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The Finals – Week Two (Geekin’ Out – Fantasy Footy)

Collingwood may have got up last week without the ‘sacked’ Alan Didak…but his dumping helped end our Super Coach season!

After being glued in front of the computer all season to keep track of the fortunes of our fantasy footy comps, it was tough going last weekend when we had no idea how any of the three Half Back Flanker squads were performing in the first week of finals action! But we can tell you that none of our teams are playing this weekend.  In the case of our AFL Dream Team and Premium Dream Team leagues, that is great news…we are straight into the preliminary final after big wins. However, it means that it is season over for our Herald Sun Super Coach team!

After a promising build-up to the finals, those stupid, lying Mapgies and Darren Milburn’s suspension have screwed us over in the worst possible way…losing by 74 points to Team Name in the 2nd Elimination Final. We both had Heath Shaw but If Didak and Milburn both play for us, that is probably the difference between winning and losing! Shattered!

So with two prelims to look forward to next weekend, can relax and just enjoy the footy…provided there are no major injuries, of course! But even though they do not face opponents this weekend, a weekly score is still being counted and there is still some activity in each of our squads…

The Week Off

Premium Dream Team: 18,953 points, 77th place overall – cracked the top hundred so even though there is no opponent this week, we will continue to trade players to keep our score ticking over…top fifty?

2nd Qualifying Final: Defeated 3rd placed Fixymatosis Bunnys 2,009 to 1,885 – easily posted the highest score in our league last week, our opponent was the next best. If that trend continues, we might meet again in the grand final.

Good: Ten 100-plus performers this week plus a double-points effort of 198 from Dean Cox. Andrew Mackie and Bryce Gibbs continue to produce big numbers – both over 130 points while the defensive trio of Whelan, Wheatley and Welsh were nabbed from the free agents list and all topped the ton this week!

Bad: Our Bulldogs representatives are struggling with 50’s from Griffin and Hargreaves while we fear for Matthew Richardson making it all the way to round 22 – managing just a 50 last week and is every chance to sit out the last couple fo games once Richmond’s finals hopes are dashed.

Ugly: Injuries to Eagles duo Hansen and Wirrpanda reducing their output last week and now both out of action this week.

2nd Preliminary Final: Winner of BatterdSosage (1,578 last week) and Big Gunz (1,740 last week) – Big Gunz have Brad Miller and Brendon Lade back this week while BatterdSosage has injury concerns with Jono Brown and Simpson…could be facing the fifth-placed Big Gunz next week!

Potential changes/trades: Even with the week off, we were not prepared to hold onto forwards Hansen and Wirrpanda even though they might only be missing for one match. So they are both gone and into the team comes Stuart Dew (117 last week) and Jarrod Harbrow (98 last week).  If they both perform well this round, we may hold onto them for the prelim final. We have also just traded Ryan Griffin for the in-form Daniel Wells (108 last week, 94 average).

Will the addition of Daniel Wells help us into a grand final next weekend?

Dream Team: 35,170 points, 8,693th place overall – decent jump inside the top ten thousand and with the opportunity to further boost the squad, our overall place might improve even more over the next three weeks.

1st Qualifying Final: Defeated 4th placed Heroes2 2,031 to 1,894 – also posted the highest score in our league to earn a prelim final berth.

Good:  Nine 100-plus performers last week; five of those from the forward line including a big return to form for Brad Johnson (124). Add to this a pair of 90’s from captain Kane Cornes (192) and Cox (99).

Bad: 50 or less from a hobbled Richo, Urquhart and Ibbotson while Griffin and Dalziell didn’t fare much better.

Ugly: With Osborne missing again, four of our starting defenders are good (Ibbotson, Urquhart, Nicoski and Dempster) but far from elite. To win it all, we need Osborne back and at least one upgrade in defence.

1st Preliminary Final: Winner of Moolias (1,725 last week) and Whysie Boi (1,740 last week) – Moolias might struggle with Richmond’s Nathan Brown joining Tippett and Porplyzia on the sidelines but while Whysie Boi will again miss Milburn, Eddie Betts will be back.

Potential changes/trades: Nothing this week but will be keeping fingers crossed that injury does not affect us greatly this weekend. Even though we have three trades and $147,600 left, we would prefer to use that to strengthen a few weaknesses – not replace injured stars!

A healthy Richo would be a massive boost to our premiership tilt!


Well…Maybe The Saints Are Crap After All! (Round Eight – The Great Letdown)

We suck, we suck, we suck, we suck, we suck…AAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Perhaps it was a touch fitting that St Kilda and Collingwood opened proceedings for The Great Letdown last night. The Pies were one kick away from a grand final last year but have not looked as impressive so far this season. The Saints have held high expectations for a number of years now but the results have not lived up to them. So one set of supporters were bound to be left heavily deflated after this game.

And that award goes to the Saints fans. Sure, they threatened to take the lead after falling behind in the third quarter but again could not convert numerous goal opportunities. With Riewoldt out and Fraser Gehrig playing like he should have stayed retired, they seem to be relying on Stephen Milne kicking you seven goals every week in order to win. That can’t be good…

Maybe those panic merchants who hit the roof when St Kilda lost their first game for the year in round three were spot on. But well done to Collingwood who leap over St Kilda on the ladder, though only by percentage. And what a great way to celebrate a significant milestone for…some dude who plays for them.


Here is the rundown for the remaining games of The Great Letdown:


No, the Port boys are my old mates… they won’t trash-talk me!

Aurora Stadium, Launceston – 2:10pm (local): Hawthorn v Port Adelaide (FOX)

Scarlett better than Silvagni? Could Scarlett land a babe like this? Well, there’s your answer…

MCG, Melbourne – 2:10pm (local): Richmond v Geelong (TEN)

And they will know that they’ve been playing, against the famous Carlton Crew…

Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 7:10pm (local): Carlton v Brisbane Lions (TEN)

Happier days for the Roos on the Gold Coast…

Gold Coast Stadium, um…the Gold Coast – 7:10pm (local): North Melbourne v West Coast (FOX)

I’m a good listener….

See? Told you so…
AAMI Stadium, Adelaide – 1:10pm (local): Adelaide v Melbourne (FOX)

Nick Malceski passing a late fitness test

Telstra Stadium, Sydney – 2:10pm (local): Sydney v Essendon (SEVEN)

Subiaco, Perth – 2:40pm (local): Fremantle v Western Bulldogs (FOX)

Mark Harvey running a ‘killer instinct’ training drill

It Sucks Being This Good (The Lost Weekend)

Not Happy 

We let them kick six goals today, Bruce…I’m pretty pissed off right now!

What is it with these coaches who seem happier to win by one point rather than 100 points? Alastair Clarkson played down Hawthorn’s 104-point drubbing of Melbourne in round one, at pains to trot out the old “it’s only round one” line. Rodney Eade is similarly understated after the big win on Saturday…he seemed happier to rely on Nathan Bock missing a set shot to scrape through their opening round match!

Then yesterday, Geelong makes mincemeat out of Essendon in a frighteningly lopsided contest, prompting calls that the Cats are better than last year and everybody else should just give up now. Yet Geelong coach Mark ‘Bomber Cat’ Thompson only wanted to focus on how much his side had to improve! Well, that other team did kick a couple of goals here and there…you can’t have that! 

The Bombers actually thought they were half a show after running over the top of the Roos last week and Matthew Knights spoke about developing a ‘dare to win’ attitude with his side. Though when you ignore the best midfield in the business, you could be asking for trouble. In retrospect, he probably should have ‘double-dared’ them!

So having spanked the Bombers, what’s next for the mighty Cats? A home game at Skilled Stadium…against Melbourne. Forget the mere spanking, this could get pornographic! We are talking X-rated – if Demons Dean Bailey is looking to add some experience to his team, he should consider playing Paris Hilton!

In other results yesterday:

Coming up this week…

Western Bulldogs v St Kilda: The Saints have yet to lose a match of any kind this year – can they get over the 2-0 Dogs and set up a blockbuster with Geelong next week?

North Melbourne v Hawthorn: Both clubs should be thankful this game is not being played in Launceston!

West Coast v Fremantle: Two surly coaches, one hungry media pack – the off-field battle this week could be more intense than the on-field stuff.

Brisbane v Sydney: The two northern state clubs may each have derby matches of their own in the future…but the locals aren’t that impressed with the way the AFL has gone about it.

Essendon v Carlton: The Blues haven’t won since June 9th 2007 but even during this period of ‘rebuilding’, they are usually good for one beating of Essendon per year…usually in dramatic circumstances!

Geelong v Melbourne: Can we just call this game off now? Seriously, there’s no need to play it – just give both teams the weekend off and spare us all the embarrassment.

Richmond v Collingwood: Last week, it was the League officials – this week it’s the umpiring department. Honestly, why the hell is Mick Malthouse so pissed off all the time? Rich club, competitive team…is that not enough?

Adelaide v Port Adelaide: So the Power could be 0-3 if the Crows beat them this weekend? Wow, the Showdown may have just got a little more feral…if that is even possible!

The best of the weekend reading:


The Greatest Unveiling Of All (Round One – The Great Unveiling)

Grizzly Adams 

We really need more beards in footy – great work Frase!

With all the great unveilings this week, the most impressive debut of round one must surely go the Fraser Gehrig’s new beard. Is it eligible for a Rising Star nomination? Just goes to show that even in the twilight of your career, beaten up old footy players can try new things and still have growth in them. 

Let’s pray the beard stays when the big fella runs out for the Saints again…hopefully, accompanied by a nice Bruce Doull-style head band. Celebrating 150 years of football in style…

Anyway, three more opening round matches were played yesterday. Just in case you spent the whole day trying to catch a glimpse of Nicole Kidman’s underwear (and what self-respecting Australian wouldn’t be up for that!), here’s what happened:

Today’s action:


Telstra Dome, Melbourne – 1:10pm (local): Western Bulldogs v Adelaide (FOX)


MCG, Melbourne – 4:40pm (local): Hawthorn v Melbourne (FOX)