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When The Game Takes Over Our Drunken Idiot Coverage! (2009 AFL Grand Final Preview)



We will now briefly focus on a football game before returning you to your regularly scheduled programming…which, apparently, is this guy!

Relax, people! Once Saturday’s game is over, we can go back to the main reason we all follow the game…what stupid Brendan Fevola up to now and what EVERYBODY ELSE thinks about it! Or maybe you’ve had enough of Fev and would prefer to talk about trades – where Shaun Burgoyne thinks he is going or where Brock McLean says he is going.

Perhaps you are stunned that Marty Clarke is choosing to go home or that Matthew Lloyd is choosing to stay home. But for now, the 2009 AFL Grand Final needs to take centre stage so you’ll just have to make do with that…

Not a bad consolation though…the two best teams in the comp are virtually at full strength (sorry Max fans!) and primed to present us with a fitting finale to the footy season. It’s going to be entertaining day and a great spectacle but, please, remember to behave appropriately. You don’t want to end up like Stupid Fevola (that is, a big blokey legend!), do you?



The secret to St Kilda’s success? Not catching swine flu from the filthy, germ-infested masses!

The dominant team of 2009 but not a clear favourite… a lack of respect or is this just history talking?

The Team
Jason Blake, Zac Dawson, Steven Baker
HB: Brendon Goddard, Sam Fisher, Sam Gilbert
C: Farren Ray, Lenny Hayes, Nick Dal Santo
HF: Andrew McQualter, Justin Koschitzke, Clint Jones
F: Stephen Milne, Nick Riewoldt, Jason Gram
Foll: Steven King, Leigh Montagna, Adam Schneider
I/C: Luke Ball, Raphael Clarke, Sean Dempster, Michael Gardiner
Emg: David Armitage, Jarryn Geary, James Gwilt

In: Dempster
Out: Robert Eddy



The secret to Geelong’s success? Police arresting anybody that goes within one metre of Gary Ablett!

The Team
Darren Milburn, Matthew Scarlett, Corey Enright
HB: Tom Harley, Harry Taylor, Andrew Mackie
C: Joel Corey, Cameron Ling, James Kelly
HF: Jimmy Bartel, Cameron Mooney, Steve Johnson
F: Travis Varcoe, Tom Hawkins, Paul Chapman
Foll: Mark Blake, Joel Selwood, Gary Ablett
I/C: Brad Ottens, Shannon Byrnes, Max Rooke, David Wojcinski
Emg: Shane Mumford, Simon Hogan, Mathew Stokes

No change

So…who wins this bloody thing? St Kilda made the one team change but it will not result in a fairytale send-off for stalwart Max Hudghton. Geelong are unchanged but have sterner opposition compared to last week. Hard to predict a winner with any great confidence; hence the call of a draw’ being quite popular.

For me, the deciding factor is simple…and probably a touch immature, but oh well. I just don’t want to see Stephen Milne win a grand final. The thought of that little twerp receiving a premiership medallion and whooping it up would ruin my entire year.


For the love of God, do not let this twerp win a premiership!

If St Kilda did win and for whatever reason; concussion,  injury, diarrhoea; Milne was not involved at the end, I could live with that. If they could vote him off the podium and replace him with Robert Harvey, even better. But please Geelong..do not let this twerp win!!!

CATS by 22


Ablett or Bartel? How About Neither? (Media Street)

Sorry mate, wasn’t listening! What were you saying again?

Pfffft! It sounded like you said I’ve just won the Brownlow…that’s pretty funny!!

Oh, I did just win the Brownlow…frickin’ sweet!!!

Brownlow babes, botched vote counting, burger rings and a bloody happy Bulldog! That summed up last night’s Brownlow Medal count which was won by…somebody who doesn’t play for Geelong. Adam Cooney of the Western Bulldogs was rewarded for a fine season by squeezing past Brisbane’s Simon Black to win the 2008 Brownlow Medal by one vote. Cooney hit the lead with one round remaining and then endured an agonising final round of votes as, one by one, his closest rivals were left disappointed as they failed to poll in round 22.

Ablett falls just short again…and yes, Jimmy Bartel, it’s all your fault!

Of course, the evening started with that traditional display of football brutes and beauties, the Red Carpet special…which is meant to be all about what the girls look like in their frocks. However, Channel Ten’s focus was more on finding out who everybody was wearing rather than actually showing the whole dress. The cameras barely panned lower than boob level, meaning that you rarely caught a meaningful glimpse of any of the dresses. Not that we are complaining…

Oi! What are you lookin’ at? Eyes off the merchandise!

Ooops…sorry, Grammy! Anyway, once the medal count kicked off, AFL supremo Andrew Demetriou appeared determined to set a cracking pace as he powered through the early votes. Perhaps he wanted the medal count to end on the same day as it started, or maybe he needed to get home by 11:30pm in order to flick on Channel Seven and watch 30 Rock (awesome show, just won an Emmy…and Channel Seven play it around midnight? Idiots!) But by jumping straight into the round two votes, skipping the opening round entirely, the D threw the entire room into temporary chaos…and hysterics! Very entertaining…totally unintentional, of course, but great viewing!

Getting ahead of yourself, Andy D? Everybody know that you take footy one week at a time…even Adrian Anderson is laughing at you!

Once Channel Ten figured out how to get the count back on track, the votes started flying for the likes of Black, Cooney and Matthew Richardson – who appeared to be the people’s favourite judging by the screams of ‘Richo’ every time he chalked up votes. Bookies favourite Gary Ablett remained within striking distance while last year’s winner Jimmy Bartel twiddled his thumbs waiting for some love from the umpires.

Robert Harvey has now walked through more guards of honour than he has played VFL/AFL seasons!

After yet another tribute to retiring St Kilda great Robert Harvey, and some other puff-pieces, the countdown to the final rounds began and it was here that things got really interesting. Black’s early lead was slowly eroded away as Ablett, Cooney and Richo each made up ground before a best-on-ground effort in round 21 from the young Bulldog put him into the lead. That is where he stayed and it was champagne, speeches and that classic burger/engagement ring story.

Cooney was as shocked as those people who placed good money on a few Geelong players when he won the medal. It was clear that he didn’t have a speech prepared but, like the D’s vote counting stuff-up, it was refreshing to see something off-the-cuff and totally unplanned. Bulldogs coach Rodney Eade, who Cooney actually forgot to thank, believes that the Brownlow win will not change Cooney at all…we hope that he is right!

Don’t Call It A Replay! (The Lost Weekend)

It’s a rematch of 1989…without Gazza senior…and Chris Langford…and everybody else who played in 1989!

Well, now we might finally have ourselves a contest! The two raging hot favourites qualified for the 2008 AFL Grand Final after claiming victory in the preliminary finals and the two best teams over the year will fight it out for the flag. Sure – some footy boffins were shouting “1999” from the treetops last week in an attempt to keep everybody interested but there is a darn good reason why Carlton’s upset win over Essendon was so special…shit like that only happens once in a lifetime! But a select number of media types were not only floating theories that an earth-shattering upset could happen again so soon, but twice on the same weekend. Huh?

So forget talk of ’99…now it’s all about 1989! But, please…it’s a rematch, of sorts, from 1989 but it’s not a damn replay! And it’s not a tryst either…isn’t a tryst a meeting between two lovers? How does that even make sense?

While the result of the Cats and Dogs clash on Friday night had a sense of inevitability, at least it was somewhat entertaining as a contest. Saturday night, on the other, produced a total stink-fest with Hawthorn embarrassing St Kilda and bringing the remarkable career of Robert Harvey to a sad end. But while there has yet to be a classic finals encounter this September, the results properly reflect the performance of the teams over the whole season – Geelong clearly the best, Hawthorn’s rise to legitimate challenger, the Dogs much improved but just a shade below the top two and St Kilda fortunate to finish fourth and exposed as pretenders by the two best sides in the comp.

Expect to see the Channel Nine helicopter flying over Buddy’s house tomorrow morning to check the status of his wrist!

And now we can all look forward to one massive week of full-on Septocemia! Brownlow Medal madness (could be a busy night, Catters!), grand final lunches, throwbacks to 1989selection headaches, hourly injury updates and death-by-analysis! And we love every minute of it, don’t we!

Well, not always…not when supposedly intelligent football minds ask dopey question after dopey question i.e. Tim Watson pointlessly quizzing Mark Thompson as to which team he would prefer to play next week after Geelong’s win on Friday night. The fact that Bomber Thompson is a three-time premiership teammate probably saved Watson the indignity of being labelled a f@#$&%g idiot live on national TV. And even then, it must’ve taken a whole lotta restraint!

Um…we’d prefer to play Bendigo, actually! Nobody ever answers that stupid question…ever! So why f@#$&n bother asking?


Doggies fans will be filthy about this for a very, very, very long time!

First Preliminary Final – Geelong 12.11.83 def. Western Bulldogs 7.12.54

There was no repeat of the 1999 shocker as logic ruled on Friday night…well, apart from one glaring umpiring decision! This didn’t rob the Doggies, mind you, so comparisons with Wayne Harmes in 1979 lack a bit of perspective! But it did kill off any hope of them pushing the defending premiers to the absolute limit.

What cost them was poor kicking at goal in the second half… and the hospital pass that set up Brad Johnson for the Max Rooke contest wasn’t too crash hot either. But with the Doggies closing in on Geelong in the third term, a series of missed shots at goal from Nathan Eagleton, Will Minson and Mitch Hahn cost them dearly. Particularly when the Cats stung them on the rebound for Cam Mooney to score, prompting this Brady Bunch-inspired graphic display that captured the moment perfectly!

Here’s the story…of a man named Rodney..who was beaten by some very lovely Cats!

How the Bulldogs respond to their stinging loss will be an interesting storyline in 2009 as they try to back up their top-four finish. But for the Cats, who don’t seem to like these grand final qualifiers all that much, they are back in the big dance and look primed for back-to-back flags. Unless…


We knew Luke Hodge was tough but he went old school crazy tough to lead his Hawks into the GF!

Second Preliminary Final – Hawthorn 18.10.118 def. St Kilda 9.10.64

Hawthorn made a mess of St Kilda – the match was effectively over at half time as the Hawks proved to be too tough and too committed for the Saints. While the result would indicate that they are in fantastic shape heading into the grand final, they do have a number of slight injury concerns. And one of them is Buddy, so expect a dramatic week at Hawks training.

St Kilda may wonder why they have attracted so much criticism for a club that finished fourth but last night demonstrated exactly why they cop it. Yes, they did finish fourth…but it has clearly been a three-horse race since May! With an alleged ‘star-studded’ list, they have yet to make a grand final since 1997 and in the latest chance to go one further, they were kicking consolation goals ten minutes into the third quarter!

And thus ends any hopes of a fairytale finish for Robert Harvey. The curtain has been dropping on Harvey’s stellar 21-year career for two months now but it is well and truly done with now. And this might be the trigger for the Saints to look to their youth in order to maximise their talent and go to the next level. So with the departure of the much-loved Harvey, does this mean the end for one particular annoying little twerp?

Goodbye Harvs…you deserved a better send-off!

Goodbye Milne…you don’t! And yes, we are trying to retire you!

Warm Up Games For Cats And Hawks? (Welcome To Septocemia!)

Geelong fans had to wait 44 years before breaking through last season…now they can barely wait one full week for the next flag!

Yes, we know – anything can happen in a game of football and nothing should ever be taken for granted. And we haven’t had any major shocks in this finals series thus far so a big surprise might just be around the corner. But, really, come on…Geelong and Hawthorn are going to play each other in the Grand Final next Saturday, right? That is clearly the most attractive outcome from this weekend’s preliminary finals…sorry Saints and Doggies fans.

Buddy is inspiring Hawk fans of all ages with his awesomeness…and they all expect him to boot Hawthorn into a grand final!

In fact, the only time that this finals series really came to life was when Buddy kicked eight to sink the Dogs and Geelong crushed St Kilda back in week one! There was a nice attempt from Jason ‘Cocky Cats’ Akermanis to ruffle some feathers this week but it’s hard to take a notorious shit-stirrer seriously. And if the biggest feud we can come up with during the finals is Jason Dunstall verses James Brayshaw, which is more like a ‘sponsorship arrangement’ between Nine and Foxtel than an actual feud, our game must be in big trouble!

The build-up to this weekend’s matches is mostly focused on the fitness of key players and any mention of either St Kilda or the Doggies actually winning is closely followed by the term ‘fairytale’ or ‘pipedream‘! But the time for speculation on the health of Bateman, Ball, Chapman, Cooney, Giansiracusa, Hayes and pals is over. The crowds look like being massive and there are preliminary finals to be played…and won by Geelong and Hawthorn.


Nathan Ablett won’t be at this year’s Grand Final parade but his big brother sure will…and he might be all medalled up already!

First Preliminary Final – MCG, 7:40pm (local): Geelong v Western Bulldogs (SEVEN)

CATS by 39: They are keeping Paul Chapman on ice until the grand final, what does that tell you! And not only do they have plenty of depth to cover the loss, they could replace Chappy with a mid-thirties, unemployed NFL punter and they would still win. The Cats are vowing to be at their best tonight…and that is good enough for us!

Sure, spirits are high down at Whitten Oval and Rodney Eade may well remind his blokes about what happened to Essendon back in 1999 (so do we…watching the Bombers lose by one point in that prelim was our worst ever sporting experience. We wouldn’t wish it on anybody!) but are there any ‘Kouta’s’ in that Doggies line-up? Will Geelong have the equivalent of Hird, Lucas and Jason Johnson sitting in the stands? No? Well, forget about it! Not happening tonight.


Trent Croad needed that extra week off in order to be fully prepared…for Brownlow night, that is! But water only please…he has a big game next weekend!

Second Preliminary Final – MCG, 7:00pm (local): Hawthorn v St Kilda (TEN)

HAWKS by 21: If there is to be an upset this weekend, it appears more likely that it will be Hawthorn who slip up. And if St Kilda do find a way to starve Buddy of the ball, this game could get very interesting. But the Hawks have been the second best team all year…besides, they want to rack up two flags and 50,000 members over the next five years and you don’t achieve that by losing preliminary finals to St Kilda!

St Kilda actually have a slight edge in finals experience having fallen at this hurdle twice in recent seasons. But, even if the Luke Ball gamble pays off, we doubt that they will go one further this time around. The Saints recovered from a so-so start to finish top four, which is a good effort, but that’s about where they should be. Sorry Harvs!

Bounced Out In Straight Sets? (Welcome To Septocemia!)

The second week of the finals series is always a fascinating time. Every year we have two sides who were good enough to finish in the top four, but all of a sudden find themselves fighting for survival after missing out on a preliminary final berth and a nice week off. Some clubs are able to bounce back and progress, others fail to recover and exit the finals series in straight sets!

And it has been mind games-a-go-go leading into this weekend’s cut-throat semi finals with all four teams fighting tooth and nail to award themselves underdog status. And then there is all the speculation over who will risk their injured stars in a do-or-die effort to win on the weekend…which drove one network we all know and loathe to new heights (literally) that only a powerful dose of Septocemia could inspire.

Look, it’s a footballer! And he’s standing on some grass! What a scoop!!!

St Kilda’s closed training session was ambushed by the Channel Nine helicopter yesterday, in an effort to show what most of already know anyways – that Luke Ball might play on the weekend…or he might not. What an exclusive!!! The Saints had their bit of fun by trotting out some other guy in Ball’s number 14 jumper, which the network reported with it’s typical disdain for reality, but they would have not been too concerned about the whole thing. Sorry Tony jones…we just don’t give a shit!

And they wonder why most people think Channel Nine are evil…

But the Saints should be more concerned about yesterday’s headline in the Melbourne Age, the one that screamed “I could have won!”. Oh, wait a sec…we just assumed that it was yet another quote from former St Kilda coach Grant Thomas, who seems to have a bit of trouble letting go. But no, it was Peter Costello talking about last year’s federal election! Funny…they both share that same smarmy, off-putting smirk!

Would you trust either of these men with your vote?

Anyway, we digress…will either of the Dogs or Saints suffer the embarrassment and the inevitable media slaying of being bounced out in straight sets? And will it even matter anyway? We have the AFL equivalent of Roger Federer (Geelong) and Raphael Nadal (Hawthorn) waiting in the wings, preparing for a shot at a grand final berth next weekend. Will any of these four teams playing this weekend have the capacity to shock the football world and knock off a raging hot favourite on preliminary final weekend, like Andy Murray did to Nadal at the US Open last week? Is there a weedy Scotsman amongst this lot that can knock out one of the top seeds and qualify for the big decider?


Aker may have a better chance of winning the Davis Cup than another premiership cup!

Second Semi Final – MCG, 7:50pm (local): Western Bulldogs v Sydney (SEVEN)

SWANS by 9: After being ‘Franklin’d’ last Friday night, the Dogs have been yapping all week about the things they must do. So, if you read all the reports this week, all they need is a call to arms, to go back to the future, find their own spark, respond better to the heat of finals footy and make a few changes…or not. For if they don’t win, 2008 will be a wasted season…but relax boys, there’s no pressure!

In Sydney, the land that football forgot, the Swans appear to be in a happy place. They romped home last week on the field but also won the fierce battle for underdog status too! They have cast off the ‘spent force’ tag (for one week at least…), are choc-full of self belief and will be drawing inspiration from the great Paul Kelly. We think that Sydney will continue to fly the flag for the interstate clubs and keep the coach smiling..well, he has plenty to smile about right now.


Plenty of promise but failing to live up to the hype…is Justin Koschitzke the Chris Guccione of the AFL?

First Semi Final – MCG, 7:30pm (local): St Kilda v Collingwood (TEN)

PIES by 19: Mick Malthouse may not be reading too much into St Kilda’s loss last Sunday but he should read plenty into the loss his Mapgies inflicted on them straight after the Shaw-Didak debacle! It looks good for Collingwood – the captain appears ready to go, the coach is wary and the kids are terrific. And with a massive crowd ready to rock the ‘G, it seems that only another bad dose of ‘blockbusteritis’ could prevent the Pies from qualifying for the prelim!

Ross Lyon’s underdogs are hoping to recover from last Sunday’s beat-down and fire up for the Pies. But having been exposed by the Cats, and with serious doubts over the fitness of valuable midfielder Luke Ball, their chances don’t look good. They didn’t handle the increased pressure of finals footy and they have struggled against the Pies in recent times; all this despite being the trendy pick as the best Victorian challenger for quite a few years now. We predict another blown season and no pot’o’gold at the end of Robert Harvey’s rainbow…but it will give them time to prepare for the supposed arrival of Daniel Kerr!

That Whole Second Sydney Team Idea Sounds Wonderful! (Media Street)

And the crowd goes mild! Are these the scenes that will greet the Western Sydney Whatevers in 2012?

The Herald Sun have found themselves a new work experience kiddie…Andrew Demetriou! The League supremo thought he might just publish his own thoughts on the controversial expansion plans for western Sydney – mainly that everything is fine and dandy, thank you very much! The League feels that the paltry crowd figure for the Swans final match on Saturday night is far from disastrous and it is just proof that a second team is required up there to help boost interest in the code.

They certainly need to do something. Half Back Flanker was actually in western Sydney last Saturday and the interest in the match, from what we could tell, was virtually nil! A low profile opponent in North Melbourne, no ads on TV, bugger all in the press and the coldest September weekend in ages all conspired against a decent crowd. The AFL is responsible for promoting the game and it felt like their tactic was to ignore the game altogether in the hope that the Swans would get more coverage from the Sydney media if they bagged them for a piss-poor crowd rather than the actual result.

Sad thing is…it probably worked! At least the Gold Coast has some interest in our game so GC17 has a fighting chance to succeed. But even if Western Sydney does become the biggest sporting market in the near future, what’s the point of creating WS18 if nobody up there gives a crap? Andy D’s reputation hinges on this push into New South Wales and South East Queensland…maybe this Herald Sun article was a good chance for him to brush up on his writing skills! You know, just in case he needs a new job in the future…

Little Gazza does it again! To the chagrin of all Buddy Franklin devotees, Geelong’s Gary Ablett has won the AFL Players Association’s prestigious Most Valuable Player award. Voted on by the players, Ablett finished ahead of Franklin to claim a second successive AFLPA MVP…and the honour of winning the award with the most acronyms in all of world sport!

But we doubt that Franklin will be too upset about missing out on this award; he is just loving life at the moment as he leads the Hawks towards a grand final showdown with Ablett’s Cats. The only aspect of his climb to fame that might not sit well with him is having to talk to all those pesky footy journalists…and he is far from the Lone Ranger there!

Franklin was forced to face the press yesterday…though it wasn’t to deny allegations that he is actually a footballing demi-god from another planet! (Apparently, Buddy is actually a human! And people wonder why footy players aren’t fans of the media…) It was because a Carlton fan returned Buddy’s 100th goal football… though we recommend that he sterilise that footy – it could have been anywhere!

Ewwwww! Why aren’t you wearing gloves, Buddy? You don’t know where that ball has been!

In other footy news:

No More Kangas, No More Crows (The Lost Weekend)

The Cats are looking ominous again…even Cam Mooney’s man hugs have a finals like intensity!

And then there were six. Well, there’s definitely one and probably a second…the other four can probably start organising which sex toy they’d prefer to wear on their Mad Monday! Septocemia has hit week one of the finals and claimed both Adelaide and North Melbourne. while two other clubs have a second chance at glory…or at least stringing out their season for another week!

But it all appears to be academic…Geelong are just too freakin’ good it seems! Despite the efforts of many media types to declare St Kilda as some sort of genuine challenger, in particular the notoriously mouthy ex-Saints coach and Nick Riewoldt groupie Grant Thomas, the Saints were lucky to finish fourth in the first place and even luckier that they didn’t lose by 100 points or more as the Cats went through the motions in the final quarter to avoid further injury problems. And the craptacular performance of Riewoldt is living proof that he should be more particular about which male groupies he should spend his time with!

But Hawthorn also progressed to the preliminary final after an equally impressive win and look set for their first grand final appearance since the early nineties. Something bordering on the miraculous would need to happen if any teams other than the Cats and Hawks find themselves in the Grand Final!

Matty Scarlett wishes Robert Harvey a happy retirement…or something like that!


Alright guys – we have a big final against Hawthorn, our form has faded late in the season (again) and the whole nation is watching us. So tell me…how do we beat the Hawks tonight?


Yep, that’s great…don’t all f@#%&$g speak at once, will ya’s!!!

Second Qualifying Final – Hawthorn 18.19.127 def. Western Bulldogs 11.10.76

The Buddy Show rolls on as Lance Franklin’s eight goals fires Hawthorn past the Western Bulldogs and into a preliminary final. Franklin’s dazzling display again confirmed that he is the only thing standing between Geelong and the silverware but a few of his teammates have some fitness issues ahead of the prelim. Lucky they have an extra week to prepare…

The Doggies, on the other hand, struggled to handle the pressure of finals footy and haven’t been all that impressive late in the season either. So even if they do bounce back against Sydney in the semi finals, what hope do they have against the Cats?


This man just won another final interstate…and is he happy? Course not!

First Elimination Final – Collingwood 19.11.125 def. Adelaide14.10.94

The only result that could be considered an upset occurred on Saturday afternoon when Collingwood escaped from South Australia with a come-from-behind victory. It was yet another interstate triumph for the terminally grumpy Mick Malthouse and talk of a premiership challenge will be flooding out of all those Magpie fans. Awesome…

For Adelaide, their finals campaign was over before it started…or at least before it should have started, which would have been on Sunday in the first verses fourth qualifying final. Instead of a second chance, it is an early exit, plenty of disappointment and a string of harsh post-mortems. Probably lucky they had a record-low finals crowd to experience it all…


Now that’s a bunch of happy Swans…but has Barry Hall just applied a ‘brain-sucker’ to Jude Bolton???

Second Elimination Final – Sydney 17.8.110 def. North Melbourne11.9.75

Perhaps there is a little life left in Sydney yet! After a tight first half, the inspirational Brett Kirk showed the way to guide the Swans to a solid win over North Melbourne. Leo Barry feels that the criticism of their older players served as motivation to beat the Roos…so he will really look forward to the Melbourne media telling them how shit they are this week!

It’s all over for Shagga Grant!

For Dean Laidley, saying he was disappointed at North’s exit would have to be a massive understatement! As history will show, they blew it in round 22 and were then overrun by a Sydney outfit that are supposedly past it. But Laidley feels they are in better shape now than they were after last year…well, they will suffer one less finals flogging this time around. That has to be a positive…


Stephen Milne finally makes an impact in a finals game…if by ‘make an impact’ ,you mean ‘got busted being a sly little prick and gifted Geelong a double-goal’. Top work!!!

First Qualifying Final – Geelong 17.17.119 def. St Kilda 8.13.61

Geelong make mince meat out of St Kilda and now only needs to knock off either the Dogs or Swans in a fortnight to make the grand final. Even the typically reserved Cats coach could not help but express his delight in how well his team played. It wasn’t all great news for the Cats though with Paul Chapman under an injury cloud after leaving the game early and young midfielder Brent Prismall went down with a shocking knee injury.

St Kilda must have felt like legends in their own mind after flogging a weak Essendon side by over 100 points last week but reality just kicked them in the arse! And Ross Lyon couldn’t wait to declare his side as the underdogs for next week’s semi against Collingwood at the post-match press conference….well, he probably started preparing for the Pies at quarter time yesterday!