fremantle: Dockers coach Mark Harvey hit back yesterday after some excitable critics got up his nose following their loss to Collingwood. Harvs didn’t seem to take kindly to accusations that his team are headcases and the playing list is older than he is. They wouldn’t want to lose at home this week but we all know that the coach will have Shannonn Noll cranked up to eleven in the changerooms before the match!


Melbourne: There has been plenty of soul searching at the Dees, which you would expect after losing your first round match by 104 points. Now the media are accusing the club of not really having a soul to search. Will they be able to turn it all around this week against the awesome power of Brad Johnson’s toothy grin?

Dickheads: David Neitz wants the AFL to create a separate tribunal designed to punish players for off-field indiscretions. After the last couple of weeks all we can say is…they will be busy!


In non Aussie rock news: