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Round Seventeen – Oh So Bitter!


Hawthorn thought they had the upper hand over rivals Geelong…until Bartel’s point after the siren changed everything!

Rivalry round. It kinda snuck up on us a bit…probably because the League didn’t seem to dedicate a lot of time on promoting the event. They did create a web page where you can spend lots of money on sponsors product that you either already have or don’t really need! So that’s something…I guess.

But, as you would expect, the footy did all the talking and the weekend delivered some outstanding games. Not always pretty, some downright ugly, but never boring! And the level of some of these rivalries has now intensified to greater levels after round seventeen action.


No doubting who is number one right now in the Collingwood-Carlton rivalry. It’s Neon Leon and the Pies!

Geelong and Hawthorn added another exhilarating chapter to their playing history…but this time it was the Cats who got one over the Hawks. Sure, it wasn’t a grand final but a big win just the same. Collingwood got one over Carlton in one of the longest standing rivalries in the game. And while all the heritage-listed footy journos in Melbourne might scoff at the thought that the rivalry between the Crows and Power is the biggest right now, they may have a point. There was no talk about revenge in the lead up to Pies verses Blues…or ‘The Death Derby’! Only in Adelaide…


Whoops! Scott Welsh’s screw-up made the Doggies interchange bench a very intense place to be…

That long-standing rivalry between modern technology and a footballer’s brain came to the fore on Saturday night when failure to read a magnetic whiteboard resulted in 19 Western Bulldogs starting on the ground in the final quarter! The battle between player and umpire also intensified with Hawk coach Alastair Clarkson wondering whether Buddy Franklin will receive a free kick any time soon. And the League flat out refuses to concede defeat in the battle for respectability in the football world regarding the priority draft pick system. Andy D is not afraid to take on his rivals in this one…but there are so damn many of them, would he even have the time?


This post-match interview was TV so bad that you couldn’t look away…so expect Channel Nine buy it and make it a 20-episode series!

But our favourite new rivalry was started by an innocent but talkative boundary rider after the Cats-Hawks game…it’s Cancer verses Depression! Channel Ten’s Andy Maher conducted a highly awkward post-match interview with Geelong captain (for the day) Cameron Ling where he babbled on about the importance of playing for the BeyondBlue cup. But, according to Maher, BeyondBlue  are assisting in the fight against cancer! Ling did his absolute best to remain composed before correcting Maher that BeyondBlue is actually the national depression initiative! Ling then explained why it was such a prominent issue for people in Geelong right now! Probably not the best time to stuff that one up on live TV…

That was followed by an equally awkward presentation where the lady with the cup was completely ignored, only given a short “pass it over” command from Maher before she just wandered off…which Ling probably wished he could have done as well! Good to see that the rivalry between the footy media and the English language is still alive and well…

The Games:


“Marriage proposal, wedding day, birth of a child…forget it! Marking the footy after a Collingwood goal will be the happiest moment of this Magpie fan’s entire life!

So, how is that top-four finish for Carlton looking now? And how could a story like that run in The Age and not be written by Blues lover Robert Walls? At least Wallsy is a realist…predicting that Collingwood would find more goal scorers and hold steady in defence against the Fev-focused Carlton. Spot on. It wasn’t pretty though and Brett Ratten should have plenty of kicking drills in mind for his boys this week!


Geelong have won a shitload of games recently but they would have never celebrated a victory so much since grand final day in 2007!

James Bartel…you friggin’ beauty! Geelong come from 28 points down in the final term to beat Hawthorn with a point after the siren. The Cats may have injuries galore but wins like this can do wonders for their self belief. The Hawks may have let more than just four points slip on Saturday…the premiership defence might just have ended as well!


211cm Aaron Sandilands…a tough assignment for opposing ruckmen and presenters-draping-medals-over-his-head alike!

Hard to believe that Fremantle could have a mental advantage over anybody but it’s starting to look that way with the Western Derby. The Dockers have now won five straight against the West Coast after winning a tight one by less than a kick. Apparently the win is a great indicator for what Freo can achieve in the future…yep, like we have never heard that about the Dockers! Still waiting…


If this guy ends up a winner on Grand Final day, and it’s looking very likely, I will throw up a little in my mouth…

If, like me, you made the trendy pick of the Bulldogs to end St Kilda’s quest for The Perfect Season…then you must be feeling as stupid as I do right now! The Saints dominated early, weathered the storm in the middle and ran riot in the end. And now they are going to win every game on their way to the flag and that little twerp Stephen Milne will become…don’t make me type it…a premiership player! What a terrifying thought!!! Next game, quickly…


Finals footy, Coleman medals…Jonathan Brown has missed out recently but is just about to get all that back again!

Jono Brown goes berserk with eight goals as the Brisbane Lions cruise past North Melbourne to pretty much ensure themselves a spot in the finals. Browny is now looking good for the Coleman medal having overtaken Brendan Fevola at the top of the goal kicking list – which would be a fair result considering one of those blokes tries his guts out every week and doesn’t sulk it up…and the other clearly doesn’t!


This is probably the highlight of the Sydney-Melbourne match…that there was a final score and it was over!

The rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne, or more generally New South Wales and Victoria, has been alive and well in all aspects of life, especially sports, for over 100 years…except for AFL footy! The Swans and Demons don’t have any semblance of intense rivalry – hence this match being played in front of a few thousand curious onlookers in Canberra. Sydney won, by the way…


They blew it last week and they almost blew it this week too…but the Tigers finally get to belt out that kick-ass club song again!

It’s a Monday night, the last day in August, and the Essendon players will be pissed, tired, emotional and dressed up  in women’s clothing or whatever it is they do at the end of season party. If they start to wonder why they are not planning for an elimination final game that weekend, they have Sunday’s effort to thank! Richmond wins and they thoroughly deserve it…


Hey, I remember you…you’re Brett “The Birdman” Burton!!! Welcome back.

The Adelaide Crows take the honours in the Showdown and become the toast of the town…much to the delight of a large majority of that town! A 70-point win, Brett Burton back doing what he does best, damaging Port’s chances at sneaking into the finals and the opportunity to laugh at Chad Cornes -Rivalry Round could not have been any more perfect for Crows fans.


Hugging A Total Stranger Is So Awesome! (The Lost Weekend)

Wow – we never get to cuddle, Browny! This is so cool!!!

Move along…nothing else to see here! The Hall of Fame Tribute match is over and the Vics scored a narrow win over…those guys in the white. While the passion and tension of previous matches involving state teams like Victoria was clearly lacking, we did see some exciting play and a decent turn-up too…didn’t get to see who won best-on-ground honours though. Channel Ten felt that half the nation didn’t need to see that!

The Allen Aylett Medal for best on ground goes to…hey, who’s this guy?

And how could this game be a true representation of the Australian Football League without at least one report, a streaker or an embarrassing time-keeping error…like this one?

So was all the fuss worth it? Does representative footy have a future in the AFL? Here’s a quick wrap of the post-game carry-on…

The League also held a massive Community Football Weekend where AFL players returned to their local footy clubs. With Jono Brown a bit busy with the Victorian side, Half Back Flanker stepped in for him and made an appearance at Friendly Societies Park for the Hampden Football League clash between the South Warrnambool Roosters (Browny’s old mob) and the Port Fairy Seagulls.

Controversy broke out before the main game when the result of the seconds was left up in the air, both sides thinking they had either won or drawn the match while the goal umpires couldn’t agree on the final score! In the main event, the Seagulls grabbed an early lead after a whistle happy opening term that included at least ten 50 metre penalties, including two 100 metre penalties in as many minutes for easy goals.

With former West Coast Eagle Ashley Sampi now running around (well, not exactly running…more like a half-paced hobble) for Port Fairy, the visitors withheld a late Rooster revival to win by 25 points. The Roosters are now winless after five rounds but the big question is this…did big bad Jono Brown really learn to play his footy as a youngster at an oval called ‘Friendly Societies’ Park? Friendly…that just doesn’t sound right!!

While it must have been fun for the game’s elite to pat a whole new set of teammate’s arses after a goal, the AFL we all know and lurve is back this week…so now all those football writers will have something constructive to do rather than invent imaginary games of footy to write about! Here are a few stories floating around:

This Is Just A Tribute! (Hall Of Fame Match)

The greatest match in the world? No – this is a tribute..whooaahh!!!

It’s taken one hundred and fifty years for this weekend to arrive – well, so we are being told. Continually. The best players from Victoria will once again wear the big V as they tackle the best players from…everywhere else in the Hall of Fame game this Saturday night.

The importance and/or relevance of this game has been debated ad nauseum all week. A football necessity that needs to be kept alive or a contrived exhibition that lacks real passion? Whatever your take, it will be well worth checking out and it appears that a decent crowd will get along to the ‘G!

Back when State of Origin footy really meant something…

But the question is…will we see another event like this again? State of origin footy will never return to the heights of the pre-national competition era but after a long hiatus, can it survive as part of the modern day football calendar? Many players appear to be fully behind it but this match is being billed as a one-off…will the desire to play be as strong if it became an annual event again?

We have no doubt the players will be going all-out to win and the game itself will be quite a spectacle…but all it would take is one serious injury to a marquee name (e.g. Buddy Franklin’s shoulder) and the future of representative football will be thrown into chaos!

Anyway, here is a quick rundown on what’s happened in the lead-up to tomorrow night’s festivities:

Stick it right up ’em…yeah boooyyyy!!!

Here is a weeks worth of non-tribute match footy news:

Seven Weeks, No Barry…Can We Move On Now? Please? (Media Street)

Seven weeks alone in a shed full of tools! (Source: Fox Sports – Paul Tresize)

Ok, Barry Hall has been suspended for seven matches and, in true fighting fashion (and absolutely no sense of irony), he’s going to cop it on the chin. Brent Staker’s jaw is not broken and the kid may play this weekend, that’s good news. So perhaps it’s time to move on now. The question is…will we be allowed to?

Certainly today we will have to endure many ‘related’ news pieces; like calls for a send-off rule or asking ex-footballers who loved hitting blokes what they think or how it’s a shame that he didn’t get six matches so his comeback game would be against West Coast in Perth. Hmmm, come to think of it – that is a bit of a shame! But let’s hope the issue is dead and buried for a little while and we can now turn our heads in public without catching sight of the face of Barry Hall …

But what do we talk about now? How about the teams for that upcoming Hall of Fame celebration-match-thingy? The Victorians and the Dream Team each named 40-man squads yesterday and that is prompting the usual selection screw-up banter. From Daniel Cross and Lindsay Gilbee in the east to Roger Hayden in the west, the debate over who should and shouldn’t play is alive and well.

Narrowing those lists of 40 down to the final 25 is not that easy but you should get in there and have a go! Sure beats carrying on about Barry Hall for the next week…

Maybe playing selector isn’t your thing, there is other news about:

The Mystery Of The Snapped Post (Media Street)


Meanwhile at Moorabbin, Fraser Gehrig finds a new use for Stephen Milne…

Wow, what’s happened here? Does Leigh Matthews still have the magic touch? No, freakish weather conditions lashed the state of Victoria yesterday and gale force winds caused major damage all through the city of Melbourne; including St Kilda’s training base at Moorabbin. Amazingly, the Saints were unable to find an alternate venue so they braved the elements and hit the training track.

While it’s probably better than having no training session at all, it couldn’t have been the most ideal preparation…considering they play the Bulldogs indoors at the Dome on Friday night! And with all of St Kilda’s injury problems over the past few seasons, it’s a wonder that Justin Koschitzke wasn’t taken out by flying debris, like a carport roof, or Aaron Fiora wasn’t blown over by a gust of wind!

Perhaps this is a sign that luck is finally on St Kilda’s side…could this be their year?

Just in case you were too busy trying to find Stephanie Rice’s Facebook page, here’s some footy news you might have missed: