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When The Game Takes Over Our Drunken Idiot Coverage! (2009 AFL Grand Final Preview)



We will now briefly focus on a football game before returning you to your regularly scheduled programming…which, apparently, is this guy!

Relax, people! Once Saturday’s game is over, we can go back to the main reason we all follow the game…what stupid Brendan Fevola up to now and what EVERYBODY ELSE thinks about it! Or maybe you’ve had enough of Fev and would prefer to talk about trades – where Shaun Burgoyne thinks he is going or where Brock McLean says he is going.

Perhaps you are stunned that Marty Clarke is choosing to go home or that Matthew Lloyd is choosing to stay home. But for now, the 2009 AFL Grand Final needs to take centre stage so you’ll just have to make do with that…

Not a bad consolation though…the two best teams in the comp are virtually at full strength (sorry Max fans!) and primed to present us with a fitting finale to the footy season. It’s going to be entertaining day and a great spectacle but, please, remember to behave appropriately. You don’t want to end up like Stupid Fevola (that is, a big blokey legend!), do you?



The secret to St Kilda’s success? Not catching swine flu from the filthy, germ-infested masses!

The dominant team of 2009 but not a clear favourite… a lack of respect or is this just history talking?

The Team
Jason Blake, Zac Dawson, Steven Baker
HB: Brendon Goddard, Sam Fisher, Sam Gilbert
C: Farren Ray, Lenny Hayes, Nick Dal Santo
HF: Andrew McQualter, Justin Koschitzke, Clint Jones
F: Stephen Milne, Nick Riewoldt, Jason Gram
Foll: Steven King, Leigh Montagna, Adam Schneider
I/C: Luke Ball, Raphael Clarke, Sean Dempster, Michael Gardiner
Emg: David Armitage, Jarryn Geary, James Gwilt

In: Dempster
Out: Robert Eddy



The secret to Geelong’s success? Police arresting anybody that goes within one metre of Gary Ablett!

The Team
Darren Milburn, Matthew Scarlett, Corey Enright
HB: Tom Harley, Harry Taylor, Andrew Mackie
C: Joel Corey, Cameron Ling, James Kelly
HF: Jimmy Bartel, Cameron Mooney, Steve Johnson
F: Travis Varcoe, Tom Hawkins, Paul Chapman
Foll: Mark Blake, Joel Selwood, Gary Ablett
I/C: Brad Ottens, Shannon Byrnes, Max Rooke, David Wojcinski
Emg: Shane Mumford, Simon Hogan, Mathew Stokes

No change

So…who wins this bloody thing? St Kilda made the one team change but it will not result in a fairytale send-off for stalwart Max Hudghton. Geelong are unchanged but have sterner opposition compared to last week. Hard to predict a winner with any great confidence; hence the call of a draw’ being quite popular.

For me, the deciding factor is simple…and probably a touch immature, but oh well. I just don’t want to see Stephen Milne win a grand final. The thought of that little twerp receiving a premiership medallion and whooping it up would ruin my entire year.


For the love of God, do not let this twerp win a premiership!

If St Kilda did win and for whatever reason; concussion,  injury, diarrhoea; Milne was not involved at the end, I could live with that. If they could vote him off the podium and replace him with Robert Harvey, even better. But please Geelong..do not let this twerp win!!!

CATS by 22


And The Unlucky Bugger Is…(Grand Final Week)

Number 53 comes in and number 65 misses out on a grand final spot. Whatever Tom Harley is saying to smooth things over, it seems to be working!

Ok guys…you can get out of the damn tree now! The teams for Saturday’s premiership decider have been announced and the answer to the big question of the week is…David Wojcinski! Paul Chapman is fit and ready to play in the grand final…or is he? Chapman’s apparent half-arsed appearance at training this morning did not totally convince some onlookers and so the speculation on him taking part in the grand final will continue tomorrow and, in all likelihood, right up until the start of the game. And would we want to have it any other way?

The Thursday of grand final week is traditionally the day that the fans flock to their club’s home base by the thousands to watch training and today was no exception! The Cats would have felt right at home with the masses of fans packed into Skilled Stadium, particularly after last season, while approximately ten thousand Hawthorn fans made the trip out to Waverley to see the Hawks train. It would have been a great thrill for the players to see so many supporters out there…but Luke Hodge was not quite as thrilled to have desperate journo’s running up to ask about his ribs every few minutes!

“Nah, mate…me ribs are shithouse! Don’t think I’ll play…”

Sure they have to ask the question but even if his ribs are cactus, what else is he going to say? They might be so busted he could hang his house keys of the end of it…“Yeah, nah, they’re fine mate. It’s all good.”

Anyway, here are the teams that will definitely most likely take to the MCG on Saturday afternoon:


B: Tom Harley, Matthew Scarlett, Josh Hunt
HB: Darren Milburn, Harry Taylor, Andrew Mackie
C: Joel Selwood, Cameron Ling , Corey Enright
HF: Steve Johnson, Cameron Mooney, Jimmy Bartel
F: Paul Chapman, Tom Lonergan, Mathew Stokes
Foll: Brad Ottens, Joel Corey, Gary Ablett
I/C: Mark Blake, Travis Varcoe, James Kelly, Max Rooke
EMG: David Wojcinski, Ryan Gamble, Shannon Byrnes

In: Chapman
Out: David Wojcinski


B: Stephen Gilham, Trent Croad, Brent Guerra
HB: Grant Birchall, Luke Hodge, Rick Ladson
C: Jordan Lewis, Sam Mitchell, Chance Bateman
HF: Michael Osborne, Lance Franklin, Cyril Rioli
F: Mark Williams, Jarryd Roughead, Campbell Brown
Foll: Robert Campbell, Brad Sewell, Shane Crawford
I/C: Stuart Dew, Xavier Ellis, Brent Renouf, Clinton Young
EMG: Thomas Murphy, Simon Taylor, Travis Tuck

No change

The Cats Of Australia Have Made Their Choice! (Media Street)

Geelong had nine All Australians last year but only seven this time around. Clearly the AFL have it in for them…

A few Australian footy players managed to force their way into the All-Geelong team! Well, not exactly, but seven Geelong players were selected in the 2008 All Australian team, announced last night by the League. Sure, they couldn’t match the record they set last year when nine Cats were selected in the team despite being more dominant this season in only losing just the one game. But logic and All-Australian selection rarely seem to go hand-in-hand.

Of course, narrowing down the very best players in the competition into a team of 22 is always going to cause some consternation, especially when the rationale for selection is not clearly defined as the team don’t actually play an opponent of any kind. But that won’t stop calls of favouritism from the All Australian selectors, particularly when many worthy players in less talented teams are overlooked.

It didn’t help Geelong skipper Tom Harley though. Having barely lost a coin toss, let alone an actual game, in the past two years, Harley missed out on the AA captaincy! That honour went to Carlton’s Chris Judd but Harley didn’t seem too disappointed though…and he will probably get to hold another shiny cup aloft in a couple of weeks. Not that we are getting too presumptuous, of course…

But news stemming from last night will not fill Western Bulldog fans with a lot of confidence. Adam Cooney was a no-show at the All Australian team announcement last night due to illness…the type of illness you get when your knee is buggered! He is a certainly to play on Friday night, naturally, but for a game where the Doggies will need everything to go right for them in order to progress, an underdone Cooney is bordering on disastrous!

Other awards from last night’s dinner:

Somebody get this man some clippers!!!

In other footy news:

A Weekend Of Hate! (The Lost Weekend)

Hands off fellas – all these balls are mine! (Source: Getty Images – Quinn Rooney)

Ah, the hatred – so therapeutic! Hate Ya Guts round is done for another year and apart from a few exceptions, the weekend delivered quite a few top games with plenty of argy-bargy. That Essendon-Carlton game, even though it was entertaining and high-scoring, really lacked the intense hatred that traditional and bitter rivals should feel for each other. No punches, no reports…what in the world is wrong with these guys?

Thank goodness for the Western Derby and the Showdown! Those games were brutal, compelling and the hatred was always evident – great games!

But it seems there may have been an unsavoury incident during Friday night’s Bulldogs-Saints match where Hate Ya Guts round turned into Grab Ya Nuts round! There may be trouble for Robert Harvey (the last person you’d expect to be grabbing people there!) after the umpire received a complaint from Jason Akermanis (the last person you’d expect that anyone would want to grab there!)

Good luck to the League officials who would have to investigate this one…bags not inspecting Exhibit A! And for those of you who were wondering, the television footage of the incident was inconclusive…meaning that they couldn’t find anything. Obvious joke, yes – but it needed to be said.

In other results yesterday:

A few stories floating around today: